Thursday, July 28, 2011

2nd Annual KidsK

Wow. Once again - life took over and I am behind on blogging. We will start back in June - with the Second Annual KidsK. The kids were so excited to be doing this again. They run 3 laps around Monarch Meadows Park - which is a little bit over a mile. Just before the kids started the run, Steven had them all doing stretches. I had a to snap a butt shot to pay him back for the butt shot he took of me at Goblin Valley.

Afterwards, they do a relay - where they have a team of 3 and each person runs one lap around and they pass a baton. This year the relay was a super close call - with Daniel and Kyle racing against one another. Kyle ended up just passing Daniel at the end - but I was amazed at how both of those two did NOT give up! Heidi passed out awards, and there were treats for the kids. Jake won first place in his age group, and Haley won first place in hers (she was the only one her age who finished). Heidi is planning another KidsK at the end of the summer to see how they progress. The kids beg to practice for the next one!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr.

(I can't believe I forgot to blog this - he did it right before we left for Hawaii - so it must have slipped my mind) Kyle had to do a report on a famous American - and he chose Martin Luther King, Jr. Part of the report is that he had to dress up as him and prepare a minute long speech about his subject - and they did a was museum at school. Where he had to repeat by memory the facts over and over. Well - here is my little MLK, Jr.