Monday, October 26, 2009

Our first day of...

Was spent at the beach.

We all had so much fun, we came home, swam in the pool, took naps, ate dinner, and went back to the beach for the sunset. It was absolutely a nice, relaxing, gorgeous day...

...tomorrow we hit Disneyland...
(Thanks mom, for being the one to snap the shutter! - you are WAY better than a tripod)

Monday, October 19, 2009

I am on my way to Oregon!

Just planned a trip to Oregon! I will be there November 20-22. I will be offering mini-shoots on Saturday, November 21st for those of you who are interested. The cost is $150.00 for a 30 minute session and you will receive 12-20 high resolution images on CD.... I will take family shots as well as individual shots of your kids. Contact me if you would like to book a slot! Just for fun, here is one of my favorite shots I took last year when I was there...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My favorite kids...

They did good...don't worry, they were HEAVILY bribed..$5 each, gum, and a quarter for candy shots will go out in Christmas Cards...let me know if you want on my Christmas Card List! I couldn't decide if I liked the 'honey' finish on these photos, or just regular color...what do you think?

For the record, I did NOTHING to Kyle's eyes...those are his natural baby blues!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still here...

Okay, I'm still here...and still busy. In fact, I was running around trying to do so many things at lunchtime, Kristin finally said, "Mom, I'm gonna close my eyes, when I open them, the bread is going to magically appear!" Well, that finally caught my attention. (the bread DID magically appear) I seriously stink as a mom these days! I think life is slowing down just a tad! To see what I've been busy with, you can become a fan of my photography on facebook! Here's the LINK.

Kyle had a flag football game today. He scored a touchdown. I wasn't lucky enough to attend. The weather was horrible, and yesterday Kristin came down with strep throat. Even though she got her tonsils out 6 months ago!

Jake has been struggling in school. So much, I have met with his principal and teacher a few times in the past week. Things are looking better, and I'm glad I spoke up and did what I had to do.

Haley is a stinker. Like always! Really, she's a good kid. Happy to play. Her new love is Dora. The only thing she'll watch!

Troy is great.

Well, that was a little bit of an update...I will try to do a real post...well, real soon!

Friday, October 02, 2009

I'm still here...

My My My...

I have been so busy. Seriously, chicken running around with his head cut off...BUSY!

I went to Vegas last weekend to shoot a wedding with Erin. It was fun. It was a short trip, but fun. It was fun being a second shooter. I didn't stress about the shots, just got what I can view some of my favorites on my PHOTOG BLOG.

I have been busy with photo shoots, and Young Women, and Volleyball, and Flag Football, and Soccer...phew! I've also gone to the temple weekly the past month. Have volunteered in the kids classes, and turned 32. WOW. I am OLD!

It was a fun day! Boy, being on Facebook, so many people wished me Happy Birthday - I have to say, that was fun. My kids were awesome. They woke up early, and without being told, started making me cards. Troy gave them permission (on his way to work) that they could wake me up at 7:30. They came in singing offering their goods. How cute are they? My mom took me to lunch with my girls at Gardner Village and I used her birthday money to buy me(let's be honest, my kids) some new barstools, that I LOVE! THanks IKEA!, a few friends kidnapped me, and we went to the Cheesecake Factory...all I know, is that I need to go back, and get some Red Velvet Cheesecake...seriously? TO DIE FOR! Another friend also threw a breakfast for me! She made YUMMY pumpkin chocolate chip waffles...I want some more of those! Troy managed to make it to lunch with me (I know, it was a 2 day affair) and my Women's Volleyball Team won again! We are currently undefeated. I love volleyball. I don't suck, either. It's so much fun playing a team sport with some GREAT women! Unfortunately Troy and I haven't been able to play tennis much. I'm hoping we can squeeze it in tomorrow.

I also got to see a few friends from BHS (Bakersfield High School) Liz, and Amanda...we got caught up on facebook and decided to meet for lunch. It was so much fun! Here we are (14 years later) at Chick-fil-a. (photo is from my cell phone)

So, that's the quick version.

Things to look forward to:
Next week I have 2 weddings that I am taking pictures at.
San Diego at the end of the month (Brothers, be ready, Family Photos on the beach Friday night...don't even TRY to get out of it).
Doing some shoots for long lost friends...can't wait to see their families and catch up.
Conference. It starts tomorrow...definitely need a pick-me-up.
More Volleyball.
I LOVE my girls in YW.
Peter and LeeAnna and their girls getting sealed.
Hmmm...and the majority of these are just in the next week. I'll try to be better at catching up!

One last photo - my girls at Gardner Village. They do this big Witch thing throughout the month of October. My kids all love it. If you haven't been, you should go!