Friday, July 28, 2006

Getting Crafty...

Okay, so Allisun was here the beginning of this week. On Tuesday, we had a whole day and didn't know what to do. We debated going site-seeing, but I don't think either of us were up for the heat and dealing with the kids, so we decided to "get crafty" instead. We made these 'H's for wedding gifts. While we were getting stuff for 'H's, we saw these candles, and decided to try glass etching. So, we bought 16 candles. We had this grand idea, that it would be great to have gifts on hand. Well, I just remembered I have no friends'll last for a long time? Anyways, here are some pics...

Wednesday night I went out with Kari (Eggenberger) Bennion. Since neither of us will be at our HS reunion, we kinda had one ourselves! We went and got dessert and to a movie. Then, we talked in the parking lot of the theatre for about an hour before I got home at 1:30am. I have really missed my girls nights! I miss my friends from Oregon really badly! I am not meant to stay in the house. I have also realized I need a makeover. Too bad I have no one to get one with. I have these wierd growths on my eyeballs...I know...gross...anyways, they have their own blood vessels, so my eyes constantly are red. (The eye doctor said they won't do surgery to remove them until they cover the pupil of my eye, which will take awhile, so I'm stuck...) I am so sick of people everywhere saying: "You look so tired." (FYI, never say that to anyone. It's really not a compliment...why would you tell someone that? You might as well say, "You look like trash!" You especially shouldn't tell a pregnant person that... ) So, I have decided it's off to the mall to get a makeover...or something...I guess I'm getting old enough to have to wear make-up everyday. I wish I could go on What Not to Wear. My hair is getting so long, and it's so humid here, I never do my hair, cause it goes psycho, so I might as well cut it. I just don't know a good hair stylist here...maybe I can get Cari to cut it when I'm in Utah...

We found out this week, we are staying in Virginia until January. So, the company is now shipping our car out! WAHOO!!!!! Until it gets here, I have a rental car... EVEN BETTER! I am also flying to SLC next Sunday. Originally, if we would have been sent on assignment for over 6 months, they would have paid for 1000 lbs of our stuff to be shipped out. So now, after everything is packed and in storage (I have no idea where it's even at) they tell us we can ship stuff out. So, I get to go sort through hundreds of boxes for things to bring out. Mainly baby stuff (since the baby will be born out here), winter clothes and the remainder of my business stuff that we couldn't bring on the airplane (no use having stuff in storage when we could be selling it!). So, that is my exciting week!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Kristin's Tantrums

Okay. Kristin is a total girl. She has started throwin these fits. Over anything! This particular time, Jake snuck into her stroller. She stops, covers her mouth, and squats! We were outside when we took the picture on the left. She is screaming, and I'm just taking a picture trying to ignore her. The people on the street were staring at us all! Oh well, it's not the first time, and unfortunately, I'm sure it won't be the last!

Kyle's BDay Pics

The "infamous" pin the tail on the donkey!

Opening presents. His favorite present is his loose tooth he has now! YEA!

Kyle's cake! He LOVED it!

Chicago Pics

Ready to see Wicked!

On Navy Pier with the Chicago Skyline.

Just arriving at Navy Pier.

Philadelphia Pics

Benjamin Franklin's home is no longer standing, but this is the pathway he would take to get to his house. It is the orginial walkway to his home.

Independence Hall. Where our Declaration of Independence was signed. Unbelievable to be in such a place!

Here we are by the Liberty Bell...once again...moron photographer! I'm so glad we have such a nice shot of the floor! At least I can zoom in!

Statue of Liberty Pics

Buddies. It took about 5 minutes to get them to stand together to take their pic. Once I did, Jake was hugging and squeezing! Miracle!

I love this pic. Don't know why. It just shows all my kids personalities!

The (unfortunately) new NYC skyline. Troy and I have a picture of ourselves by the old skyline in 1998. So, 3 1/2 kids later, and 8 years, what a change! I can't wait to get my old pic out of storage to compare!

DUH! People are so stupid! We wanted a pic in front of the Statue of Liberty, not 4 feet of brick pathway!

So, once we were on the ferry, we tried again!

Central Park/NYC Pics

It couldn't be more ironic. This is Jake (our candy lover/thief) with the gumbdrop dude from the Candy Land Game. We were inside the HUGE Toys R Us in the large candy section!

Me and the kids at Times Square. I really didn't think it was all it was cracked up to be! I just had a problem with how filthy it was and how stinky it was!

The fountain in Central Park. It was tiny, but perfect!

Kristin playing in the park. After she got all wet, she decided to go sit in the sand. AUGHHH!!

That awesome rock slide I told you about. This is all Kyle would do while we were there!

This is the kids sitting on the steps of Grand Central Station. It was so awesome!

New York Yankee Photots

Look at how hot and sweaty Kristin was. She was a trooper though. She was the best kid at the game. No complaining or anything from her!

We got big league chew bubble gum before the gum(Troy says it's a must have at baseball games...I hate it!). Kyle's about to try a bubble.

Waiting in line to get into the stadium! Kristin totally looked like a boy other than her hat. She needs a pink NYY shirt!

Okay, if I didn't put this picture on here, Troy would have been very disapointed. This is written in the sky, by 5 airplanes (Look closely on the right side, they're just about to start the S). They fly in skink wrote a whole add for Dunkin Donuts. For hours after (okay, days) Troy was amazed by this. He thought it was so awesome! It's a good advertisement, cause Troy now notices every Dunkin Donuts we drive by!

Me and the kids at Yankee Stadium.

I asked Jake to look at the camera, and he turned and started dancing. The people behind us started laughing and saying how cute he was. This was Jake's reaction when he realized someone other than me was watching him dance!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Family in Virginia

Oh, I got back from Chicago yesterday! It was incredible! I loved every second! My plane was 3 hours late getting in, so I didn't get into Chicago until 2am (3am est). That was irritating. The baggage claim managed to get this stinky grease all over my bag (the handle, it figures). So, the bag got trashed. That Friday we got up and went to CHA (Craft and Hobby Association Convention). It's for retailers and suppliers of any craft or hobby you could think of, although the majority of it is scrapbooking. They have a lot of samples, make and takes, and show specials (getting a discount when you order at the show). Erin (my business partner) and I never buy anything on the first day, we always get catalogs and think about things before we order...otherwise, we would order way too much. After the show, we decided to go to this scrapbook store called "Archiver's". I know, we own our own store, but we still go to other stores, but it's suppossed to be this HUGE superstore, that they only have backeast, so we had to check it out. In order to do so, we had to rent a car. The car rental place asked us if we wanted to get a gps for a few bucks more a day, so we did. THOSE THINGS ARE AWESOME! Erin and I drove ourselves all over Chicago and didn't get lost once! After Archiver's Erin wanted to stop at a shoe store. She proceeded to buy 4 ---YES FOUR---pairs of shoes. I bought one. (GO ERIN!) It was fun. The next day, we went back to the show to place our orders. Erin and I ended up ordering from at least 4 new vendors, trying to expand our business a little. It was so fun. After placing all our orders, we headed to downtown Chicago. We went to Navy Pier and ate at Bubba Gump's. The atmosphere was awesome! Navy pier is so neat! A definite must-do in Chicago. We then changed our clothes in the parking garage, and headed to the Oriental Theatre to see Wicked. We were on the fourth row. We basically saw how much they spit when they sing! It was awesome! I know that sitting that close aren't the best seats, but there were only a few things we didn't have 100% viewing of. They were the only 2 seats left together, so they were great. What can I say about Wicked? It was incredible! I had a smile on my face the whole play! I never looked to see what scene we were on, and never wondered what time it was! It was funny, easy to follow, and had incredible music! I knew nothing about the play before I went (except for hearing Allisun sing it every now and again last summer). So, if you ever get the opportunity, you have to see it! If Erin and I wouldn't have had fun the rest of the weekend, our trip would have been worth it just to see Wicked. We both flew home on Sunday!

Just in time for Kyle's Birthday! It was definately the White-trashiest birthday you could imagine. Since I had been out of town, I didn't have any wrapping paper! But, I had plenty of USPS Priority mailing bags. So, Kyle's gifts got put in those. Apparently while I was gone, Kyle told Troy he wanted party games. So, while our guests were knocking on the door (Kari, Jeff, and Garrett Bennion) Troy printed this donkey of the internet to play pin the tail on the donkey. Small problem...the picture he printed was only about 4 inches by 4 inches. The only think we could find for tails was some ribbon I had gotten at the show in Chicago. The kids had no clue how to play it. Kyle put his tail on the donkey down the wall from where it was at. When Troy put the blindfold on Jake and spun him around, Jake thought the point of the game was to spin, so he just kept spinning in circles, not caring at all about a tail. When it was Kristin's turn for the blindfold, she thought it was a necklace and kept pulling it down around her neck. Troy kept telling her she wasn't a bandito, but she didn't care! Garrett wouldn't be blindfolded, but he stood in front of the 4x4 donkey staring at it for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out what on earth he was suppossed to do...point: pin the tail on the donkey is probably a good party game for older kids. The cake was of course a hit, and the party was over. That's it. Done. Oh, BIG NEWS::::: Kyle has a loose tooth! He has been SO traumatized because he's the only kid that he knows who is gonna be 6 that hasn't lost a tooth (that's all I heard last week, it even caused tears a few times!). When I got home Sunday, that was the first thing he showed me! THANK YOU!

When we found out we were coming out to Virginia, Raquel, Troy's sis, told us that his aunt lived out here. The Korth family isn't the best at communicating (don't worry, I'm working on them! :)), so they didn't know we were even here or that we were coming. When we first got here, I told Troy he should call them...but...let's just say that's not one of Troy's greatest strengths... anyways, since Allisun was here, I told her we should call. (I just felt akward calling, cause I think I've only met her 4 times my whole life) Aunt Delilas was really nice and invited us over for a BBQ (she happens to live 1 mile from Troy's work...what are the odds?). We got there, and to my boys delight, she has a little boy Daxton's age, I think, right between Kyle and Jake's age. Not to mention they had a great yard, huge play structure, and swords and guns. Heaven...they're in heaven... So, Delilas has to be the nicest person ever. She's really genuine and made us feel right at home...even offering to watch the kids for a few days! NICE! (She must be crazy, but nice!) Her oldest son is on a mission in Mexico, and her youngest was the one the boys played with. (I'm not good with names, so I'm not going to try and mess them up.) It was so fun talking to her. She showed us pictures of Troy's great-grandparents and grandparents. They were such old pictures that had been scanned in the computer...I hope someone in that family has it scrapbooked, or documented... Anyways, that's about all we did was so fun. It's also so nice having Allisun here. The kids love her. Everytime we go somewhere, they're worried she's not coming back with us, I don't dare tell them she's leaving on Wednesday!

Pics to be posted by Wednesday...I promise!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New York/Philadelphia Trip

Okay, we got up at 4am on Sunday, and headed to New York to catch a NY Yankee game for Kyle's birthday. I know, I know, it was on a Sunday, but get over it...We got to lower Manhattan at about 9:30a.m. and instead of riding a train into the game, we just decided to drive through Manhattan. It was early on a Sunday, so there really wasn't much traffic. Troy was driving, and I was navigating. Yep, we should never appear on Amazing Race. If we ever happen to, I will be the driver and Troy the navigator. I know when I was moving, I told a few of my friends that moving isn't good on a marriage...well...neither is driving through Manhattan. That said...we got to Yankee Stadium at 10:40am. The kids were so excited. We were going to stop and see a few things before the game, but they begged to go straight to Yankee Stadium. Even Kristin was saying "Yankee Stadium" plain as day. We found a parking lot right next to the stadium and paid $13 to park. We walked to the stadium and waited a few minutes until the gate opened. When we had purchased our tickets, we thought that we should probably sit in the bleacher seats outfield with the kids, so they wouldn't bug people who paid for expensive seats, and who were WAY into the game and a big bonus was it was also the non-alchohol section. (After our experience at the Mariner game, we thought that was a big bonus). BIG MISTAKE!!!! Apparently (for those of you ever planning on taking a trip to Yankee Stadium) if you sit in the bleacher seats, you have no access to the rest of the Stadium. Or shade of any kind. We wanted to get there early to watch the Yankee's take their batting practice. Well, they must have done it before they opened the gates, because we didn't see it. So, we sat in the hot sun for 2 hours before the game started. (If any of you heard, there was a MAJOR heat wave across the east the past few days, and with the humidity, it was pretty much unbearable!) Before the game started, my kids were sobbing (literally) to leave. Troy and I kept looking at each other, wondering what to do. Halfway through the third inning, (once I started having contractions cause I was probably so dehydrated) we called it a game! We saw a homerun by Jeter and A-Rod in Yankee Stadium, and I got good pics, so we called it a good game, and headed to the car.

At this point, we thought we might as well go see some things in Manhattan so we didn't have to come into the city on a Monday. We parked ($20) and went to Times Square. We took the kids into Toys R Us in Times Square and walked around. No, we didn't buy them a thing...I know, we're mean...then we took a Subway to Grand Central Station. We just thought it would be cool to see. Then we hopped on another Subway to Central Park. Okay, Central Park has got to be the coolest thing in New York City, or it's just the suburbanite in me. They had this awesome kids park. It was fenced in, too, so your kids couldn't just run off. They had a huge rock slide that Kyle couldn't get enough of, and a little fountain that Jake and Kristin kept playing in. I would have given almost anything to jump in with them, but I held back. Troy gave Jake a water bottle and had him fill it up and then pour it over Troy's head. They both enjoyed that! After sitting at the ball park for 3 hours, we were all so sweaty, hot, and tired! After we let them play in the park for about an hour, we headed back to the car and to the hotel which was in Newark, NJ. It was a 4 star Doubletree with white bedding for $60(Thank heavens for priceline!). We found a little diner to eat dinner at, that I'm sure once we left, they posted our picture so that if they saw us again, they could turn us away...then we went to bed. It had been a long day!

The next morning, we got up and headed to The Statue of Liberty. On the way there, we were trying to use our brand new 3 week old laptop. It would not work...(it had to get a new hard drive, so now I have to wait for Troy to reinstall my camera no pics for a bit). Anyways, it is still a heat wave...we got on the Ferry at 11:15. I was hot and nauxious (never can figure out the right way to spell that), but we made it to the Statue. We bypassed Ellis Island...maybe next time...our kids were being so bad at this point, we almost stayed on the ferry and just saw Liberty from the boat. I hate to be too hard on them(Kyle), it was so hot I wanted to die too. We got off, walked around the Statue, got a popsicle, and got back on the ferry. The whole time, Kyle kept telling us, it's too bad nobody knows if the Statue of Liberty is a boy or a girl. We kept telling him that it was a girl...he did not believe us, told us we didn't know anything...Troy was so irritated with him. We finally told him to learn how to read, so that he could read all the plaques and find out for himself. I still don't think he believes us that she's a girl. I asked this person to take our pic in front of the Statue...people are such morons...they didn't even get the Statue in the, since I realized that, we had someone on the ferry take our pic with the statue in the back. I will post pics soon to prove my point...We got to the car, and headed to our next stop, Philadelphia.

By the time we got to our hotel (another fantastic priceline deal, Hilton Garden Inn $60) it was 3:00 and we hadn't eaten anything since our popsicle. We decided to walk the streets, and the only place we found that looked edible to eat (I know, I know, I'm picky...just ask my father-in-law...he took me to this horrible part of town to eat Mexican in Vegas one time...I almost didn't dare sit down, and then lucky me found a hair in my have a reason to be picky!) was Hard Rock Cafe. Of course, no one told the waitress we were sitting there, so we sat there for 15 minutes before we even got water. We all ate, and then went back to the hotel and went swimming until bedtime. (This was when we realized our laptop was totally screwed up and called HP who sent us a replacement hard drive that got here today.) The next day, we went to Independence Hall (fyi for future visitors: you have to have a ticket (it's free) to go in, and can get it the day of at the Visitor's center or you can call up to 21 days ahead and pay $1.50 for them to reserve you one). I thought it was awesome. It's just amazing the things that had to have gone on in that room. The kids were amazingly well-behaved too! Then we went and saw the Liberty Bell. Once again, moron photographers...hopefully I can zoom it in enough to tell that it's our family standing by the bell without it looking too bad...Troy and I didn't get to read all that we wanted to read in these historical places, but it was still fun being there. A few other places we went to was: Carpenter's Hall, Ben Franklin Court, Betsy Ross Home, and the Philadelphia Mint. The one thing that was so crazy about everything we did, was the amount of security we had to go through. Stinking Osama! I can't tell you how many times Troy had to remove his belt this weekend! We walked more in Philadelphia than ever. Yes, it was still this heat wave, but every building we went into was air conditioned, and with it being in the city, we had buildings to block direct sunlight, so it wasn't so bad. After all of this, we headed to a famous Philly Steak place. It was really good. I swear it was like the episode of Seinfeld with the soup Nazi. People would walk up and say: wizout (cheese wiz without onions) or wiz, or provolone without) and then walk aside and pay. Troy said a guy in front of him told the guy to "give him whatever he thinks he would like" the guy looked at him like he was crazy, and told him the menu...I wish he would have said: no sandwich for you! That would have been classic. Around this podunk restaurant, there were pics of tons of famous people who had eaten there. It was pretty cool. Expensive though! It almost cost as much as Hard Rock! Then, we headed home. Vowing never to take our children to anymore historical least until they're a lot older! That was our exciting trip.

Sorry about the pics...I promise I will get them on next week. I just had to write everything now, before I forgot. Troy's sis Allisun is flying in tomorrow. I am headed to Chicago tomorrow night to meet Erin and go to a Scrapbook Convention...I have an awesome job!...we got tickets to see Wicked on Saturday night! Allisun is watching the kids while Troy works, and then Kyle's Birthday is on Sunday! We went and picked out his birthday cake tonight! He picked a Superman cake. Then he was so excited afterwards, he was dancing around the grocery store, and bumping into people...I had to threaten to cancel his cake order unless he calmed down! Thank you Great Grandma Peterson for sending a card with $10. Kyle was so excited to think that someone would "send me a dollar in the mail". We discussed how he should pick out something he really wants and save his money to be able to buy it...he thinks I'm crazy...

Kyle was explaining to Troy and me about popularity. We asked him what it meant (acting completely ignorant, of course) and he told us that you had to be rich to be popular. We asked him if he was popular, and he said, "no, I'm not rich. You also have to be fancy." (He has previously gotten mad at me for being "fancy" when I wanted him to pick up his toys...) I told him, you called me fancy, does that mean I'm popular? He said, "Heck no! You're not rich!" Troy and I stifled our laugh, and went on with dinner...

Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 15, 2006

Yesterday was a crazy day. Troy's radio alarm clock went off FULL BLAST at 5:30am, so the kids woke up. He thought since everybody was awake, I should take him to work so I would have the car for the day. It was a good thought. Anyways, that's what we did. I got hom from taking him to work at about 6:45. Me and the kids were so tired, we layed on the couch (me, in and out of slelep) for 2 hours. Then we decided to head out (since I had the car and all). We went to a mall here, Dulles Town Centre, and it had this awesome play area. It was these huge airplanes, baggage cars, and pretend runways. The kids loved it! We went to Champs and I got me and the kids a Yankee hat for the big game tomorrow! We are going to Yankee Stadium to watch the Yankees play the Red Sox. We will be out in left field if you happen to catch the game. Anyways, Kristin saw a pink hat in the store, immediately preceded to rip her ponytail and ribbon out of her hair, and insist I put her hat one. They of course didn't have pink kids hats, so she got a woman's size. Oh well, it works. I had to buy her one after that cute demonstration! Then I met my friend from High School Kari Bennion(Eggenberger to some of you) at the outlet malls here. The outlet mall is huge and has everything! I was smitten with the Pottery Barn outlet. It was so hot and humid I bought the kids an ice cream cone from McDonald's (mainly to keep them awake) and then we headed to this Antique Shop I had seen. I have been looking for a window frame for awhile, so I thought I'd see how much they were. Here is a picture of one I found on ebay. Mine is 6 frames, not 9. It was only $10, and I met this lady there from N. Carolina who said she had a garage full of them and she'd give them to me for free! I just had to pay shipping. I gave her my email address, and she's going to email me pics. I'm excited...let me know if anybody wants one! I am going to decorate it really cute (hopefully) I'll take a pic when I'm done!

Then we headed home. Naturally, I got lost on the way home. It is so confusing here. Usually, I am really good with directions, and have no problems getting home if I drove getting someplace, but I have no idea where North/South is here, and where my house is from anywhere. So, I ended up on this toll road, since it was the only road I recognized. It ended up costing $4. Oh well. The kids slept all the way home, so naturally, I didn't get a nap! They wanted to swim when we got home, so we went swimming...void of the crazy lady, thank heavens! We then went to the Library, got 25 books, and headed to pick Troy up from work. It was rush hour, and Jake puked in the car(luckily, being pregnant, I have a nice stash of grocery stacks I use for just this purpose). It was 7 when we got Troy, and we hadn't eaten dinner, so we went to Golden Corral. It was really good, not sure if it was just because we were starving, or what. We headed home and went straight to bed. It's the first time I've been here I've been in bed before 10, and I think I fell asleep before 10:30. That's a miracle for me! Today I'm just going to do laundry and get ready for our fun trip. Kyle is so excited. We're going to the game for his Birthday, and we bought him a mit. Hopefully Jeter will hit him a homerun! :)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 13, 2006

Okay, there was this crazy lady at the pool today. I've got to tell you about her. She is OLD, I'm talking late 60's early 70's. Anyways, she wears a bikini, and is tan as leather. She has tramp stamps (tattoo's) all over her body and she speaks like she has a cigarette stuck in her lungs. Anyways, it was her, and 3 grandkids she was watching, the oldest no more than 8 years, the youngest probably 4, and me and my kids. She proceeds to tell one kid to sit on the steps while she kicks another one of the kids "a_ _" then she corrects herself with the word butt. Then, she is singing Old Macdonald to the four year old, and decides to add a verse saying Old Macdonald had a drunk, and for the noises she belched. Anyways, I think she must be a nice lady underneath all the leather, otherwise she wouldn't be playing with 3 kids at the pool, and I see her there quite often. The reason for me writing this, is that sometimes I think us "moms" feel like we are crappy, and we don't do anything right. Well, I felt like mom of the year today!

More photos...

Milton Hershey built this home for his wife. It cost him $57,000. Insane, huh?

They have a "kids factory" thing, where they let the kids package some kisses to sale. I thought it was very cheesy, but the kids liked it!

The canons. The kids favorite!

Guns of the Civil War

The kids by Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

July 13, 2006

We have had a fun week so far! On Tuesday, Troy went into work in the morning, and then we decided to go to Pennsylvania. We stopped in Gettysburg and then ended up in Hershey, PA.
At Gettysburg we went to the Visitor's center, and the Gettysburg National Cemetary. The kids were definately not hip on the idea of Gettysburg, except for seeing the guns and canons. So, we didn't spend much time there.

Next, we went to Chocolate World, the Hershey tourist stop. They have a big amusement park there that we were planning on going to, but our kids had so much fun at the Visitor's Center, we decided to save the money for a day we could spend the entire day at the park. We did buy chocolate, and went on a Trolley ride through the town. Milton Hershey was a very great man. It was very interesting. The kids even enjoyed the trolley ride. I'm not a nice enough mom to buy my kids those Hershey pillows, just nice enough to take a picture of them! Can you tell Kristin had been eating chocolate? Hershey was about a 2 hour drive from our house. It was a fun outing. We can't wait for this weekend to be at the Yankee Stadium!

Monday, July 10, 2006

July 10, 2006

Okay, Troy has been asking me why nobody comments on the blog(except Sarah). I told him that I didn't know, but people email me all the time about stuff on the blog, so, we're going to try a little blackmail. We had our ultrasound today. If you would like to know the gender of our growing baby, post a comment, and I will email you the gender! :) Have a good day!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 8, 2006

We had a pretty good weekend. Troy worked yesterday, but the kids and I went to the pool. They had fun. Swimming is definately not my favorite thing, especially taking all 3 kids by myself, but they do pretty good. Kristin went across the pool by herself with her floaties on for the first time. It was funny, because the second I would let go of her, she would stiffen her legs straight, and she didn't dare move her arms. She only got from one side to the other because of the "pool current". She's getting better though! Kristin's nickname is "Krissy". So, she calls herself "frissy" and sometimes it sounds like "fishy". (It's hard for her to put the K and R sounds together.) We've been trying to get her to say "KUH Rissy", but even that is difficult, so now she calls herself "KUH Frissy". It's pretty funny. She actually calls herself that quite often while talking to her "babies". Also, when her and the boys play "dog". My dad has dogs, and in training them, instead of saying "no" to the dogs, he says "wrong" (apparently he learned that in dog training class) so, Kristin is the human, and the boys are the dogs, and she bosses them around the house yelling "WRONG" the boys do it too when roles are reversed. I'm sure if anybody overheard them playing, they would think we were a psycho family...well, maybe some people think that already. We went to church today. Our ward is so friendly, I don't think I've ever been in a ward so friendly my first month there. The Relief Society lesson was on writing in journals. When we cook dinner after church, Troy and I usually discuss the lesson in RS/Priesthood. It's so funny how women get something totally different out of a lesson than men do. We both get good things out of it, but completely different. We finally found out what Elementary School Kyle will go to. It's crazy, cause school doesn't start until 9:15 in the morning! Last year it started at 8:00, so I'm excited for the extra "get ready" time in the morning! School starts for him September 6th! We are headed to NYC on Sunday to see a NY Yankee game for Kyle's 6th Birthday! Yep, that's coming up on the 23rd(2 weeks from today)! Don't forget to call him, I think that's the best part of his birthday, getting phone calls! Tomorrow at noon we have our ultrasound. Hopefully this baby will be healthy and female! :) Just kidding, any gender would be fine, just economically efficient if it happened to be female! Keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, July 07, 2006

July 7, 2006

We were driving to Walmart, and had to pass right in front of Lowes. Jake asked where we were, and Troy said, "We're at Lowes". Jake hollered, "We're not at HOES!" Troy and I laughed our heads off!

Jake was saying our family prayer tonight. Halfway through the prayer he asked Troy, "What next?" Troy said, "What kind of blessings do you want?" Jake then proceeded with his prayer, saying, "Please send me blue colored blessings."

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More photos from the fourth...