Saturday, September 29, 2007

The basketball hoop!

Well, the long awaited moment is finally here! The basketball hoop is in and finished! Last week, Troy dug a 5 foot deep hole, about 4 feet wide. It was HUGE! I had to put a pallet over the whole for fear a child would fall in and die. We were tempted to put bait for a dog.......but resisted. After Troy dug the hole, he then had to figure out how to steady the pole while he filled it with cement. Here is what he came up with...
Yes, the various rakes and shovels are holding it steady. See all those bags of cement? Troy bought 65 of them. It took him 3 trips from Home Depot in the van to get them. Not because of space, but because of weight. Troy is standing in the hole, in wet cement, mixing it together. After the cement got too deep to mix with his feet, he opted for mixing cement in the wheelbarrow, and then pouring it in the hole. After Troy had been at this for a few hours, I told him I was calling his dad to see if he could come help, because he was going to be there all night. Doug came over, and wondered what on earth Troy was doing. There was a misunderstanding when Doug was explaining to Troy how to do it. Doug said the right way was to just pour all of the dry mix into the hole, then put water in the top from the hose. He said it would harden like that. So, Troy wasted 2 hours doing it the wrong way. I'm just glad I called and asked for help! Thanks Doug! After it had settled for a few days, it was time to put the backboard on. Doug came over again, backed his truck up, and they went working away. Troy and Doug are really good at doing this, because Doug used to install backboards in churches and schools throughout the country. When Troy was in high school, he would go work with his dad sometimes, so I'm sure it felt like the "good ole days". Here they are, working away...
You'll notice there is snow on the ground. Yes, it snowed today. All day, actually. It didn't really stick, but it sure was cold! Snow in September...something else to get used to!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007 may want to skip this post...

Hi. Are you ready for this? We had Haley's Pediatric GI specialist appointment this morning. We had to be there at 9:00. There was an accident on Foothills Blvd, and we didn't get there until 9:20. We left our house at 7:45. I was pretty frazzled by the time we got there. The doctor came in almost immediately. She checked her out, went over her history. She stuck her finger up Haley's butt, and pronounced that her poop is hard. DUH! How many doctors have I told that to so far? I know it's hard, because everyday I have to help her get it out! So, once she fished out that hard poop (warned you that you might want to skip this post) she said everything looked good. She said that maybe if she wasn't constipated, she would eat more. IS ANYONE LISTENING TO ME? I have told everyone numerous times, that Haley eats like a pig. She eats everything that is given to her to eat, and wants whatever anyone else happens to have. Having soft poop isn't going to help that. Then - brace yourself - my favorite comment of the visit as said by THE doctor - the GI specialist we cancelled our San Diego trip for - "I just have a feeling her weights going to take off" EXCUSE ME? I didn't come here to hear about your feelings!!!!!!!!!! I want a medical answer of what is wrong, and what is not! Her being allergic to milk protein, all tests have come back negative - so is she, or isn't she? If I wanted to talk feelings I would go on Dr. Phil! Do you know how many doctors have told me that, then in a month realize, oh, maybe it's not? It's been almost 10 months now! What is the deal? She said she's had every test she can think of to do, all of them being normal. The only thing she could do was a scope to check things out, but she doesn't think they should do that by now. If she doesn't gain weight in the next few months, then maybe they'll consider that. Then, she called her dietition in. Said to call her every month of what Haley weighs. The dietition put her on soy milk. (which she just vomitted up). My question is, if she's drinking Neocate now, the most expensive suppossedly best formula there is, and she's not gaining like she's suppossed to, how on earth is a soy formula going to do much better? Other than save me a few bucks? Then, she acted exasperated that we are actually paying for the formula and not getting it free from being on WICK! It was like she couldn't believe we are actually paying out of pocket for it....what has been our alternative? I'm sorry that some people have good enough jobs that you can't qualify for WICK, but have idiot health insurance companies that won't pay for it - (unless being administered through a feeding tube) but those people also don't make enough money to afford $600 a month for formula! So, after 1 1/2 hour drive to the hospital, a $15 copay, watching the doctor fish poo out of Haley, and hearing about her "feelings" we still know nothing...I cried the whole way home. I told Troy I was done. If the doc "feels" all is well, then what is the point? I told him I couldn't do it anymore. No more weekly weight checks, fighting the doctors...I'm not strong enough emotionally to deal with it all anymore...I'm done! Troy can procede how he sees fit!

Monday, September 24, 2007

The kissing fiasco...

Last night, we went to play games at the Owens'. While we were playing, Kenny was telling me how Daxton told him all about Kyle kissing a girl in the backyard. Daxton said that him and Jake weren't allowed to watch, and had to go to the, visions of teenagers making out flashed through my mind...I decided to call Kyle over and have a little chat with him...Here's a bit how it went...
Me: Kyle, did you kiss Bailey?
Kyle:(Look down)
Me: I'm not mad, I just want you to be honest with me, and tell me the truth
Kyle: nods
Me: Do you love her?
Kyle: no
Me: Why did you kiss her?
Kyle: she told me to
Me: Did you want to?
Kyle: no
Me: Where did you kiss her? (trying to remove teenagers making out from my mind, but not having much luck)
Kyle: on the cheek
Me: (completely elated) Did you know you're not allowed to kiss anyone until you're 16?
Kyle: yes
Me: It's not nice to kiss girls unless you love them, do you love Bailey?
Kyle: no
Me: Next time she demands a kiss, tell her your mom said you're not allowed to kiss until you're 16
Kyle: ok
Me: We're not mad, we just want you to be honest with us, and tell us what happens, so we can help you, okay?
Kyle: ok

During this conversation, Jake and Daxton weren't involved or paying attention. But, as they were walking downstairs, I think someone asked the 2 boys if they saw Kyle kiss a girl. Daxton said, "We didn't see it, but we knew it was happening!"

A bunch of my friends (out of Utah) have told me they do the sex talk with their kids when they're 8, otherwise they find out false info from school. Less than a year for Kyle...I'm dreading it!

Friday, September 21, 2007

My kids...

Okay, today I got this insane idea to take my kids to Butterfield Canyon, and check out photo shoot locations(taking the Owens family pics on Sunday - want to be prepared). By myself. Last minute, I decided to call my niece to see if she could help me. Good thing I did. The kids didn't really want to smile for her, but she sure helped with the kids, a ton! Anyways, it is painful trying to get my kids to smile. They only genuinely laugh or smile for Troy...duh...I need to wait for him to be around before I do this again. And, with my own kids, I just don't have patience. So, I tried to get them without posing, just having fun. Kristin and Jake are trying to kiss Kyle. I love the look on Haley's face too, like she's so irritated, she just can't take it!
Kyle's fake smile just kills me, and like I said, without Troy around, impossible for natural smiles...he's still cute though...even without his teeth!
Okay, I genuinely think Jake could be a model. He is so photogenic! He doesn't have the fake smile down, he just has fun, and I usually always get tons of good pics of him! I think he loves to get his picture taken too...silly boy! Here's Kristin! She is such a girl and so difficult at times, but definately cute! In fact, if someone tells her, "Kristin, you sure are cute" she says, "I know". Hmmm...better talk about vanity with her one of these days!
Here's my sweet Haley. My cousin let me borrow this brown bow, which I totally regret photographing her in...there's something irritating about a bow bigger than her head! Oh, big news for Haley yesterday...She hit 14 lbs! WAHOO! She has an appointment with the Pediatric GI on Tuesday!

Those are my kids! I sure love them! I hope one day they'll realize that's why I make them take so many pictures!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

While I was away...

I am very happy to tell you that Troy was an awesome dad while I was gone. Troy has to do what I would do if I were here (other than my business stuff). He went and helped in Jake's preschool class on Tuesday, took the kids to school every morning, and he managed to dig a 5 foot deep hole in our backyard for his basketball hoop to go (yes, it was welded...last Saturday morning!) He also TOOK PICTURES! That is huge...I am so proud! So, he didn't really tell me much about the pictures he took, except that on the phone, he told me he had managed to put a pony tail (he said he could only wrap the rubber band around twice, so it probably wouldn't stay in for long)into Kristin's hair when she went to preschool Monday morning. I found a picture of it on the camera...
Apparently on Wednesday morning before preschool, Kristin refused to let Troy do her hair, cause he "doesn't do it very good". Troy also informed me, that while I was gone, the kids were allowed to pick out what they wore. All I know, is that I wasn't around to see it, and I would hope anyone who saw my kids over the weekend, would realize Troy was in charge...

Kyle happened to lose his front two teeth while I was gone also. Apparently the tooth fairy left him quarters the first night, dollars the second. Kyle commented: It's about time she give me bills...Here is a picture of him...he really does look like a's pretty funny!
Troy also took a video of Haley doing her best at what we call crawling. I can never seem to get my videos on here, even though they are .avi files...any advice anyone? I'm going to try, but I don't have high hopes...NOPE! Won't work...any advice?

Mount Timpanogas

The day that I left, Troy hiked Mount Timpanogas with a few guys from the ward. They have been talking about doing it since July 24. In the end, 3 men, and 2 of 1 of the men sons really went. From what I remember hearing, it is an 18 mile hike roundtrip. Troy and Alan went to the saddle (forgive my mountain climbing terms...definately not my thing) (1.75 miles shy of the 18 miles)while Steven and his boys went to the peak. I MADE Troy take the camera. No, not my new one, my old one, but it is definately not a small, lightweight camera for today's standards. He looked at me like I was crazy, but I INSISTED! (complete with a change of batteries :)) I told him it was a huge thing he was doing, and we would have pictures of it. So, he called me from the top, and I asked if he was taking pictures. He assured me he did. Here they are...a few of them anyways...

Alan Vawdrey is in the middle picture. Troy said he did great...led the pack! So, Troy has now hiked the mountain. I don't think he has plans of doing it again! You never know...I am not a hiker, I have NO desire to do this! Troy has made a showing on the top for our family!

Photo Shoot!

I did another infant photo shoot today. It was for a girl in my ward. Her baby was so cute! Here are a few of my favorite pictures! The bottom two haven't been photoshopped yet!

Memory Trends

Okay, a little background...Erin and I have been going to these scrapbook retailer conventions for the past 2 years. One is Memory Trends, and the other is CHA. CHA is probably 200 times the size of Memory Trends. You need to envision the atmosphere...we're talking a huge expo center FULL of crazy happy scrappers. I took Haley with us to CHA when she was 2 months old (but only 8 lbs) and people would not leave us alone, it was CRAZY(no exaggeration, people were CRAZY!)! Wholesalers are offering show specials, make and takes, drawings, and freebies (tshirts, bags, scrapbook supplies). In the scrapbooking world, there are celebrities. Chances are, if you've ever picked up a Creating Keepsakes Magazine, these names will sound familiar to you: Becky Higgins, Lisa Bearnson, Ali Edwards, Heidi Swapp. Erin and I have seen all of these people at shows past. We always make fun of the people who run up with their camera's wanting pictures. So, we were sitting down with CK Media, talking about starting to carry their books (from the above mentioned authors) when Ali Edwards walked up. I was thinking, first of all, great for a blog post...second of all, Erin is going to hate this! So, I naturally asked if we could get our picture with her. Of course, she did. Here it is. Erin is loathing inside, I'm laughing...the funny thing is, we don't even really like this ladies style of was all for a mere laugh, and blog post!

Anyways, we always say we have the easiest clientele to work with. If we ever run across any problems, we offer a freebie, and we are LOVED!

Here is Erin in business dealings with the CK lady.

All in all, the show was good, small, and we were out of there quick! We got a few new vendors, American Crafts and we are going to start selling the Creating Keepsakes books by Becky Higgins, Lisa Bearnson, and yes, Ali Edwards. After the show, we went to Great Harvest for a yummy sandwich, and home to scrapbook! CHA is in Anaheim in January!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The night before...

It is 12:02 am on Wednesday morning. My flight leaves at 8:30a.m. Erin is finishing up the last of her scrapbooking, I am playing around with photoshop. I had a 2 hour lesson over the phone with this incredible photographer today. We also met with her this weekend, and she showed us her in-home/portable studio. She was so nice! She has offered to help Erin and I in our quest to be professional photographers. Having her help us with photoshop was literally an answer to prayers. I don't know if any of you have opened that program up, and just tried to use it, but I'm telling you, I'm pretty computer savvy, and it was pretty close to impossible to try to figure things out. I'm happy to say, I think I've gotten it. Here is a before and after picture that I have doctored. These are photos that Erin took, that I photoshopped!

Anyways, can't wait to get home and doctor some of my own photos!

Erin and I had a great time at Memory Trends. A lady met with us early this morning, and got us in before the show started to see some of American Crafts new products. They had tons of great stuff, and we ended up spending a lot of money there! Good deals, good products! Hopefully they sell! I got some pictures of us at the with a scrapbooking celebrity...oooohhhh...I bet you're all on the edges of your seats...more to come tomorrow! Have a good night!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Travel Plans...

So, I am headed to Vegas this weekend to stay with Erin, and go to Memory Trends, a scrapbooking convention for retailers. I am taking NO CHILDREN with me! YEA! Honestly, I'm nervous to leave Haley. She is a momma's girl, and I'm going to miss her! I'm not worried about Troy taking care of her, just going to miss her. Anyways, we had a family trip to San Diego planned for the end of the month. We were going with my parents. Everyone was so excited to go. So, this morning, the GI doc called, and they got Haley in right in the middle of our San Diego trip. The next available appt. was the end of DECEMBER! So, we had to cancel our trip. I am really bummed about it. We were going to be there on my 30th birthday. YIKES! Anyways, Haley comes first, and I am dying to get to the bottom of her growing problem. So, my mom got us a condo in Vegas for 3 nights after Haley's appointment. Just our family will be going, so that will be fun. My kids have been dying to play with Erin's kids. For some reason, my kids think that the Fonnesbeck kids are their long lost cousins. Funny. So, I feel like I've had a CRAPPY day. Haley has an ear infection, and has been so grouchy, I've had work to do, and I'm trying to get ready to leave. Troy is hiking Timp with some guys from the ward early Saturday morning (which is GREAT!) but I just have to find people to take me to the airport, and watch my kids until Troy is finished. Anyways...I feel like this is one big gripe. I don't mean it to be...just voicing my frustrations of the day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Think Twice...

Okay, a few months (years?) ago, my favorite friend and funny person, Katie D., emailed this to me. Before I had read this, I never really thought about treats after sports. This article really just hit the nail on the head for me! A few weeks ago, soccer started here. We had the first meeting, where the coaches wife passed a sign-up around for snacks. Here, you have to bring oranges for half-time, and a snack and a drink for after. That's a little much. (In my opinion...)Remembering this great article (which I will post below) I gently brought up maybe not doing snacks, or just doing a water bottle and oranges. WHOA! I was absolutely blown away by the parents reactions. They looked at me like I was from Mars - no exaggeration - and my favorite comment: (Said in a patronizing voice - so as not to hurt my feelings)"Oh, But the kids really like it." Hmmmm...I don't know when else in parenting that sentence determines anything, but apparently in soccer, it means EVERYTHING. I was definately not going to win this battle with this team. I am proud of myself for giving it a try. Ever since then, I have been trying to track down this article! Katie found it for me, and just re-emailed it! She's so great! Thank you! Now, read this, and get on board! Come on! If we all do it, we can conquer! What we teach our kids to be normal, will be normal...Now for the article - as published in the New York Times:

"ENOUGH with the organized snacks.
When did this start anyway? I’m at my 7-year-old’s soccer game. The game ends and this week’s designated “snack parent” produces a ginormous variety pack of over-processed chips and an equally gargantuan crate-cum-cooler. Our children swarm like something out of the climactic scene in “The Day of the Locust.”
Do our kids need yet another bag of Doritos and a juice box with enough sugar to coat a Honda Odyssey? Can’t they just finish playing and have some water?
Call me a spoilsport, but I don’t want to bring a team snack. I hate that first day, when the coach’s spouse passes around the sign-up sheet so we can schedule what parent brings the communal snack on what day. It’s too much pressure. Suppose I’m away? Suppose we want to visit relatives and miss that week? Now we have to find “snack coverage.” And heaven forbid you forget altogether and then the little darlings look longingly for the expected goody and you’re the social pariah who didn’t come through and that one mom, the one who always has the perfect after-school arts ’n’ crafts project, gives you the disapproving eye and head shake.
The scheduled snack is yet another way we cater to our child’s every whim. Guess what? Precious can go an hour — maybe more! — without eating. And if your child can’t make it that long, bring your own snack. Feed your kid’s need, not mine.
Are none of us reading about the obesity of our young people? Do you think it helps their well-being that after every sporting event our children gorge themselves Fall-of-Roman-Empire style on extra calories, extra sugar, extra hydrogenated fat? I recently sat down with Annette O’Neill, a registered dietitian and bona fide nutritionist, and asked her, “Do you think it’s a good idea for our kids to have Cheetos and Kool-Aid after a sporting event?” Her response: “Uh, no.”
And please don’t get on me about bringing so-called alternative or healthy snacks. I barely remember to put on my son’s shin guards and cleats, not to mention those long socks and that black soccer eye makeup — I don’t have time to slice up 50 orange wedges that the kids will never eat because last week’s cool parent brought Ho Hos and Hawaiian Punch.
This isn’t about ruining anyone’s fun or being the food police, but does the fun always have to revolve around food? Do you know what should be fun when your kid plays soccer? Playing soccer.
While we are on the subject, when your child celebrates a birthday during the school day, maybe we can try for a small cookie or cracker and a rousing, even multicultural, rendition of “Happy Birthday.” Stop with the cupcakes the size of softballs. Have you ever seen the leftovers brought into the school’s main office? By two in the afternoon, the place looks like the San Gennaro festival.
Where did this organized snacking start anyway? Is it a holdover from the toddler years, those half-hour library story times when we trot out Goldfish and those cute Cheerios containers and use the small foods as calming pellets? Is it the Old World philosophy of food-equals-love? Or are we just trying to keep them quiet for our own sake?
I don’t know. I don’t care. But I want you to join me in banning these organized parental sports snacks. Let’s do something for the youths of this country right now and end the American Snack Tyranny.
I will start by asking my friends at the Ridgewood Soccer Association to stop the snacks. Furthermore, I am asking all sport associations in my hometown to follow suit. I encourage the rest of you around the country to contact your league officials and join the fight.
Instead of spending those last few athletic minutes forcing down a fruit roll-up (what mentally malnourished monster, by the way, invented those?), why not have your child gather with his coach, have him or her explain some of the fundamentals (like how being active is healthy!), talk about teamwork or the important life lessons of sports? Maybe even try listening — instead of trying to sneak an extra Chips Ahoy for his younger sibling?
And hey, enjoy your water. "
Harlan Coben is the author, most recently, of “Promise Me.”

All I can say, is AMEN!

Another Photo Shoot

I had a photo shoot this past weekend. It was for my friend Leisa. We email each other at least a few times every day, M-F. (Until she went on maternity leave) She works for Making Memories (one of the manufacturers of scrapbook supplies that we sell). She is so great! This was her first baby, isn't she a doll? I made up her baby announcement - below. (When printed, it will have a black border around it) Thanks Aaron, for helping me with Photoshop! Anyways, below are a few of the pictures that I loved the most! Thanks Leisa!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Girl's Night and Curlers

On Friday night, my dad took Kyle and Jake with him up to Sundance to take his dogs on a hike. Afterwards, they went back to his house and played with the puppies until 10:30 at night! (The puppies have 1 week until they get sold.) So, since Troy is back working graveyard, Kristin and I decided we would have a girl party. Her and Haley took a bath, then Kristin wanted sponge curlers put in. We haven't done curlers in her hair in a long time. So, while I put them all in, she watched a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Halloween DVD and then fell fast asleep! Early the next morning, she woke me up, all worried because a few of her curlers came out! We did her hair, added goop, and spray, and then, I had to take pictures before we headed to soccer games. She kind of reminded me of Darla in The Little Rascals (the recent movie that came out in the 90's - I guess if the 90's is recent...) Lately, she has been doing her fake smile, which I can't stand, so Troy got her to smile and be herself! YEA! Anyways, here are the pictures of my cute little girl! (Don't times, looks can definately be deceiving!)


This happened while getting out of the tub -
Kristin: Dad, I want white stuff on my pits.
Troy - What are you talking about?
Kristin - Goes over and gets my deodorant...


Friday, September 07, 2007

More photos...

Sorry! I know you may be sick of seeing my photos, but since this blog is technically for me and my posterity, I'm posting more. After I dropped Kyle off at school, I decided to take some pics of Jake and Kristin. They were not very cooperative. I even tried to bribe them with a trip to the gas station to pick out any treat. Kristin did okay, except that she was just being a poser. (I needed Troy there to make them laugh and be more natural) Jake was pretty much unbearable. He's so cute though. He wanted to run the photo shoot. He would get in a spot, and tell me to take his picture. Haley was crying in the car, so I didn't have time to do HIS photo shoot, I just wanted to try a few things for MY photo shoot. So, the last picture is Jake getting out of the car after I told him he didn't do good enough for a trip to the gas station. Don't worry, I'm not as horrific as I sound. (Gas Station trips are HUGE! They definately have to deserve those!) They did get a popcicle! I did learn a great lesson: If I can take 50 photos of my kids and only get 3 great ones - THAT'S SUPER! Here are my favorites!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


So, a few months ago, Erin (my business partner, and best friend - link on the right - Fonnesbeck Family) told me she was invited to be a part of a card exchange. Basically you make 60 of the same card (or 3 sets of 20) and you exchange them with 19 other people, and you come away with a bunch of different cards. The only rule was that 20 cards had to be Birthday cards - since they are the most used. I told her I wanted in. So, I thought I was going to be so good, and have my cards done a month ago. The party is Tuesday in Las Vegas. I had to mail my cards to Erin so she could take them to the party for me. So, I just finished them last night at midnight so I could mail them today. UGH! Why did I do that to myself. I am just not card savvy. I know you think I'm just being modest, but I'm not. I am not a card person. Reason: Why spend a ton of time and money on something that you have to give away to someone who will probably just throw it away? Also, it is very hard for me to come up with ideas! In scrapbooking, you have a photo to work with and you get to keep it! (I know, I'm selfish!) Cards - nothing! So, I got a card magazine, and pretty much copied (not exactly) one that I saw. The Happy Birthday one with the flower on it(complete with matching envelope). After this one, I thought how on earth am I going to come up with 2 more ideas? Then, I came across 11 extra of my last years Christmas card! SWEET! I only had to make 9 more! Then, I couldn't really put my family picture in it, so I added some hot chocolate. I told Erin she has to tell them they can add a gift card, or photo, or whatever. Then, I went to Cherice's and asked her if she had any SIMPLE ideas. She goes to a stamp/card party every month. She brought me a card, and a stamp set. I tweeked it a bit, and got this "Big Thanks" card. Anyways...WHAT WAS I THINKING? I'm hoping to get all of these great cards, and end up being so happy I did it! Oh, since I have a few cute cards, and hate writing in them, cause then they will get thrown away, I have started writing on a post-it and sticking it in the card. That way, it can be given away to someone helps ease my mind that time spent making a cute card is worth it...

Labor Day

We had an interesting Labor Day. We picked out our Christmas Tree! Yep, our Christmas Tree. Kenny and Cherice told us about this place where you go to a tree farm (in Alpine) and tag a tree, and then in December (or the end of November) you go and they cut it down for you. So, we did it. It is definately a LOT more expensive to cut down a tree in Utah ($50) than in Oregon($10). We'll see how we like doing it this way, and who knows, it may become a tradition. Here's a picture of the kids at the tree farm. After the tree farm, we decided to take the kids to the splash park. From what we had heard on the news, we figured this may be our last chance for the season to play in the water. And, we didn't know when they shut the water off. Out of state, it seemed like the last day of the pools was Labor Day - regardless of the weather. We went to a splash park that had just opened. Troy had been really excited for this one to open, because it had 4 guns at it. So, Troy got his suit on, and was excited to go. We got there, and it turns out only 1 gun squirts at a time. LAME! Troy was so irritated! He kept talking about contacting the city, etc...(Yeah right, Troy contact the city? When pigs fly...) Anyways, I agree with him, what's the point in having 4 guns if only 1 shoots at a time? What moron is going to stand at a gun that won't shoot, and get shot at? Oh yeah, it's a CHILDREN'S PARK! Anyways, Troy is still irritated about it...he LOVES splash parks. He just loves squirting people who are somehow trying to stay dry...This was the first time we let Haley go in the water. She loved it! Kristin spent all her time at the park right next door, so I didn't get pics of her. We took Daxton with us, and the boys had a blast.
As Troy and I were watching the kids play in the water, we thought it would be fun to have a big family game of kickball. So, in true Korth fashion, we started calling around with about a 4 hour notice. It ended up being us, Kenny and Cherice, Beau and Allisun, and Donnarae and Jon. My parents joined us for a BBQ before hand, but weren't up for the game. So, we headed down to the park. It was a pretty mild game of kickball - in comparison to games past. No injuries. It was Jon's first experience playing a sport with the Korth's (Only half of them were there too, which is why it was more mild) Jon summed up the game with the comment: "I didn't know how serious this was until I saw that you don't even take it easy on the kids." Or something to that effect. Which, unfortunately is completely true. Those kids (Kyle, Daxton, and Jake) had to make it to the base on their own accord. Oh, a funny Kyle-ism. I didn't hear it, but Jon and Donnarae thought it was hilarious...Kyle was giving Jon tips right before he kicked. He informed Jon to pretend there was a huge titanium wall in the outfield, and to aim for it. Interesting...Titanium wall, huh? I swear I don't teach him these must be public school...hee hee...

As much fun as this summer was, I'm excited for things to cool down (not freeze - just cool down). I hope we have a fun fall.

Oh, Haley had to go into the Doc today. He called and wanted us to try feeding her every 2 1/2 hours. He said the GI doc said that some kids who graze don't gain as much weight as kids who eat structured meals frequently. So, we tried this for 2 days, and then went in to weigh today. First of all, she vomited more in the past 2 days than she ever has. Her stomach just can't handle all that food. So, I told the doc, and he said vomitting wasn't good, just do what we did before. So, in the past week and a half, she gained 1 oz. This is not good. All we can do now, is wait for the GI doctor to call me and get her in to see him. We're talking about doctors, so who know when that will be? I predict it will be right in the middle of our trip to San Diego at the end of the month. We also have to take her into the doctor weekly to weigh her from now on. FUN! So, that's the scoop on her!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kristin's First Day of Preschool!

Well, Kristin's first day of preschool was today. Kristin goes M/W and Jake goes T/Th mornings. She was so excited! I missed last weeks open house and she had never been there before, so I had Cherice watch Jake and Haley while I ran her into preschool. When we arrived at Cherice's, she informed me that she was not getting out, because she was going to preschool! I took her in, and she was wowed! She loved everything! She had a great day, and can't wait to go back! I took her to a park this morning to take her picture...Here she is...she wasn't cooperating - she was too excited!
We went and bought Kristin some pants this weekend. Shorts weather may soon be coming to an end here. So, Kristin has this dreadful problem of having no bum, hence, her crack can be seen quite often. So, we got home, and I tried her new pants on her. She said, "Mom, they fit! And you can't even see my pencil holder!" (Pencil holder is the Korth term for a plumber butt) So, we've made big improvements...we'll see how long it lasts! I saw some sweaters on sale at Old Navy. I need to go get one. Usually, we get her one of those long sweaters to cover her "pencil holder".

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Jake's first day of preschool!

Jake started preschool (again) today. This is his 3rd year! Thanks to his Birthday being in November. Oh well, I think it will be good for him to be one of the oldest in his class. His teacher is Miss Cameon. She is a really good teacher. I am volunteering in Jake's class every Tuesday morning for 3 hours. After school today, Troy asked Jake how preschool was. He said, "It's better with mom there." (Jake has gone to Miss Cameon's since we moved here) So, even though this volunteering thing isn't my favorite thing to do(for 3 hours every single Tuesday, anyways), Jake loves having me there. This morning, we dropped Kyle off at school, and had time to spare, so we went to the park so I could take Jake's picture. Here's my cute, almost 5 year old, starting his last year of preschool!

Monday, September 03, 2007

BYU Football

Yep, it's time again! Football Season. Hmmm...don't know how I really feel about it. Saturday morning was Christmas morning to Troy. I think he actually woke Kristin up (instead of vice versa). He's so happy to be here to go to the games. Unfortunately, I think that was a key factor in us moving here. I am happy it makes Troy so happy, but I do hate how it consumes life. When we lived out of state, he would call around to sports bars to find who was playing the BYU game for that day. He would miss out on sleep (due to working graveyard) to watch games. (I know some of you are laughing, but I also know some of you go through the same thing with your husbands!) So, it's a big deal that he has tickets this season. It's been 8 years since we have lived in Utah and gone to football games. We have 3 season tickets to the games. We got 3 so that Troy could take the boys. I used one of my dad's tickets on Saturday so we could go as a family. BIG MISTAKE! I'm really glad we only got 3 season tickets, instead of 5. It was SO hot! It had to be at least 95 degrees during the whole game. Our seats were in the NorthEast Corner, so NO CHANCE OF SHADE THE WHOLE GAME! I had Haley in the pack. After sitting for all of 10 minutes in the sun, I went to find my dad's seats, over on the Cougar Club side. (In the shade). So, with Haley in the pack, hauling a HUGE diaper bag, and holding Kristin's hand, we made it to the complete opposite side of the field, and went up all the bleachers and found our seats. It was so crowded over there! Kristin sat on my uncle's lap for a bit, but it was too uncomfortable to stay for too long. So, I headed back down to find Troy. When I found him (halftime), I promptly took the car keys, instructed him to get a ride home with Cherice, and took the girls and walked the mile to the car (still in 95 degree heat) and headed home. Troy said he and the boys had a great time. Troy's family has at least 20 tickets all together, so they all sat together, and had a blast. I'm glad they'll have the opportunity to do that for the next 5 games. I will be at home. (Except for the BYU v UTAH game, I will have to get a sitter - I would like to go to that game...not with my girls though!) Anyways, I did manage to get a few pictures.
Here are the group of family seats...who can you pick out?
I do think Haley was the cutest Cougar fan there! It was wear Blue day. I wanted to get the girls cute BYU PINK shirts. Troy said absolutely not, they had to wear blue. (It's his one thing he can be picky about - so he got his way) So, I got Haley a headband. Notice how all the kids cheeks are pink. This is what they looked like after walking from the car to the stadium. I found a tree to sit under to cool down before we headed into the game. Troy went to buy water for us to guzzle before we went into the stadium. You're not allowed to take anything in. SO IRRITATING! They made us dump out Haley's bottle because it had water in it! Then, when you get into the stadium, lines are forever long (literally - there are probably people still there waiting in line) to fill up their water bottles. We did learn a little sneaky trick. They check your backpacks, but not your pockets. So, we packed our cargo shorts pockets (Troy's and mine) with graham crackers for Haley and treats for the bigger kids. Come on BYU, there has got to be a better way! More drinking fountains? That are easier to fill water bottles quickly?
Here is one last picture I took right before I left. All the boys are pretending they are cougars. (They are clawing at the camera) So, football season is here...all I can say is, Go Cougars!


Well, Haley was on Microlipids for all of 3 days. Everytime I gave it to her, she would vomit...not just spit up, but vomit. The first few times, I thought it was just a fluke. Nope! (She probably lost more calories vomitting than what the microlipids were suppossed to give her)When she did it again today, I called the on-call doctor(there's always a doctor or nurse practitioner from my office who is always on call. There are 4 docs and 2 np's. They are all really awesome!). Luckily it was Dallen, the nurse practitioner, who has been the one trying to figure Haley out - who was on call. I told him what the deal was, and he told me to immediately stop giving her the microlipids. He said if he had to go to Primary Children's Hospital, he would speak to a GI doc tomorrow. Hopefully the GI doc will return his call. I really hope we get somewhere. It is making me crazy!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Photo Shoot...

While Sarah was here, I asked her if I could take her kids pictures. Here are my favorites!