Friday, December 23, 2011

Doughnut Falls

While Mike and Maria were in town, they wanted to go on a hike. We wanted to go somewhere that the kids could hike without too much help and someplace close. Doughnut Falls up Big Cottonwood Canyon is the perfect spot. It was gorgeous up there. Quiet, serene...well, until our kids got up there! They had a blast. Playing in the water, looking for caterpillars, and looking at flowers. It is always nice to be able to take a short 30 minute ride and be in the mountains.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Harding Hideout...with friends!

We took our friends out to the Harding Hideout again this year. The kids love being able to bring their friends. We had a good time. There were frogs, lots of them - so much, in fact, that we had to tell the kids they couldn't touch them anymore. I hope they were playing dead, and not really dead. Ooops. They always have fun on the slide, swing, and in the water. Its really important for me that my kids have great friends. I think so many of the choices you make as a teenager are determined a lot by your friends. I am so happy of the friends my kids have chosen and who they love to spend their time with. We had a good day together, and everyone left a bit early, which gave us time to sit and talk to my grandma and grandpa. Definitely a good day!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

IM Flash summer party

Troy works at IM Flash Technologies. Every summer, they have a huge catered BBQ and carnival as well as an open house to learn about what he does at his job. The party is for friends and family of the employees. I think this year we requested 30-40 tickets. We have lots of family and friends! It was really fun. We all ate and then Troy took us through his work. They were making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. They also froze a red rose with it and allowed Jake to smash it and we watched it shatter into a million pieces. It was awesome! The kids - especially Kinlee, were super excited to try a clean suit on. Whenever Troy has to go into the fab - he has to wear the following gear. I am so grateful for Troy's job and his company. It has been a huge blessing for us to decide to make the switch from Intel. Troy says that the company as a whole is not as good as Intel, but that there is much more room for growth, promotions, and raises in this company. It's now been 5 years, and we are very grateful. Until next year, friends and family...and if you didn't get an invite, and want one - let us know!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lucas comes to visit.

Mike and his family came to visit this summer. The kids were so excited to play with Lucas, and meet their new cousin, Matias. We spent a day at Papa & Grammy's playing in the hot tub, on the slip and slide, and Maria and I spent an hour filling up water balloons that lasted no more than 5 minutes. The kids had fun just playing. It was so fun. In these photos - you can see Michael, being what we like to call - Uncle Howard. Ask anyone - way worse than Uncle Buck! We also went to Wheeler Farm to see the animals. It was so hot we had to get popsicles. We even managed smores and fireworks and the highlight - glow sticks. Pretty sure Lucas ate more sugar this 2 days than he has his whole life! Before they left - we tried to get a photo of all the grandkids for my mom. As you can see - nobody wantd to cooperate! We had so much fun while they were here. We wish they could move here!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Random summer events...

Daxton and Jake were dressing up for the neighbor girls. Not sure why - but glad I caught it on camera! The two goof balls!

Troy and I found a Tepanyaki gift card and even though we knew it would be horribly expensive - we decided to take our kids to eat at Tepanyaki. First, I wanted to try an experiment. I told the kids we were going somewhere really nice for dinner, and they all needed to go get their very best clothes on. Well - unfortunately - this is what they came up with. Silly kids. This is the reason my kids have to get an 'okay' on outfits before they leave the house in the morning!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Six People | Twelve Times

Who doesn't love a great deal? Well - I may take the cake when it comes to finding deals. I really don't go searching - but I have a few friends (who shall remain nameless) who call me 'random'. I know of all sorts of random deals - and my family usually enjoys in the benefits/downfalls of these deals. This day, happened to be a free adult value meal if you dressed like a cow. Seriously? 6 free Value Meals at Chick-fil-a and all we had to do was wear white shirts and add black spots? SOLD - except for it was free. They had bounce houses and contests in the parking lot, and we saw friends and family there. We sat outside on a hot July night, and enjoyed just being together - and our free food. I had a Chick-fil-a worker snap my photo from my phone. Go ahead - enter it into the awkward family photos!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spudman Olympic Triathlon

This was my second year doing the Burley, Idaho Spudman - which is an olympic triathlon. This year was so much different. I wasn't worried or stressed at all. I have been consistently working out for the past year - and thought my body would for sure be ready. I didn't really 'train' for this triathlon - which I regret. I did a few bike rides, and ran a bit - but I didn't swim at all. I just took for granted my body being prepared to run this race. I talked my dad and Troy into running it with me this year. It was both of their first triathlons. Troy thought he was going to drown in the water - and my dad is looking into a road bike - instead of his bike - that made him take a lot longer on the ride than it should have. My goal was to beat my time last year - and I did it - by 12 minutes! I actually beat my time in every category - by a few minutes. The bike route was backwards from what it was last year - and was so hard for me - I chalk that up to my non-training. I should have gone on more bike rides! Even with it being so hard - I beat last years time by a minute or so! The race was not as spread out as last year - and on the bike, I was really worried - with the hordes of bikers - that I was going to wreck. I didn't, which was a relief! The run was hard for me again - but it was my stupid shin splints! I could barely walk when I got off the bike - and if you've ever had shin splints - they hurt so bad! Sometimes I don't think people believe me - but they totally do! To make myself run - I would sprint between telephones - it worked, and I made it to the finish line 12 minutes sooner than I did last year! I am so proud of that! I am proud of Troy and my dad for doing this also! It is a big accomplishment. I don't think I want to do it next year. The cost to do it adds up - and I am happy to just work out around home...we will see who can urge me to do it again! We will see...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Haley's summer...

Well, she's a spitfire. She found some roller skates in the garage that we meant to give her for Christmas but my hiding spot was too good for even me - so when Haley found them - it was a super find. She would wear these things to bed if she could! She has been enjoying summer. Some of her favorite things this summer are green popcicles, playing at Grammy's, falling asleep wherever she is (literally), and roller skating. We sure love this girl! Oh yeah...notice her knee pads. They are Ninja Turtle knee pads that she found in the dress up box. She won't skate without them!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kristin Starts Second Grade!

Kristin started the second grade on July 26. She was so excited to go back to school - even though her summer was only 3 weeks long! She is continuing in the Chinese Immersion program - and she continues to love every second! This school year - all of my kids will be at different schools. Kyle - Jr. High, Jake - a charter elementary, Kristin - Foothills Elementary, and Haley - preschool. Let's hope I've gotten all of my carpools figured out! With the track Kristin is on - she will go to school for 3 weeks, and then be off track for the next 3 - so even though she starts school - she will still have a little bit longer summer.