Sunday, February 18, 2007

Valentine's Day Photo Shoot

Okay, my Valentine's Photo Shoot happened after Valentine's Day. But, it is impossible for me to do a photo shoot with all 4 kids by myself and Troy worked on Valentine's Day. The boys spent the night at my parents on Friday, so Saturday morning, I took the girls picture, and this morning, I took the boys pictures. It worked.

Here's Kyle, Age 6 1/2.
Things I love about Kyle:
He's a HUGE helper.
He has a dry sense of humor, like his dad.
He has a big heart, he makes sure Jake doesn't miss out on things.
He loves his brother.
He loves to have me read Junie B. Jones books to him.
He is a people person.
He doesn't like girls right now.
He has a big vocabulary.
He is an AWESOME soccer player.
He wants to be like his dad.
He loves sports.
He wants a dog REALLY bad...

Here's Jake, Age 4

Things I love about Jake:

He likes to pose for the camera.

He tries his hardest to act like his big brother.

He has a very tender heart.

He doesn't like when people laugh at him, even when they're laughing with him.

He has the cutest smile.

He likes to hold my hand.

He loves Haley.

He likes to play with cords.

He likes jammies.

He loves to snuggle.

He tries to say his words so clearly, but can't do it.

He is wild and crazy.

He loves his daddy.

Here's Kristin, Age 2 1/2 (just learned to wink)

Things I love about Kristin:

She remembers everything.

She loves babies.

She can't wait to be a mom so she can have mommy lotion.

She has a HUGE vocabulary.

She would sit by Haley for over an hour making sure her pacifier doesn't fall out.

She likes to do ballet.

She loves her Papa.

She makes us smile, constantly!

She has big blue eyes.

She's a drama queen.

She likes Mickey Mouse - not just princesses.

She loves her brothers, when they aren't pestering her.

Here is Haley, Age 2 1/2 months

Things I love about Haley:

She's staying little longer.

She loves her mom.

She splashes in the bathtub.

She loves Kyle, Jake, and Kristin.

She sleeps really well at night.

She would rather fly than drive! :)

She stops crying when she sees me or her dad.

She smiles a big toothless grin.

She likes to be snuggled.

She has "Jake eyes" at times. (Those of you who knew Jake at her age, will understand)

She completes our family.

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day! Love to you all!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Warmer Weather...

So, the past week the temperature has been in the 40's! That's huge! The kids invited their cousins over to ride scooters. I am still paranoid, so I wouldn't let them ride in the culdesac, or go past our neighbors house on the sidewalk and I stayed outside with them the whole time.
Yes, our neighbors in the background still have their Christmas Decor up. It wouldn't be so bad, but they still turn their lights on. The people right next door to us just recently took down their Halloween we must live in a festive culdesac!
McCall is my cousin Katie's little girl, and Daxton is Troy's sister's little boy. They will all go to the same school. Next year, Kyle will be in Second Grade, Daxton in first, and McCall in kindergarten! From this outing, I have learned that boys don't necessarily play well with girls. Well, they don't "include". McCall told them when she got in the car, "I have flowers on my wheels". The boys thought that was just awful! It was funny!
Kristin doesn't have a scooter, so she borrowed this toy from Kenny and Cherice. She didn't last long outside though.

Look at these 2 goof balls! They would hang out constantly if we'd let them...

Haley and I stayed on the stairs. Fun times...I want spring to be here, and my backyard to be finished...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

PJ's and the tramp...

The kids got a trampoline from Santa Claus. It's awesome! The past few days, the weather here has been unbelievable. It's gotten to the upper 40's! I'm comparing that to 3 straight weeks of below 30 degree weather. So, it's been sunny, and fairly warm. Well, the boys were jumping on the tramp in the middle of the day in the pj's. (A new trend they've learned from their cousin, Daxton - before we lived here, they wouldn't even wear pj's to bed!) Kristin thought it was a requirement to wear pj's on the tramp, (so now I have even MORE laundry to do!) so they played (happily) outside for about an hour the other day. I loved it! I can't wait until Spring. I know, it will never be here, but I am still waiting!

Here's a picture of what Haley was doing inside with me! She's such a happy girl!

Yesterday, it was my turn to host Kristin's playgroup. We have been telling Kristin it is preschool, only to prevent bickering about "Jake goes to preschool and Kristin doesn't". There are a total of 6 girls. All about 3 years old. They will all be in the same grade in school. When you move, you always hope you move to a place where your kids will find good friends. I hope this group of girls grow up good friends! It was definitely challenging! 6 girls make a lot of hormones! Kyle is off track, so he was "helping" me with the playgroup. The girls were all playing downstairs in the playroom, and Kyle came up to me and said, "Mom, aren't you going to teach them anything? Where's the papers, come on mom, what a waste!" Apparently we didn't feel him in on the playgroup vs. preschool conversation. So, Kyle spent the night at Zacky's house last night, and told Amy how I was a horrible preschool teacher who didn't even teach the girls anything! Hmmm...I wonder what other secrets he divulged...Anyways, here's the girls eating their snack that Kyle prepared: graham crackers and an "inside picnic". Troy and I also went to the temple last night. We did sealings since I'm nursing Haley and weren't gone for more than 1 1/2 hours. It was great! Here, in Utah, you can just show up, and they will use you for sealings. They have 13 sealing rooms at the Jordan River temple, and in the evenings have all rooms full, and every hour they have a new group. Troy's parents work at the Jordan River temple, and tell us that it is the busiest temple in the world. It's busier than the second and third busiest temples combined! I think we've only been to the Jordan River temple once before when the family did sealings before Kenny and Cherice were married (so, over 8 years) so we got a bit lost, and weren't sure where to go. We're good now, we sure were nervous! I love doing sealings. It's my favorite thing at the temple I think. Troy says his favorite is initiatories. Anyways...go to the temple!

Haley's Blessing

Haley's blessing was on Sunday. Here she is in her dress, that completely drowned her! My mom made the dress, and Kristin wore it. My mom made it to match my wedding dress. I want to frame it and put it in my girl's room. We had the blessing in Kenny and Cherice's ward, since our church's start at the same time and they were blessing little Makenna. Troy was so nervous (not so much of a public speaker) and could barely breathe during the opening prayer. So many of our friends were showing up, I was so excited! We saw Scotty and his family there (his sister was blessing her baby there too - she's Cherice's next door neighbor), Sam, Marenda, and Addie Brown, Drew and Carrie Stevenson, Justin and Cari Sorensen, Amy Warren, my whole Peterson Family (minus my bro's who are out of the state) and the whole Korth Family - oh, including Grandma and Grandpa Lilya. I am probably forgetting someone...anyways...I was so excited to have so many people come! It really meant so much to us! Here are fellow friends from Oregon. Well, past-Oregonians! I wanted the brunch afterwards to be perfect. I don't know why. I think because it was the first time so many people were going to see my house and I've never had a "blessing party" before. My friend gave me some ideas to decorate with pics of Haley, since it was her day, so I did. I told my sister-in-law, Raquel, that I was Martha Stewart-ing it. I borrowed all of Amy's pampered Chef dishes so it would all match. Anyways, I was quite impressed with myself. I don't normally do things like this. I also had some magnet boards that I put some scrapbook pages of Haley on during the blessing. It was fun! This last picture of Haley, I love. Even though she's flipping the bird. Oh well, kids will be kids, right? Even at 2 months...
Anyways, thanks to all who came! You really made my day! Love you and can't wait to see you again soon!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Late, Late, Late...

Okay, this post should have been done in December, but I got this disc from my parents, and I had to post these pictures! I love them! The background: for Troy's 29th (wow, can you believe we're that old? I still feel 17!) birthday, we went to Buca da Beppo's and then to Temple Square. It was fun. We witnessed a very odd road rage event in which a driver of a vehicle with a handlebar mustache got out of his vehicle and started brawling with a pedestrian...right outside the temple gates...heard all sorts of language...nice...joking that nobody should mess with a guy with a handle bar mustache...even if that includes about 45% of men in the state of Utah! Hee Hee...anyways, we got some good pics of the family...for those of you who know my bro's...anyways, we don't get together often, due to the fact that we are scattered around the country, so here are some pics!

Jason (green and tan coat) has at least 3 coats on. He lives in San Diego and was frozen while he was here! It was pretty funny!

Here's our little family. I guess not so little anymore. It's been 9 years since we were married and had our wedding picture taken in this same spot!

It's been 30 years since my parents were married in the SLC Temple. Don't know if they got their picture taken in this same was SOOOO long ago!

Here's a picture of our little Hazy (Haley's nickname - Hazy or Haze - we thought it sounded better then Hells). This was about a week before she was admitted to the hospital, so I'm sure she weighed well under 7 lbs. The outfit and hat she is wearing are gifts from 2 of my best friends! Funny how they went almost perfectly together! I love them! THANKS! THANKS! In case my bro's are reading...miss you! Can't wait to see you at the wedding!