Wednesday, February 25, 2009

HELP! Please Vote!

Okay, I am putting this on my family blog, cause most of you actually know my kids, and I want your advice. I am getting a huge gallery wrapped canvas made (20x30). I want it to be fun, and just show my kids personalities. So, I am going to post my favorites on here, and I want you to leave a comment, and vote. Even if you've never commented before...PLEASE...VOTE!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Amazing Race

Okay, I did not know this was coming back on so soon! I missed the first episode - it was on last Sunday. I was SO mad...seriously, VERY POOR ADVERTISING! Anyways, to anyone else out there who happened to miss the first episode(it's one of the few shows you can't watch online) they are re-airing it Friday night on the Travel Channel. So, I can't wait until tomorrow night...just a heads up for those of you who missed it too! Set your DVR's now!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Logan and Abby

Logan is Troy's cousin from Virginia. Son of Delilas. One of the 'D' aunts. (All of my Father-in-laws siblings names start with a 'D'. There are more than 7 kids - Troy doesn't know the exact count, but says there are more than 7 - correct him if he's wrong) Delilas saved us when Haley was born in Virginia. She had the other kids stay the night after my complicated C-Section. Logan was on his mission at the time. Now, he is engaged to the gorgeous Abby. They will be married in the Washington DC Temple in May. I am so lucky as to be the photographer. Troy and I will be headed out there the middle of May. I can't wait. Abby is living and finishing school in Virginia, while Logan is at BYU. She flew out for Valentine's Weekend, and we did their engagement shoot. They were a blast to hang out with for the afternoon. Here is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE picture in a long time. You can see more HERE.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


First of all, you'll be happy to know I survived the night - as well as my workout this morning - which surprisingly enough helped the soreness greatly. I did the same workout as Tuesday (maybe lifted a bit more weight). I even managed to run 1/2 a mile. I know, I know...sounds like small potatoes to some of you...but I feel great about it.

I love this kid...Kyle, I mean. I always feel really guilty sometimes for all the crap he puts up with being the oldest...Mom, Dad, did you feel like that with me? So much is expected of him - just because he's the oldest. He really is a great kid. Today, Jake was at a birthday party, and the girls had fallen asleep on the way home from dropping him off. So, it was just me and Kyle. He had found my iPod shuffle, and was listening to it, while re-writing his spelling words...(it is frustrating me, because he's doing plural words this week. It doesn't help to know the rules of turning a word plural if you don't know how to spell the word in the first place! Augghhhhh)...Anyways, I was cooking dinner, he was singing along with the ipod. That is MY iPod shuffle, that I work out with almost daily, I know every song on that thing...and I could not tell what song he was was so he is...he has a valentine. It's not me. It's Sydney - in his class. He doesn't know why she's his Valentine, but he's making a card...just for her...sniff...sniff...Troy had a "heart to heart" with Kyle tonight. He asked Kyle why he had a Valentine, and Kyle answered it was because he was bored. Troy told him to be careful and to use his brain. When you're bored, you do stupid things that get you into trouble. Troy then told Kyle about a time when he and the neighbor kid ripped down a fence...because (bottom-line) they were bored. He told Kyle how mad Grandpa Korth was. I asked what Grandpa Korth did, and Troy said that he told him to, "USE HIS BRAIN". Well, that phrase gets used around this house lots, and it's Troy that says it. Now I know where it comes from. Unfortunately, if history repeats itself, that phrase will only mean something to Kyle when he's telling his own son to "Use his brain".

After school, Kenny picked up the kids. He asked them how their day was, and this was Kyle's comment (if I'm getting it right...) It was a good week up until today. We had an assembly and I had to sit next to my Valentine. (Kenny asked what happened, or what she said) Kyle said, She didn't say anything to me. We didn't even talk.

I guess I can handle elementary school valentine's.

I made sugar cookies today. Yep, made them from scratch. Cut them out. Decorated them. AND had the kitchen completely clean by the time Troy got home from work. That is a miracle at our house. My kids usually make cookies with Grammy. I hate the mess, I hate all the cookies sitting around (cause I'll eat them). But, since my mom's out of town, I had to step up. The girls helped. The boys got to eat them. I only made 2 dozen hearts. Perfect. Oh, I happened to have edible markers, so the kids all decorated their plain sugar cookie, then I frosted it later. They were all happy.

Jake won a prize at school today. Apparently he came closest to guessing how many crackers were in a container during the book fair. So, guess what his prize was...a baggie of crackers and a Pokemon poster. Seriously. A handful of crackers? How about a book? Oh well, the girls ate the cracker, and Jake's just happy to have won something - even if it is a Pokemon poster.

That's my day. Well, a very few little parts of my day...the ones worth remembering...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm so sore...

...I'm scared I'll have to go the bathroom in the middle of the night.

...It takes a few steps from sitting down to be able to stand completely upright.

...I tried to stretch, and it hurts so bad, I can't.

...I can't pick up anything off the floor, so my house is a mess. (great excuse, right?)

...stairs...sigh...hate them.

I got the go-ahead to resume my normal workouts from my foot doctor. Well, let me tell you that having a huge boot on your foot for 2 months, does nothing for your physique(even if you've STILL been going to the gym and biking and doing arm weights - I guess my arms aren'tn sore today). AND, your body DOES NOT remember what it used to be able to do. Tuesday morning, I put myself through a rigorous full body weight lifting program. I even ran on the treadmill for 1/4 of a mile before it was time to leave. Boy, am I paying for it now. I have been sore many times. Pretty sure not this bad. EVER. But, off to the gym again in the a.m. Seriously, I am NOT looking forward to it. Pray for me...that I can make it through the night without having to go to the bathroom!

(Oh, and check out my photog blog for pics of Donnarae (Troy's sis) and Jon for some sweet night-shots I took)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I forgot my personal favorite...

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My little girls...

Here are just a few of my favorites...I love these girls...xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Out and About...

Today was the first time I've left my house (other than the to and from school routine) in about a week. It felt so good to get ready, put make-up on, and head out! I had a foot Dr. appt - and you'll be glad to know, the piece of bone has fused to the rest of the bone...I don't have to wear my boot and I can start running again in 2 weeks. Thank heavens...I've got to get rid of the extra junk in my trunk. Running seems to be the thing that gets it gone...I've been biking for a few months, and it is just not the same...

Anyways, we are heading to Vegas in a few weeks for the weekend, and I thought for V-Day, I would get my kids new swimming suits. So, I headed to Old Navy. I actually prefer purchasing them this early, because they still have the cute modest girls tankini's in stock. The boys are in desperate need of new jeans, so I got them each a pair. Oh, and a $3 shirt for Troy that I'm certain he will hate. It's a long-sleeved tee for only $3. He can deal with the design, right? (It's really not that bad - it's just NOT BYU) Nothing for me (due to comment above) As I'm checking out the check-out girl, I'm hoping is in college - if not she should really enroll, says to me, "So, how many kids do you have?" She must be noticing all the swimsuits. I tell her 4 - I only have the girls with me - and this is what she says. I'm TOTALLY serious, she really said this:

"So, how is that for you!?"

Seriously, did she really want an answer from me?

So, I said, "It's great." As I gave her an incredulous look. What was I going to say? I hate them all, and especially hate shopping here for them. WOW...the comments that come out of people's mouth.

I also heard this one the other day. I was with a friend who had just had a miscarriage, and we were discussing it in line at the store. Someone overheard the conversation, and this is what they piped in, "Well, at least you won't have a deformed baby." Seriously? I'm SURE that made her feel all better inside. When I had my miscarriage before Haley I HATED when people commented like that. It doesn't make it better. In your head you KNOW the medical benefits/reasons your body miscarries, but it's definitely not comforting. Ever since, I am sure NOT to make stupid comments like that. Bottom line - it sucks and I'm sorry anyone ever has to go through it. So, if you're ever tempted to make a stupid comment, change it to, "I'm sorry, that sucks." Trust me, there is NOTHING you can say to make it better. We actually both laughed about it in the car...but seriously...stupid comments are even better from complete strangers...

Stay tuned...I took a few pics of the girls this morning. It was cold and they didn't want to go outside, so I don't have high hopes...but in case you wanted to see the 2 cutest girls ever tune in later...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Spelling Update...

Okay, LOVING When Kyle got home from school, he asked me to log on for him. I have him play 2 games, and then practice test. Yesterday, he got 11 out of 23 WRONG. Today, he only got 7 out of 23 wrong. That's quite the improvement in a 24 hour period...if you ask'm a believer...

The Draper LDS Temple

We took the kids to the Draper Temple Open House a few weeks ago. The kids LOVED it. I was really surprised. They have all asked if we can go back. We walked around, I showed Kristin where the bride and groom kneel (that was her FAVORITE room - although she doesn't want to get married in that temple, she wants to get married where "you and daddy got married".) Haley loved the baptistry - or where all the 'horses' are. They are really oxen, but she kept calling them horsies. Afterwards, they had refreshments, and artwork. It was really great. While the family was eating refreshments, I ran outside to see if I could get any photos. There were heated covered walkways set up all over, and from the angle I was at, this is as good as it got.
I didn't ever remember going through an open house of a temple before. My dad reminded me that I did go see the San Diego temple when we lived in Arizona. I remember we took a road trip to San Diego (all the youth) and I remember it being fun, but it was only after my dad told me I went, that I have ANY recollection at all of actually going to the temple...did I? Anyone? Trisha? Did we really do that? As a YW Leader now, it makes me feel horrible to only remember the fun ride and not the temple...hmmmm...

Monday, February 02, 2009

A few good finds...for moms...

1. Okay, Kyle's a crappy speller. He really is, he takes after his on the other hand, was a spelling bee champ! Anyways, I was telling my aunt last night, and she's a 6th grade teacher. She told me about this AWESOME website. Totally free. Anyways, it is:

You can register (for free) and put in your kids spelling words. Then, it gives your kids the options of playing games, doing practice tests, EVERYTHING with their spelling words.

I don't know about any of you, but when I am FORCING Kyle to do spelling, it just makes life horrible for the rest of the family. I can't wait for Kyle to come home with his spelling list tonight. I'm really hoping this helps.

2. I love fruit loop necklaces. There have been some crazy cereal sales here lately, so I've stocked up. One morning, Jake and Kristin were bored, and so I found a package of dollar store shoelaces and got out the fruit loops. Using the shoelaces works SO MUCH EASIER than yarn. I promise. It kept them busy for 2 hours! Naturally Kristin had made color patterns with hers, and Jake just put them on as fast as he could, so he could eat them. Kristin's cousin is over now, and they are at it again...I've got to replenish my shoelace supply the next time I'm at the dollar store!

That's it for now...just a few things that have made my life a bit easier the past week...Happy Mothering!