Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What do you do when...

you find a black sharpie?
Draw a half of a mustache on yourself, of course!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Nothing to do on a Saturday...

Troy woke up Saturday morning and asked me what the plans were for that day..NOTHING! Absolutely nothing! WE didn't have to do anything or be anywhere! WOW! When was the last time that happened? I honestly don't remember. Usually we are both running around with our heads cut off! So, I decided I wanted to take the kids pictures in their 4th of July stuff. We decided on Wheeler Farm. We haven't been there before...actually I think in high school we may have gone to a haunted house there, but that was it. It was so awesome. The kids were incredible! They didn't fight me, and often would suggest a place or a pose...SO...it made my day magical! Seriously! The kids want to go back, and this time we will take a sack lunch! My cousin Chet came to visit me on Saturday night and got to go to church with me on Sunday. We played fugitive around the neighborhood...I am going to snap some pics of Chet this weekend at a HUGE family reunion...seriously, no one can beat this...I promise....I LOVE Saturday's like this! Here are my fave pics from the day!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I survived!

I survived Girls' Camp! It took me quite a few days to recover, and at times during camp, I really didn't think I would survive, but I did and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It is much easier to look back with enjoyment than it was to enjoy it while you were in charge! We did camp at my families property in Myton, UT. It was the best place ever! Everyone wants to go back! I am going back on the 4th, and I can't wait! I did the swings and slide for the first time ever. Peer pressure is much harder when it's teenage girls than your family. Now I've got to thrill my kids with the tricks I can do! Well, just popping in to update, and let you know I'm alive! Since I've posted last - that's really all I've been doing. Everything girls camp! One more after-party to plan, and it's all over. Bitter sweet. Til next time...

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Kristin had her dance pictures yesterday...oyyyy...I hate group pictures. You feel obligated to buy, and the individual ones are usually pitiful...my FAVORITE part was that they scheduled each class for 15 minutes. Yeah - that doesn't work so well. It was really frustating. I (of course) took her pictures before we left...here they are...Oh...she's dancing to: A Very Merry Unbirthday from Alice in Wonderland...I LOVE her costume! Isn't her little bun so cute?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Week in Review

On Tuesday, Haley got her tonsils and adenoids out, and another set of tubes in her ears. Because of her age, we spent the night in the hospital. Because of all the kids and our crazy lives, Troy and I could not both go to the hospital. So - I went with Haley, while Troy held the fort down at home. I was so glad we did this. The room we were in for the night was tiny, I didn't sleep much, and was so hot, I sweat the entire night...hoping I sweat off a few pounds!

She did pretty good. She is so clingy to me, it's so hard to deal with. I feel like I've been stuck at home for the past week, with a child who just wants me to hold her. Don't get me wrong - sometimes it's nice to just have an excuse to lay on the couch, hold Haley, and watch Dora. I just have so much going on - it's hard for me to enjoy that when I think of all I need to get done. So - I work all morning - and hold her all afternoon. I think that's a good balance.

I found out my kids will be on "D" track next year. That was my first choice - so I am happy. My kids get out of school on July 2. (Yes, July not June) and since they are on D Track, they start again August 17. (The other tracks start again July 27). So, that gives us a more normal summer. Kristin also got into morning kindergarten. That makes me SO happy! One of my favorite people in the ward is also starting a preschool, that I am going to send Haley to. Haley is so excited - she just wants something to do - and since she will just be home with me - it will give her interaction with other kids. So, if anyone's looking for a good preschool, let me know! So, I will be completely kid free on Tues and Thurs mornings! WOW! What am I going to do with myself...yeah right...I have lots to do, although I would like to make one morning a week be swim laps morning...wouldn't that be great? Then I could probably do a mini-triathlon next spring!

My brother and his wife had their first baby on Tuesday! Baby Lucas is here! He looks pretty cute to me. I was going to try and fly there this weekend - but life is to crazy around here to leave Troy with 4 kids - one just having surgery - to fly standby to take photos. I will just have to take some when they are here for the 4th of July. I have to say - my brother cracks me up. All first time parents do. I guess I'm just an old pro now - but I remember being a first time parent...scary...exciting...anal...you know...all that stuff! Michael called me on Friday, and we had a whole conversation about Lucas and the whole time Michael referred to him as "it". I had to remind him he was talking about his child...funny...I can't wait to see them in a few weeks!

I'm sure more happened this last week - but I'm sure it was nothing spectacular. On with the next week, right?

Washington DC

I was fortunate enough to go downtown with some girls from high school - Kari and Lisa to eat at Old Ebbitt Grill. It was so much fun! (Kari or Lisa - email me a picture!) Anyways, the Old Ebbitt is located right across from the White House. Lisa (who works for the State Department) got us reservations. Our waiter showed us photos of all the celebrities who have eaten there and talked about how Joe Biden was just here the day before, standing "right there at the bar". Oh good...our tax dollars hard at work drinking at the bar...The food was delicious - and the company even better. I had been wanting to go downtown at night and take photos of the monuments. Wouldn't you know it, my battery died halfway through? I had an extra one in the car - but it was after midnight, and the car was parked too far away...so I bagged it...here are the ones I got! The Washington Monument with the Capitol Building behind it...
The Jefferson Memorial

The FDR Memorial...I didn't even know this existed. I wish I knew it was here. Troy and I would have spent more time around here. These columns (it's hard to tell) have things pressed into the sides of them...odd things, really...it's made for people with disabilities so that they can feel the monument...pretty cool, huh? They also had spectacular quotes all over...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Oh boy, is it time?

Today, we were in the grocery store, and Kyle hollered out loud:
Mom, Michael Jackson is dead, and now they're saying he did SEX! (Thank you taboids)

What do you do to "quietly" shush that? So, I said, "Kyle, do you even know what sex is?" He said, "No."

It might be time. UGHHH!!!!

In Oregon, we always decided when he turned 8, we would tell him. But, since we moved to Utah - it's more like when "we" grew up. Had no clue what it was until about 9th grade...

So - I am thinking it may be time. I told Troy he had explain to the boys, I would do the girls. But, I think it's important that we are both present during the discussion...any tips? (Gosh, I'm blushing...)

Monday, June 01, 2009

The 2nd Annual Amazing Race

GO BLUE! Next year...next year... Colette and I worked really hard on our "outfits". This year I didn't wear jeans, and opted for my running shorts...smart thinking on my part! Troy was ...hmmmm...what's a good word...VERY UPSET...when he found out he had to wear a cape. He did it anyways, and was a good sport, and even spray painted his head! There was lots of trash talking going on before the race. I LOVE IT! Basically, because it just gets people excited! Okay...back to the post...

We had our second annual Amazing Race on May 9th. It was so much fun! When we were sitting down figuring out what dates we were going to be able to do this, May 9th was the only Saturday in May that would work. My friends are the greatest. I told them the date, and everyone cleared their schedule! I loved that. It just goes to show how much fun everyone has doing this. Every couple pays $40 and it's the best date night of the year! Everyone who did it last year didn't care about kids sports or temple celebration... They were in, and would make it work. It was a blast! Last year the black team won. I think everyone playing this year, just didn't want the black team to win again - and honestly, it really doesn't matter if you win - it's just so much fun playing. (I can say that since I've never won). Here we are at the beginning. Jon and Donnarae got ditched the night before and had to be a team of 2. They were a little late, and didn't make the picture. Sorry guys. Here are some of the teams - eagerly listening how to use their GPS. I knew Troy wouldn't let me touch an electronic gadget so I took pictures instead. The Glassey's and Evans' - Black team. Winners of the 2008 Games. Showed up with the radio blasting "Black is Back". The Hallings and Burninghams - Orange Team. Inaugural Year for the Hallings. Got Brian to wear a matching shirt...impressed...last is the best of all the game, right? The Wilkinson's and Hendersons - Red Team. Inaugural Year for both couples. They did pretty good - coming in second! The Izatt's and friends. Inaugural year for this team also. They did GREAT coming in first! The Brown team (not pictured) consisted of Troy's sister Donnarae and husband Jon. The night before at 10 pm - their team cancelled on them - so they raced it alone. Here is everyone at the finish line. (Even Brown - sorry guys.)

Now for details:
We started in a park with a flour war. We played dodgeball with nylons full of flour. I HATED this part. Only cause I got pounded between the eyes - and had to take out my contacts and clean them. Afterwards we had to find hidden 4" gnomes by GPS. We were then sent out...WAY far out - to shoot clay pigeons. On the way out, the clue told us that 2 members would have to do this task, and then later - the other 2 members would need to do a task that needed brute strength. So - we kind of figured it was guns, and I am a better shot than Troy and Colette, and Stephen hurt his back and shouldn't be doing brute strength, so I shot. I say I'm better than Troy, but I've only shot a gun one other time in my life. It was clay pigeons, and I shot everyone I tried for. I was hoping for the same luck. Our team was given 10 pigeons, and we had to hit 5. I hit 2 out of 5, and Steven hit 3 out of 5. Perfect. We then went to a Veteran's Cemetary where we were given a list of names and an American Flag. We were to find the names on our list, and post a flag at their headstone. Each member of our team had to find one name. This was an AWESOME task. After the gun shot, we felt like we were pretty behind - only one person shot at a time - so it was nice to get to the cemetary to find all the teams still there. It gave us hope that we could move ahead. After the cemetary we went to REI where the other 2 members of our team were to climb the rock wall. I was SO glad I shot the gun. Being short - it's hard for me to do that, because my arms and legs don't reach as far, and I have to take twice as many holds. Colette struggled a bit - but she did awesome. Troy did great too. Troy and I have never climbed a rock wall before. Here are some pics of that...look - I have pics of the brown team...yea! Here's Colette...isn't her cape awesome? Here's Donnarae. She whipped up that wall! Here's Jon and Troy...The Brown team passed us at the wall- but we got them back at golf - our next stop. You either had to hit a golf ball a certain distance or putt through a little course with under 3 swings. We did that fast, and went on our way - to an obstacle course - complete with a tire run, basketball shoot, soccerball shoot, football throw, army crawl under rope. It was funny! It's amazing how hard it is to shoot a basketball when you're under a time restriction! Our last clue told us to meet at the Porter Rockwell Center. Luckily Steven knew right where it was! We met up with all the teams, ate a great lunch, and had a blast talking about the day. It was so great! Thanks to Kenny and Cherice and friends for putting it on! I can't wait to plan yours in August...once girls camp is over...if anybody has any great ideas...email me... until next year...GO BLUE!