Sunday, June 29, 2008

A new hat

This (above) is currently my favorite photo. It changes daily, but for now, this is it. This is {just} Kristin. Right after swimming, hair not done, happy to wear her new hat. LOVE IT!

I got Kristin a new hat (Old Navy $8.50) to take up to Bear Lake. I gave it to her after swimming lessons, while I was getting things ready to go. Her and Jake were playing in the garage (who knew the garage had great lighting?) on the rocking horse and I decided to snap a few shots...

Jake got a new hat too. He wanted to pose, so I only took one of him. I'm not into posing lately. I just want them

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Lately I have been feeling like I am a crappy photographer. I had a rough shoot with a couple for their engagement pictures. I think they turned out great, but the bride and me didn't click. (To say it nicely) She didn't like any of my suggestions, and would refuse to do poses, and then would demand I take her poses (which didn't turn out so well). So, after the shoot, any confidence I had, was pretty much shot. So, I have been trying to "get back on the wagon" to get ready for a wedding I had last week. Which is why I posted some pics of Jake earlier in the week.

So, I took photos at a wedding last week(different couple than the ones mentioned above). They are my favorite couple ever! Down to earth, nice, just happy people, happy to be getting married...I'm in the middle of editing now, but thought I'd show a few pics.

I thought I'd mention something about photographer's and their style. All photographers have a different style. Before hiring a photographer, it's best to check out their portfolio, and make sure you like their style. I know my style is different, and not everybody likes my style BUT, it's my style... and I assume that people hire me to be their photographer because they like my style. One other thing...people need to be happy with how they look. (I know, easier said than done) A photographer can take pictures, and try to do it at an angle that is flattering, but you're still going to be you when all is said and done. Some people don't realize this. Sorry...lately, I have been realizing and going through things that make being a photographer really hard! It seems that adults are always really harsh towards their appearance when they see a photo. To everyone else, a photo will look great, because they're not nit picking, or noticing every little thing that we tend to find fault with ourselves. Anyways...coming down off the soap box...

My two nieces happened to be flower girls at this wedding, and I'm probably biased, but these are my FAVORITE pics as of late. This picture of the couple at the reflection pool, was something that just happened as we were at the reflection pool. It's really hard to get the bride and groom, and temple at the reflection pool. I realize that you can't see the bride and groom well. In my opinion, that doesn't matter. Don't worry, this isn't the only picture I took of them at the temple! ;)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

David Who?

Conversation on the way home from church:

Kristin: We talked about David in my class today.

Kyle: David Archuletta or David Cook? (WHAT?????????????? Are you kidding me? Our family didn't even watch this season of AI - apparently his second grade teacher is a big fan...)

Kristin: I don't know.

Troy: David and Goliath?

Kristin: No

Troy: King David?

Kristin: No, just David

Troy: What did David do?

Kristin: He just killed a big guy.

Troy: That's David and Goliath.

Kristin: Oh yeah, you're probably right.


I haven't posted much about the fam lately, and I snapped a few pictures of Jake the other Jake...this is for you:
Jake is sometimes referred as: our problem child. He likes to push the limits. As far as they can go. I pray every night that at some point he'll STOP being like my brother Michael. :) He's a super sweet kid at the same time. Love's to snuggle and give hugs. Love's just a little extra attention. I guess that's a typical middle child, right? I don't know. He's usually a perfect angel when one on one with Troy or me, or either of my parents. (I don't think anyone else has dared take him one on one - but I assure you, he's GREAT in that atmosphere!)
He loves Haley and LOVES to pester Kristin. Which, as you can imagine, make most of my days a dream come true. He played soccer and baseball this year. He improved GREATLY in soccer, and his last game scored 3 goals! Our boys have a problem being motivated the whole game to try to score goals. So, I told Jake he would get $1 for everytime he scored-he only plays 3 on 3, and Kyle got $5 if he scored - he plays 11 on 11 and it's a full field. (Kyle never scored - but at least he played his heart out to the end didn't start out that way). The boys last game started at the same time, so Troy went to one, I went to the other. Jake requested me to go to his game. The greatest part about watching Jake play soccer, is the dance he does after he scores. It's hilarious! He's got these herky jerky movements that get the whole crowd giggling.
Jake starts Kindergarten! I can't believe it! Because we are on a year round schedule, he starts Kindergarten on July 28th. He will go to afternoon Kindergarten. Kristin will go to morning preschool starting in August. Hopefully, that will help with the pestering to seperate them. One can hope. Jake has a great sense of humor, and a huge vocabulary. He has a little speech problem which at times makes it difficult to understand his large vocabulary. Jake has these cute freckles on his nose, which I love.
Jake doesn't eat much. He chooses two days a week, and will eat everything on his plate...the other days, he just picks at his food and never eats much.
Previously this year, Jake got kicked out of Troy and my primary class because he was so naughty. His new teacher tells me that he is an "angel". I would have to agree at times he is an angel. We love Jake and all that he brings to our family. It would not be complete without him.
From the mouth of Jake: Troy was listening to the radio and Jake asked who sang that particular song. Troy said, I think it's Chicago. Jake said, "Who in Chicago is singing the song?" Troy had to explain that Chicago was the name of a group. I think Jake's still confused...

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Cherice and I just got home from an EIGHT MILE RUN! I am so proud of us! We both could have kept going. Doing 7 miles last weekend, about killed us both. Last week we were doing the Relay for Life, and were running in a track-like atmosphere, and it was TOUGH! This morning was GREAT! We took a few stretching breaks, and I can happily say my aches and pains that I normally have during a run, didn't happen this morning. I think I may actually be able to do this half marathon! We have about 7 weeks left! Thanks to my new Garmin Forerunner 305 watch - (LOVE IT - EVERYONE should get one) our fastest pace was 7:58 mph! That's super good for us! Anyways, just tooting our own horn!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I can't wait for tomorrow. I just looked at my calendar, and there is NOTHING on tomorrow's date. No baseball, Kyle finished that up tonight, no swimming lessons...NOTHING! That is HUGE for me. Although, Erin had her baby (everyone is healthy and happy), and I am trying to keep up on her part of the business. (Really love and appreciate all that she does...TRULY!) But, it's our business, so technically, I don't have to do anything tomorrow if I don't want to. So, what should I do? Take the kids to the splash park? Declare it a mommy fun day? Prepare dinner so it is ready to put in the oven at 4? Thinking about making lasagna...definitely NOT on my diet, but the family would enjoy it. Hmmmmm....I guess I can do a bit of laundry after my run in the morning, and just have an easy day. Make a goal not to get upset or yell at the kids...possiblities are endless. Just to put it in perspective, it's the only day on the whole month of June without ANYTHING written. Stay tuned...


Erin is currently in the hospital giving birth...I am so anxious to find out what is happening! She's my business partner and one of my best friends. I hope all is going well!

"Fancy Dancy"

Here is Kristin in all of her glory. Her Fancy Nancy Glory. Except, for some reason, she has a hard time saying "Fancy Nancy" so she says, "Fancy Dancy". While I'm remembering, she also says, "Whoops - eeps" instead of "oopsie". SO cute. I smile everytime she says it!

Anyways, My mom created a BEAST. I know I mentioned Target sold Fancy Nancy items a few posts back. Fancy Nancy is a new book out for girls that is SO cute! Well, my mom bought Kristin a purse (yes that pink chicken looking thing is a purse) and sunglasses. She wears them CONSTANTLY...along with her Strawberry Shortcake hat. I told her every morning she doesn't complain about getting her hair done, she'll earn a dollar to go toward the next Fancy Nancy item. That's a big deal. She HATES getting her hair done, and I have no patience for it. Seriously, who LIKES to do their hair? It's all part of being a with it. So, my mornings are much smoother.

I love how girlie she is about these things. I told her I was going to call her "Fancy Kristin" and she informed me "No, call me Fancy Dancy Kristin"...what else can you say to that, but yes, your highness!

Monday, June 09, 2008


My training for the half marathon is going strong. On Saturday, Cherice, Heidi, and I ran our longest...6 MILES! That is pretty much a 10K and we did it in an hour and 8 minutes! WAHOO! We actually did 7 miles, but the first mile was a walking warm up. The next 6 miles, it was ALL running. Heidi charted the course and we (okay, I) found it to be much hillier than I would have liked. (It's my turn to chart the course next time ;) I have to say, I LOVE the downhills! I run faster, my stride is longer, and I don't get winded! Every Saturday we are increasing our run a mile. This morning, thanks to advice from Maria, we ran a 9 minute mile, and did two short stretches of sprinting. It about killed me! I was amazed at how much harder it was for my body...mainly my do that. I guess that means it's helping my body get faster and more in shape! Much to my dismay, I figure that I'm going to have to be a runner for the rest of my life. It's not THAT horrible (I know, people killing over now hearing those words from my mouth). In the middle of a run is still painful and I do mutter profanities under my breath (usually on the uphills) but afterwards is a great feeling. All day, I kept telling Troy, I ran 6 miles today...If I saw you on Saturday, chances are I told you as well. I am still COMPLETELY amazed, that I can run 6 miles. It's crazy!

I have been thinking after reading my friends blog about her birthday, and turning 30 how I feel about the big 3-0. I feel like my twenties was spent making babies, and focusing on everyone but myself. It's the point in life where Troy was climbing the ladder through work. I feel like now, we are both getting to where we want to be. Troy at work, me with myself. I am finally taking time to do things for me, and I have to say, I love it! My kids are getting big enough that I don't feel guilty about it. Troy's finally on a normal schedule that enables me to do something active regularly. I concluded that my thirties is a time to be the best me that I can. Be more open-minded and try to learn all that I can, be the best mom and wife in the world, and take time to enjoy life!

I do happen to have the greatest husband. I got home after being gone for almost an hour and a half on Saturday morning, and Troy had gotten all the kids up (or vice versa) he had made breakfast, and was having the kids clean up and do jobs. When I got home, they were vacuuming, and everything was clean. It was the best feeling ever! It showed me that Troy thinks that what I'm doing is worth it! Anyways...enough rambling...hey, did you hear I ran 6 miles on Saturday? ;)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Faith in Humanity...

Okay, to start this out:

On Saturday June 7th from 7:30 - 11:30 we will be having a Rock Band Party (the game, not an actual Rock Band). It will be held at the mansion on 2nd Ave and E St. There will be prizes given out for the best dressed rocker, the best rock band and the best solo artist. The cost will be $5 per person or $4 if you bring some food to share. All money raised will go to The American Cancer Society.

Get your band together or just come and join up with some people and make your own band there.

Come dressed as the best rocker you can be and be ready to "Rock Cancer"!

Please pass this along to all your friends, the more the merrier.

So, I spoke with Jon today. He is planning this party, even though it is 1 day after he is having surgery...dedication, I tell ya! Anyways, he was telling me he was trying to get some gift cards donated as prizes...he said he was having no luck. Businesses were telling him to pretty much write an essay and submit it, and in about a month, they would be in touch. Well, since our Relay for Life team got started a bit late, we have no time for that. I was driving by Rumbi's, and decided to give them a call. For those of you who know me well, know that I frequent Rumbi's weekly. I called, and the manager immediately said yes, and told me to stop by and pick some up. When I went in to get the Free Meal Cards, he told me how just last week, his father was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. It was all so new, but he was willing to do what he could to help. I don't know what he would have done if his father hadn't just gotten diagnosed, but it makes you think, huh? It can affect any of us at any time. So, I scored 2 free meals from Rumbi, and was thinking about where else I could go (with help from Heidi). I decided to stop in Chik-fil-a. They just opened a new store out by us. The marketing director came out, and gave me 25 free sandwich coupons! I was so excited. I was telling my mom, how I have never done anything like this before. If you know me, you know I DON'T do school fundraisers. I hate asking people to buy stuff...but this is for CANCER! It's about time I do my part. I stopped at Kneaders on my way to the school to sell glow bracelets and necklaces. They gave me a $10 gift card! HOLY COW! I was on cloud 9. I seriously was euphoric! People care!

Then I went to the school to sell glow bracelets. Cherice and Daxton had passed out flyers the day before letting people know we would be there! It was crappy. I hated standing there. Jake had a sign, but then ran off with it, so I stood there asking kids if they wanted to buy a necklace, and the kids were looking at me strange with "Stranger Danger" pounding in their heads! Thank heavens the Braithwaite clan showed up and purchased a case of them. Heidi also purchased a case. Other than that, we sold $20 worth. So, any amount of money is worth it! We will sell glow sticks again tomorrow at Morning Cloak Park (Just West of Foothills Elementary) from 1:30-2:00 right after school. Bring your kids! Teach them what it's about! Have them earn money to come buy a necklace. Necklaces are $1 Bracelets are 50 cents. A case of 50 are $16. Jake has a baseball game tonight, so I think we'll take them with us and try to sell some there. Cherice and I both have the glow necklaces, so if you want to purchase any, call us, or stop by!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Gardens

Today me and my girls went to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens with Heidi and her kids. I had planned on doing a bridal shoot there this evening (until the weather turned nasty) and wanted Heidi to show me around - since she's a fancy 'member'. My first experience with the Gardens was during my first official 5K. Trust me, I was not looking at scenery much. Just trying to survive! Anyways, this place is a photographers DREAM! My grandma Harding would be in HEAVEN! I told my mom she has to bring her. The crappy part: to be able to take professional photos (technically, in the contract, any photographs) here, it costs $100 a session. That's just for me and 2 others to get in. If there were any more, they'd have to pay full admission. They don't even have a yearly pass available. INSANE! SO, I snuck in my camera in my purse (yes, my purse is huge - I'm a mom...) and we went and hid out in the "Secret Garden", I think my FAVORITE place there. I could have stayed for hours taking pictures of my girls. Jake was in St. George with my parents, so I just had my girls. I tried to take some photos of Heidi's kids too. Ethan was too happy to pose, Rachel wanted to do her own thing, and the baby was having none of it. Since we had to be 'shady' with my camera, I didn't get too many. (Heidi, you need to look and see what ones you like for me to edit). I basically got 2 great ones of each of my girls, but only had time to edit 3. I am learning and trying new things in photoshop, so notice my fancy edges. ANYWAYS, I found out Red Butte Gardens has an annual photographer pass, but it is only good for me and 1 other person, everyone else has to pay admission. I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to get it. I've never been to RBG, but if it's anything like Thanksgiving Point, it may be worth it. It would just be nice to KNOW I had a gorgeous place to take brides, families, etc...Tell me what you think, would you be willing to pay admission into Red Butte Gardens for your family to have pictures taken there? With the amount of brides lined up for the summer, it may be worth it just for bridals...hmmmm....and if Erin comes and will take my own family photos in the fall?...hmmmm.....Oh well, are my favorite 3 of the day of my girls...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Relay for Life

Jon and Donnarae put together a team to walk in the Relay for Life in West Jordan on June 13th at the Veterans Memorial Park . For those of you that are not familiar with the Relay for Life it is a fund raiser event put on by the American Cancer Society to raise money to help find a cure for cancer. For a 12 hour period, someone from your team has to be walking at all times. A team consists of about 8-15 people. According to the American Cancer Society, 7.6 million people died from cancer in the world during 2007. As some of you may know my grandmother is a cancer survivor. We currently have a little boy in our ward fighting off Leukemia, and one of Jon and Donnarae's closest friends has Lymphoma. I think most of us know at least one person who is battling the fight against cancer. This is a disease that affects so many people around the world and will continue to do so.

We are trying to raise money for the event. If you would like to help you can click on the link below and click the "Donate" button and it will walk you through it. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL! Also, we are going to be selling glow-in-the-dark necklaces with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. We are going to have my kids sell them kind of like they would do a lemonade stand. I will post when we will be doing that, and anyone that is in the area is more than welcome to stop by and purchase some glow necklaces! Great to have for the Fourth of July! Come stock up! ;)

Click here to view the team page for 7,599,999

I think in life, we hear of these things happening, we know people with cancer, yet we sometimes don't know how we can help. This is your chance! I would hope you know me well enough that I would never ask for money, unless it was a great cause. This is it. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO HELP! Even if it's bringing your kids over to purchase glow-necklaces! (They're going to be the bracelets, that you hook together, so they will be 3 for $1 - that will make a necklace - or 1 for 50 cents!)

I think we're all so busy in our own lives, that if something isn't directly affecting us, we stay busy in our own lives, and don't branch out. I am so happy Troy and I are doing the Relay for Life. I'm grateful to be able to teach my kids that they can make a difference, even if it's just a little bit and consists of walking through the night. We will be doing this from 6 pm - 10 am. me out! THANKS! If you would rather mail me a check, that is great as well. Make it out to "American Cancer Society" I need it by June 9th.

If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address: