Friday, August 28, 2009

The Farm...

A few weeks ago, I headed out to "The Farms". Really, it's a little teeny town, called Myton, where my mom grew up. My grandparents live there as well as my aunt and uncle and a few cousins! I went out to help my aunt with some stuff, and get some much needed 'away' time. Away from the computer, the phone, and other 'stuff'. It was a splendid few days. My kids were in heaven hanging out on a farm. They had kittens and Haley was in love. We also went down to the park (where we went to girls camp) and the kids played in the water...why Kristin is so fascinated with frogs, I don't know! I also took some photos of my cute cousin, Megan. You can see some HERE. Anyways...enjoy the pics...isn't Kristin's hair so cute braided? I really need to learn how to do that!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The First Day...

School is now upon us! It has been a little hectic since Kyle started last Monday, Jake started Tuesday, and Kristin started yesterday - Haley is actually going to preschool and doesn't start until next would really be nice if they could all start on the same my dreams... So, my camera and I have made the rounds at the school...naturally my kids were less than thrilled with my camera on the first day...but...I don't care. So....we'll start with Kyle... now in the 4th Grade
...LOVES his new teacher and class
...constantly wants to play with friends after school in a portable this year, and loves it - other than the overpowering AC

Now for Jake... in the First Grade
...misses his friends from Kindergarten
...LOVES eating lunch at school - especially on Wednesdays...Pizza Day doing great! How come the kid is so obedient at school????
Okay, this first picture of Jake, I am in LOVE's a hazy sun flare...LOVE IT!

Allright! Kristin... now in Morning Kindergarten
...LOVES school
...she is so dang smart! so excited to have 2 of her friends in her class

Okay, the next set of photos I need to explain...first of all...I am heartsick over these photos...they speak to me, and I don't know if I can explain why...Kristin's 2 friends, Autumn and Karsen are in her class this year. I am good friends with both of their moms. As we were walking toward the school, Kristin asked me pulled my arm, and I leaned down and she whispered in my ear, "What if Karsen and Autumn don't want to play with me?" I looked at her and told her she would meet lots of friends and that there is always someone to play with. She seemed to go with my answer. As we were crossing the crosswalk, Kristin noticed Karsen and so I started talking to Karsen's mom, and we both turned around to find that they had started holding hands. I think that's when Karen (Karsen's mom) started tearing up. Naturally, I started snapping away. As I edited these photos, I found myself tearing up. These 2 girls, who are definitely friends, but definitely different - just look at how they're dressed - were so nervous, but they had each other. They were friends. They grabbed hands, and decided they were going to do it's funny how the simple holding of hands can signify so much...sometimes, even as adults, wouldn't it be easy to grab someones hand, and know they've got your back? I mean, I definitely have Troy - but this little act of love between two kindergarten girls about knocked my socks they are...(there are lots of different crops and colors...but I LOVE them all and couldn't decide)'ll get her next week!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Harding Hideout

After going to Girls Camp here, a few friends wanted to go out and check all of this out. I scheduled a weekend (sorry, for family only) and we all went out. It was awesome. I (hope) think everyone had a great kids faught, nobody got was just fun, fun, fun! We made a jump off of the slide, and had a BLAST! I tried to combine a few photos for your viewing pleasure...

Here are some other photos of the fun...if you missed it...I feel for you! Thanks, friends and family for a splendid weekend... (oh, and yes, the old man you see in these photos is Troy's dad...hee hee)
The Evans' Family...minus Jacob...
The paddle boats were a HUGE hit!
Breann and Haley up in the tree house.
Halling kids...
Kyle riding his grandpa's 4-wheeler all by himself...without a helmet...who gave him permission to do that???????
How many kids can you fit on a paddle boat?
Hayden was CONTENT to stay close to sand!
This was their kind of swing! I think they were on it...almost constantly!
Frogs...tons of frogs...
Grandpa Korth...going off the jump!
Chet trying to surf after going off the jump.
Jeff ...once the jump.

Jacob...need I say more?

Go JEN! Thanks for looking at the camera!

The boys waiting for their turn off the BIG swing...
Grandpa the stump swing!

The craziest of Jeff's boys, came up to us, with a frog in one hand, and a snake in the other. Before we knew it, the snake attacked the frog. Jeff is trying to get it off now...(Jeff did get it off, and they both slithered and hopped away)

In case you were wondering...I did all these daring things...there is just no documentation of it...I had witnesses though...Thanks for a SUPER weekend!