Monday, May 17, 2010


I can't believe it's May 18 (almost). Seriously, where does the time go? Troy has been out of town for over a week now. He doesn't get home until Friday night. It has been quite the adventure with him gone, although not as bad as I would have thought. The worst was Kristin vomitting for 3 days. That meant being up all night - which meant me being up all night. I have good parents who took my kids, as well as a SUPER friend, who took my 3 kids to church with her, along with her 6 kids! Naturally, they were angels for her.

My eyes are doing super. I had a touch-up done on my left eye almost 3 weeks ago. It has been frustrating, but I think they are finally at 20/20 - consecutively. It figures I would get every side-effect and post surgery problem.

This morning, after my run, Jake informed me that his science project was due. CRAP! I had totally forgotten about it. So, I did what any good mom would do, I searched the internet and found something we could do in 30 minutes. We did a comparison of nutrition values (sugar, fat, protein, fiber)actually consumed in a day to recommended per day. I was ASTONISHED! Did you know kids between 4-9 should only have 18 grams of sugar a day? I did a pretty normal day of food for Jake, rice krispies, apple juice, pb&j, milk, cookie, chicken, rice, green beans. Guess how much sugar? 102 grams of sugar!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that? So, I definitely learned something today. I just don't know what to do, because in 1 cup of 1% milk, there are 13 grams of can you have your kids be healthy, if they can only have 1 cup of milk a day?????? I just don't know.

We had a super fun weekend out at my Grandma's house. She turned 80. It was so fun to see cousins I hadn't seen in years, and get to know their spouses and children. Who's going on July 3?

I tried a spinning class today. My poor behind is getting used to a bicycle seat. I love cycling, but I think I will stick to the road, and not on a spinning bike.

Well, I know this post is a lot about me, but it is my blog, right?

Thursday, May 06, 2010


Okay, this post is 2 months old. We went to California in March to use our passes 1 last time before they expired. It was a fast trip, but so much fun! We arrived in CA Thursday night, and did Disneyland on Friday, Beach and Tennis with my brothers on Saturday, and Saturday afternoon drove to Vegas to visit the Fonnesbecks. Then, home on Sunday. It was so much fun. We got a room upgrade at Embassy Suites to a penthouse sweet. The kids thought it was awesome. It was definitely a nice room, but since we were only there for 1 night, we couldn't fully enjoy it!

We played tennis, went to lunch, and then to Huntington Beach. There was a kite festival while we were there. They were amazing! There was some synchronized kiting going on. It was a short trip, but worth it just to hang out with my brothers for the morning!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Big Bash!

Kristin wanted a Polka Dot Pajama Party this year. So, I made pajama bottoms out of polka dot material for all the girls - 10 girls to be exact. They were all a different pattern. I delivered them with the invitation and asked the girls to wear them to the party. I didn't want parents to think I was having them change at my house, so that was the easiest thing. Then, I made pillowcases with a strip of their matching pj material and embroidered their names on the pillowcase (okay, my mom did all that). A big thanks goes out to IKEA who happened to have pillows for 99cents! I gave them their pillow when they got here, and a few of my YW came and painted nails. The girls LOVED that! Then, they wanted a pillow fight. It was hilarious, and they had a blast! I LOVE the photos I got of that. We ate pizza and then opened presents. After presents we did the polka dot ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and then the girls layed on their pillows and watch some Pixar Short Films. While waiting for parents we had a dance party. It was a blast! Kristin had a blast, and all the girls did too! They were so excited to take home their pillows! Enjoy the photos...

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Kristin is 6!!!!

I can't believe it! Today is her birthday. She is having some friends over for a party in a few hours. She was excited to take some birthday pictures this morning. She got a hat for her birthday, and she doesn't want to take it off! Here are her 6 year old photos. More to come later of the big bash!

Sunday, May 02, 2010


Okay, after teaching a lesson to my YW about journal keeping today, I couldn't not post this. It's pretty much for me and my posterity, but I'm sure you will get a kick out of it. Let me just preface this by saying that Troy and I are very opinionated. When we argue about something, we both freely tell each other what we think, but we NEVER hold a grudge. We both say our business, usually agree to disagree, and move on with life. I actually LOVE that about being married to Troy. I NEVER tiptoe around him with my opinions, and he doesn't around me. So, sometimes to outsiders they may think that we fight, but we really don't. So...that's a little preface to what happened today...

Okay, Troy has a pet peeve. He HATES it when he's about to go to bed at night, and I have left unfolded clothes on the bed. He has told me he hates it, and I really try hard not to do that. We all know that I don't get to folding clothes just to bug him, but that I'm doing 800 million other things in a day, I sometimes don't get to it. But, ever since he told me he hates it, I try not to do it. Well, I started getting a pet peeve about something that he does. He always leaves a pile of clothes on his side of the bed. Usually his pants with keys, pager (yes, he still has one, for his work), belt, whatever still attached. I told him he could keep his pile in the closet, but I can't stand walking by it every time I walk in our bedroom.

So, this morning, as I was folding clothes, I noticed that he had his usual pile. So, I calmed myself before talking to him, knowing that it never helps to yell, or whatever. In fact, I said, "Honey, you know I love you, but your pile is killing me. We talked about this last week. PLEASE move your pile into the closet."

Well, then he argued with me about how his pile wasn't bothering anybody. I told him I tried to do his request in regards to unfolded clothes on the bed, and I'm now asking him to do the same. His argument, was that since I didn't sleep on the floor by his clothes, that it in no way affected me. My point was that we compromise...I do something for you, you do something for me. Well, he left the room thinking that he had won.

So, naturally I was angry. So, I took all of his clothes that I had just folded and hung up and THREW them on the floor on his side of the bed - unfolded and unhung. I put all the rest of the kids clothes away, and proceeded to get ready for church. While I was getting ready, I heard Troy come in, and pick up his clothes. Nothing more was said. During Sunday School, we came home to add potatoes to the roast (and of course, Troy checked the Jazz score). On the way home, Troy said, "You're pretty funny. I was laughing my head off when I saw all my clothes on the floor. I was going to text you during sacrament (I was reading my scriptures on my iphone) to apologize." I was just silent and he asked, "So, do you forgive me?"


I love that man. And our marriage. And how I can always tell him exactly what I think. And that he will always tell me exactly how he thinks. 12 and a half years of marriage has worked out just great! Can't wait for more!