Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Good Morning Utah

Here is the link to one of the segments.

This was the second live segment they did. She picked Kristin up last minute, and didn't get her name, but she did call her a beautiful barbie princess. My favorite part was when she said that she was out of breath - after lugging Kristin around...HILARIOUS!

I am looking for the first one. The reporter is holding Haley in it. I'll post it if I can get it. If not, I have photos. The kids thought it was great! They keep saying that they're famous. Just out of the blue, Jake will look at Kyle and say, "We're famous." Interesting...neither Troy nor I told them that's what they would be, they just assumed since they would be on TV, that's what would happen...funny...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Trunk or Treat

On Saturday night, we crashed Kenny and Cherice's ward Trunk or Treat. The reason being: Troy is working on Halloween night, and both of my parents will be out of town - SO, I'm pretty much on my own. I thought if the kids got lots of candy at a Trunk or Treat - someplace that was safe, fast, happened to be warm, and easy to control my kids - they wouldn't be SO disappointed if we only made it to a few houses on Halloween night. So, the kids were done in about 8 minutes. Kyle wanted to be Zorro(he's never even SEEN Zorro). I feel bad for the kid, because he decided the night before Haley had her surgery, and we couldn't get him a costume for his school party soon enough (since he's off track during real Halloween), and I couldn't find a Zorro hat. So, he walks around with a black cape and a mustache. He told me, Mom, my costume is crappy. I felt pretty bad. Then, he said, I won't be Zorro, I'll just be a black man. I got a good chuckle out of that one. I promise, next year, he will have the BEST costume ever. None of my kids could possibly be having surgery...(keep all fingers and toes crossed). Jake is spiderman and takes his costume on and off at least 20 times a day. He's so dramatic, he runs around the house fully thinking he IS Spiderman. Jake will turn 5 in 2 weeks from tomorrow...I can hardly believe it...Kristin was EASY. She wanted to be a princess. So, she went down to the playroom and got a princess dress, and is completely happy wearing it. She doesn't care if it's new, or anything. LOVE that girl. Haley is a strawberry. Leftover from Kristin. She sure is a cute little strawberry. Here are a few pics I got at the trunk of treat. I LOVE my camera. It even took great pictures in the dark! Here is a photo of Haley sitting in the back of Kenny and Cherice's car.

Here is a picture of the kids on the grass outside of the church. They're still really funny, because so many kids were going around and around and getting so much candy. After 5 minutes, they said, we're done, let's go home! I was all for that! Just for the record, this is the first year that my kids had crappy costumes...I will try my darndest not to repeat it!

OH! A family in our ward apparently has an incredible amount of Halloween decor(they just bought a hearse - just for decor), SO, someone nominated them to have a live show on Halloween morning from Good Day Utah. They are in need of neighborhood kids to go hang out at their house at 5:45 am and they will be on TV. So, I figured I would take the kids - crappy costumes and all. It will be all the festivities Troy will be able to attend on Halloween, so if you have DVR, record or watch Good Day Utah (not sure what channel - or even if it's called Good Day Utah) and watch for us. We were told they would do 4 live feeds between 6-7am on Halloween morning. For those of you outside of Utah, I will post the link from the station so you can see us, in all our splendor - after the fact. When we told Jake he was going to be on TV, he said, "YEAH! Arwen will be able to see me." We had to explain to him that she wouldn't, because only people in Utah will see it. So, we'll have to try to put it on the blog - just for Arwen. WARNING: I am dressing up in a robe - over my clothes. It's warm and an excuse not to be completely put together at 5:45am. (Does anyone NEED an excuse not to be put together at 5:45am?) Have a Happy Halloween!

Oh, an update on Haley. She had a fever for a few days, and then I noticed on Sunday, this horrible rash all over her. We don't bathe our kids everyday, cause their skin is still getting used to dry Utah, so I don't know how long she's had it(it couldn't have been more than 24-48 hours. I do change her onesie quite frequently). I know, that sounds bad, but she really is clean - most of the time. I wasn't worried about the rash, many times before my kids have had viral rashes/fevers. (Dont' worry, I know what to watch for) I just let it run it's course...come on, I can't pay another Co-Pay! I could handle this on my own! I didn't notice the rash today. She did learn this new cry. It's REALLY irritating. Troy thinks it's funny...but he didn't have to hear it all day - she kind of adds a growl to it - just to emphasize her irritation of not being held. Oh, Haley learned how to go DOWN stairs. It's awesome. She's been going up the stairs for quite sometime. She's been pretty smart and has stayed away, not even trying to go down. We've been trying to teach her. She's still really nervous, but she does good. With how our house is, I was worried I was going to have to buy 5 more gates. But, not stressing, and teaching her how, was much better! Now, I have nothing to worry about. I'm pretty sure ALL of my kids have fallen down a flight of stairs AT LEAST once - so, I'm sure Haley will take her turn.

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Amazing Race!

I just saw an advertisement that the Amazing Race starts on Sunday, November 4th! YEA! We have DVR, and never see commercials anymore! I thought in case other of you are like us, you may want to know. For those of you who haven't seen it, it's the greatest show ever! I'm not a huge fan of reality, but this is great! Just an FYI...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Service Auction

Definition I found of service online: work done by one person or group that benefits another

First of all, disclaimer: I don't know who in my ward reads my blog. This post is not meant to be offensive...

We had the RS Service Auction tonight. I was so excited to go, LeeAnn even watched my kids. I have been to auctions in the past, that people gave SO much of themselves. Like 4 hours of house cleaning, etc. When I got here tonight, I was a little in awe. They had people bring what they were offering as service. Such things were: buckets of candy bars, sewn doll clothes, stacks of cards, babysitting, a family photo shoot (from yours truly), bracelets, babysit kids while you go to the temple (which, ironically, NO ONE bid on!), brownies, organize a closet, etc.

Okay, most of the things didn't seem like a service to me. I mean, cards are great! And it would probably be different, if you offered to make someones Christmas Cards, or Baby announcements for them, instead of just bringing random cards. I would like your take on this, because I walked away feeling like we all just exchanged goods. Now, is that service? I just don't know. I came away with 3 hours of babysitting (from a YW), 2 bracelets, and a plate of brownies. The babysitting is definitely service in my opinion...but the others?

It was a great night anyways. Any night away is a great night! I enjoyed getting to know my ward better. I can't believe we've almost been here a year. I hardly know anyone! (I feel like, I know names, just not faces that go with names) It was a fun enrichment, because it allowed me to get to know people. I was just a bit taken back by the service aspect. And who knows, maybe it wasn't advertised to be a service auction, just an auction(I'm in Primary, what do I know?)...I would love all insight...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Off Track

For the past - almost 3 weeks now, WOW - I have tried to have a TV ban. Of course, Troy doesn't think it pertains to him. I still watch TV, but only after the kids are in bed. It was hard the first few days, but we've all gotten used to it. When Mason was here, it wasn't enforced as much. We watched movies. Which is fine...that's what the kids should have it for - special occasions. Anyways, the way we work it is this: for every book the kids read during the week (Kyle has to read books to Jake and Kristin) they get 5 minutes of TV time that can be used on Saturday. Kyle really needs practice reading. Some evenings, we'll have a movie night but we've been doing pretty good. I am amazed at how much less the kids bicker and argue! I told Troy it's because I removed some evil from our home. I have always been skeptical about when people say they're going to stop watching TV. I am definitely not saying never, but we are definitely cutting back, and it has proved to be GREAT!
Kyle went off track last week. He is always so bored when he's off track. This time, Erin brought Mason up to stay with us for a few days. She had a girls weekend in SLC, and so Mason stayed with us. Erin came a day early and stayed with us a night. One afternoon, Erin, Troy, and I were dying for a nap. So, we built the kids this fort...the things we'll do for a nap (not even a nap, just to lay down and not be bothered!)...notice how it's attached to the ceiling fan...I'm ingenious! ;)
Here are Mason, Kyle, and Daxton playing with their Nintendo DS.
Jake and Kristin are on C Track, so they still have preschool. While Jake was at preschool, Kyle and Kristin were playing with the Magnetix. They are the greatest things EVER! If you don't have them, it is a definite MUST for Christmas! Kyle said, "Mom, come see our cow." I did. I was SO impressed! I thought this looked a heck of a lot like a cow! CRAZY!
Notice that it's a happy cow, with "gutters".
Well, if you thought Haley was in the clear, think again. I had set up my new photography stuff in the living room, and was trying to get some good shots in. I took this one of Haley, and then I picked her up. I couldn't figure out why she was crying. Turns out she had a fever. We gave her some Tylenol, and about an hour later, she vomitted EVERYWHERE! She has been so fussy! Hardly eaten at all today - not good for her! So, I called the doc...just wanted to make sure she didn't get an infection or something from her surgery last week. They suspect it's just the flu. But seriously, can the girl catch a break? She has had 1 problem after another since birth! It's not even winter yet! Poor's hoping to a good and quick recovery!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stake Conference

Today we had Stake Conference. It was a multi-stake conference that included 107 stakes. Our stake was lucky to be invited to the Conference Center, where President Hinckley was presiding and spoke to us all. We have been trying to decide if we should go all week, or just go to a Stake Center to watch it. Taking 4 kids to the presence of the Prophet, seemed daunting. I have just had the feeling, that we need our kids to have this experience. It turns out, it was probably more for myself. I have to say, it was an incredible experience. I have never been to the conference center - when anything was going on - and I have never seen our Prophet - other than on TV. Raquel and Eric are in our stake, and they got there before us and saved us seats. We were on the lower level. As we were sitting there waiting, the doors to the left opened up. All of a sudden, the congregation was on their feet. I could only assume the Prophet had just entered the room. (As I'm typing this, tears are clouding my eyes.) As I hurried and looked around the people in front of me, to see if I could see the Prophet, I saw him. Little, cute, a little hunched over, with someone guiding him by his elbow, to his seat. When he got to his seat, he sat down. The seat was a bit low, and it seemed he kind of fell the last few inches. As soon as he was situated, he waved his hand to the congregation, telling them to sit down. His signal gave an heir of "I don't know why you stood in the first place". I was trying to show my kids, and point him out. The rest hymn was "We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet" that I will admit, I sang as loud and good as my little heart, and horrible voice could manage. President Hinckley has this feeling of love. He's so calm and loving. When it was his turn to speak, he spoke about marriages. About how the husband should allow his wife to discover and learn her talents and about how wives should love their husbands, be happy, and dress up a bit. (I am paraphrasing, and it doesn't sound the greatest coming from me.) Be happy and enjoy the times we have together. I wish I could say I could hear all of what he said. I would love to read what he spoke - it was awesome, and in regards to all the divorces that he has to sign off on. I was standing up in the back with Haley. It made me want to be a better wife!

After conference, since we were down there, we headed over to the SL Temple (where Troy and I were married almost 10 years ago!). I, of course, brought my camera. It was bitter cold, and I couldn't take a family picture, but I got one of all the kids. I was talking to Kristin about the temple, and how we are sealed forever. So, she asked me that if she died, would I miss her? I told her that I don't want her to die, and that I would miss her, but that if she did, she would have lots of family who love her and would watch out for her until I got there - because we are sealed to our family. She seemed good with that. She's been wanting to meet Grandpa Jimbo. A few minutes later, she asked, "Mom, do you want to come and see me in heaven?" I told her that after she's a grandma, she can go to heaven, until then, I will see her now. I love the sweet innocence of kids. I am also grateful of my testimony, and of the plan of salvation. I know who I am, why I am here, and where I am going. It seems like such a simple sentence - and it all really is that simple.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Well, it was unanimous (basically). Our website name will be (and bookmark it due to it's longness):
Hopefully it will be up and running within 2 weeks!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I need your vote!

Erin and I are trying to decide between 2 domain names for our photography website. Please vote and tell me what one you like. We really want to keep it a part of our other business (will make business things/taxes easier). We don't want it to sound too foofooey. Most of the domain names we really liked are taken, so vote and tell me which one you like out of these 2! THANKS.

#1: (I know, it's long, that's our hang up, but does that matter?)
#2: (I would really like the word photography to be in the domain name - that's my hang up about this one!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Haley's big day!

Today was the day for Haley's surgery. We arrived at the hospital at about 7:30 this morning. After a quick exam, making sure she was healthy to go through the surgery, they took her in at about 9:30. Troy and I walked to the waiting room, and within 8 minutes, the doctor was in talking to us telling us how it went! I was amazed at how fast it was. In fact, when I saw him, I said, "You're finished already?" When they had examined Haley's ears before surgery, they told us they were completely clear. During surgery, they suctioned out a TON of crap out of one of her ears. I am so glad we got this done. Hopefully it will save her pain, and me sleep and co-pays. A few minutes after the doctor told us how surgery went, they called us back to see Haley. They don't let us see her until after she wakes up from the anasthesia. As we were walking back, I told Troy that I didn't think she was awake, because I couldn't hear her screaming. Well, we found her and she was happy, content, and drinking glucose water (which she LOVED). The nurses said she didn't cry once. She's such a sweet girl. (Kristin got tubes in at 4 months old, and was a BEAST coming out of anasthesia!) The nurses said that as soon as she finished her bottle of glucose, we could leave. We're talking about Haley, so in 3 minutes, we were ready to leave - she guzzled that stuff. We were home at about 11:20. She fell asleep on the way home, and slept until about 2:30. Then she took another nap from about 5-7, and went to bed at 8. We were told it takes about 24 hours for the anasthesia to completely leave her body. It was a nice quiet afternoon. One of her ears is oozing a ton tonight, so we'll see how it is in the morning. I of course took photos. Here are the before:I thought this picture was hilarious! She is such a happy girl...even moments from being taken away from us (literally - in a hall) and taken to surgery.

It's a good think she has her thumb! I've got to figure out how to get rid of it though...before her top teeth come in...any suggestions?

The after photos:

She just kept rubbing her eyes, and she guzzled 3 of those bottles! I think she liked that it was a perfect size for a one hand hold. I love this picture, because she looks so chubby. I am not worried about her at all now. I kind of think she's growing out of the allergic to milk thing. And, it helps that we're feeding her fattening things that normally we wouldn't (per the docs...not to worry). I can't believe she'll be 1 next month! Where did the past year go? It was a whirlwind!

Anyways, that's the breakdown of her big day. Thanks to Kenny and Cherice who woke up EARLY to watch Kyle and Kristin until their school started. To Heidi for watching Kristin after preschool for a few minutes, and thanks to my mom for letting Jake sleepover! Also, thanks to those who were thinking of us and praying for us. It was nice not being stressed out about what we were going to do with the kids. I remember with Kristin's, we got less than 24 hours notice, and it was a nightmare trying to find a sitter. I'm pretty sure I had a breakdown (I was nervous about the surgery, and then it happened so soon) Sarah ended up doing it, but she was WAY pregnant, and I felt bad! THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!

Once again, I am SO grateful we were just there for tubes. We saw many kids in our few hours there today. A brain shint replacement, club foot, tonselectomy, heart problems, etc. It is a reminder to be grateful for our trials.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Hadley's

These are the Hadley's. I worked with Dave and Teresa about 9 years ago! Teresa called and asked me to take their family photos, and I was so flattered! Her asking me, was the push to start my own photography business. (New website is being created as I type - link to come soon!) I took their photos this weekend. They are such a cute family! The girls were so well-behaved and just so sweet! These are some of my favorites! My favorites sometime aren't what the families favorites are. Thanks Teresa! (I would have added a few more, but Blogger is being dumb and not letting me upload stuff...)

Monday, October 15, 2007


Haley is having surgery on Wednesday. She is getting tubes put in her ears. Poor kid, can anything else be wrong with the girl? She also has nurse maid's elbow (thanks to Kristin). Nurse Maid's Elbow is when the forearm bones come out of joint, and a tendon gets in the way when they try to go back to how they are supposed to be. It's very painful. The doctor can just pop it back in, or if Haley moves it just the right way, it will pop back in. Kristin was sitting next to Haley in the car and yanked on her arm. I thought it was broken. I was up all night with Haley, trying to hold her and not move her arm. By morning, she had popped it back in herself. A few days later, Kristin did the same thing. Needless to say, Kristin has been banished. To the back seat. She goes around telling people she's been banished. I'm sure Troy and I have gotten some odd looks lately!
We went to Primary Children's Hospital today to meet with the ENT (ear nose throat doctor) about Haley's ears. He decided to put tubes in on Wednesday. Poor girl, she has just had ear infections non-stop since August. They weighed her, and with a wet diaper, and all her clothes on, she weighed almost 16 lbs! I am guessing she really weighs about 15 1/2! That's pretty good! Here she is falling asleep with Troy. The past week, she has a rough time falling asleep, so she lays with us on the couch. Don't worry, it's not going to become a habit, but the poor girl is sick! In our book, anything goes regarding sleep when they're sick.
After being at Primary's this morning, I have to say how grateful and blessed I feel for my family being in good health. We could all be dealt a much more difficult hand!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Basketball and Friends

On Monday night, we got a call from Miller (aka James). He grew up with Troy. Funny story: Our senior year of high school, he was introduced to me as Miller. We were in a pretty close knit group, and one day, someone started calling him James. I couldn't figure out why they were calling him that. Turns out that was his real name. I guess at an overnight scout camp, the guys gave each other beer names (yes, I know, great thing to do at scout camp) and he got stuck with Miller, and it literally stuck. I really don't know him as James, it still sounds funny to me! I'm pretty sure his mom hates the name Miller. Anyways, he called and said he was going to be in town from Logan. Wanted to know if he could stop by on Tuesday night. Of course, we were all for it! We cancelled a few plans (totally worth it) and contacted a few of Troy's other friends to see if they could come over too. It would be an official last minute breaking in of the basketball court. Well, Scotty and Clint (hello, where has he been? haven't seen him since Scotty got married) both played on the BBall team with Troy their senior year, and Miller showed up. We ordered pizza and they played outside on the court. Scotty brought his son, Jones. Jones had a great time playing with Kristin in the playroom. Needless to say, he did not want to leave and shed a few tears come bedtime. The guys decided we should try to do a Halloween party. We scheduled one, and hopefully many can come! Here are a few pictures I took.
They play this game called tip-in (I think, once again, excuse my bball lingo - or lack of it). It can get pretty physical. I think that's why they enjoy it. What is it with boys? Anyways, it was so great to see Troy having fun with his friends. (and my friends too!) Thanks Doug and LeeAnn for parting with the hoop!
Dori asked for before pics. Here they are!
(I got these photos out of the yearbook - this one was on a seam)
I think this was taken on the above mentioned campout. From left to right: Scotty, Miller, Sam, Troy, Isaac#55 Clint, #34 Troy, #40 Scotty

From left to right: Miller (James), Troy, Scotty, Clint
These are a GREAT group of guys! I hope they come play more often - with or without an invitation! I also PRAY my boys can have such good friends when they're older.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Post stolen from Kenny and Cherice on the Korth Family Blog (it's private...sorry! ;)) Anyways, I had to post this...My type is the red, Cherice or Kenny (my bet is on Cherice) wrote the white type:

Kenny took Daxton and Kyle fishing tonight at the Herriman Cove Pond. The boys wanted to keep the fish alive, so they made Kenny put water in the cooler where they kept them. They would check on them and liked when they would flip around and splash them. The fish are now all cleaned and in the freezer. Kyle wouldn't hold his fish through the gills, but had to take them home to show his dad, (much to Jen's displeasure). I hate dogs, what on Earth would make you think I like fish? And, when Troy called tonight, and I told him about the fishing excursion and told him that we had fish in our freezer, he was just as displeased as I was. Troy and I are not fish eaters, fish catchers, or fish touchers. Maybe we'll have to have the Owens' cook them and make Kyle eat it.

When Jake heard that he missed a fishing trip, he was a bit distraught, so he called my dad and my dad has now promised to take him fishing. It's a good thing we moved here, so our kids could have a feel at outdoors-id-ness. THANKS KENNY! I have a feeling those fish are going to meet quite a few people until they mysteriously disappear one night! ;)

The greatest product...

Okay, this thing is MY FAVORITE product! It is the sweeper + vac. This is awesome. You can put a dry swiffer cloth on it, and it vacuums up the larger stuff (yes, a whole cheerio) and traps the dust in the cloth. I have also been putting a wet swiffer cloth on it, and mopping and sweeping the floor at the same time. (I go through about 3 wet cloths to do my whole floor, but it's worth it.) Also great for spot cleaning. Your floor will still need a good cleaning about once a month, depending on how messy your kids are. Anyways, it is heaven. Especially since I have a little girl who LOVES to throw mashed up cheerios and crackers on the floor! I hate getting out the broom and dustpan. I probably get this out 3 times a day. You just plug it in, and it charges. It cost about $27. And it has probably been the best $27 I've spent. Anyways, just a little "heads up" to all my busy mom friends out there!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Bro, David

I got an email from my brother, David, this morning. He seems to be doing quite well. He is living in Korea for a year, teaching at a very prestigious school. He had a fellowship to UC Irvine to get his doctorate, but got it put on hold for 1 year to go to Korea. He'll be able to pay off his student loans in full upon his arrival home next September. He says in Korea kids go to school for like 18 hours a day. They go to normal school, and then their parents pay for this expensive after-school, school, that goes until about 10:00pm. That is where David is teaching. David went to Nationals (and I think won) in Debate for Cal State Long Beach, so he is there teaching debate, and whatever else they want him to teach. He said yesterday, he worked with kids Kyle's age on literature, or something. (Sorry, David, I may be way off...You'll have to write things for me to post that are more accurate.) He said he asked for 1 day off in November, and they looked at him like he was crazy. He said he works very hard and long hours! This is from his email: I taught some kids a little older than kyle the other day and it reminded me of him and your kids. i feel bad for the kids here, they have to work so hard. its normal to see young kids around 8,9, or 10 on the subways late at night without any adults. i also see them playing in the park even after midnight. they don't have the same sense of time here. also, it much safer than in the US. kidknappings, murder, theft, sexual abuse,etc. are all very very rare here. kids respect all adults as if theywere their parents. they just laugh at me though, especially when i try to speak korean. I have learned the korean writing system and can say a few phrases but I don't have much time to study.
Anyways, I just wanted those of you who would like to know what he's up to, to know. That means his brothers and probably parents for that matter. David's never been one to keep in contact with family - so I'll try to keep us all posted!

Oregon Friends

I took our friends pictures this week also! It too, was a difficult shoot. Their little girl smiled all of 2 times. She's so stinking cute though! She almost dove into a stream a few times! Here are a few of my favorites.

The Owens' Family

I took Kenny and Cherice's family pictures on Monday evening! Between Kinlee, Makenna, and Kenny (yes, Kenny - he kept looking at his kids) it was almost impossible to get a good family photo - Or so I thought during the shoot! They ended up turning out really good. Here are a few that I really liked...I do have to say, I have the cutest nieces and nephews around!
I LOVE this last one. It pretty much sums up the Owens' family. They're a bunch of goof balls! I think this is the one they should frame! Love you guys! Thanks for letting me practice!


My mom has been planning to take Kristin to the mall. When my two teenage cousins, Megan and Stacie, came to visit my mom, my mom took them to the mall, and Kristin tagged along. Kristin thought the mall was FANTASTIC! She has been begging to go back ever since. So, my mom found a cheap little purse on sale, and bought it for Kristin for their "mall" trip. Sunday night, my mom gave the purse to Kristin, and she was so excited! Troy reminded her, that just because you have a purse, doesn't mean you have money. Kristin pondered on this for awhile. Later on in the evening, she was telling my dad all about what her and grammy were going to do at the mall. She said, "...and I'm going to take my purse, but we're going to use Grammy's money, cause she has some in her purse." They both thought that was pretty funny. Too bad it's no longer funny if me or my brothers say it!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Pig Tails

We had our first try at pigtails today. This picture isn't the greatest...My lighting wasn't great, but I had to post her little pigtails. And her dimple sure is cute!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Spots in your eyes...

Okay, lately, I've told a few people about this "trick" that I remember my parents doing to us when we were little, and so we've done it with our kids. Here it is (Warning: it may be a Peterson thing...nobody else has heard of it - as of yet...):

You know how kids are FAMOUS for "crying wolf", or blaming things on siblings, or flat out telling little lies? Well, when I was little, my dad (I remember my dad doing it more than my mom) would always say to me, "Okay, if you're telling the truth, let me see if you have any spots in your eyes." (If you have spots in your eyes, that means you are lying.) The great part about this, is kids don't realize that there are no such things as spots in their eyes, but they do know that they lied, so naturally, they don't want you looking in their eyes to check. So, they won't let you look. Kristin is FAMOUS for this. The second I ask to look in her eyes, she slaps both hands over her eyes and refuses to let me look. Obviously, she's lying and has "spots" in her eyes. When she is telling the truth, she is SO excited to have us look in her eyes and see no spots. So, it works both ways, and it's GREAT! Naturally, when they have spots in their eyes, we have a little talk about lying. But, it sure helps me figure out what's been happening, and who's done what! (I know the irony of it...but at this point, anything helps...they'll appreciate it when they're parents, right?)

Just a little trip down memory lane and also a "Jen's Helpful Parenting Tip".

I couldn't resist posting this picture of Haley. She is getting so chubby(for our standards). She has actually hit the 15 lb. mark. She is a little over 10 months now. We went to the boys soccer games today all bundled up! There's something so cute about a baby in a stocking cap! Erin actually gave Haley this stocking cap when she was born, and it still fits (although a little snug).

Friday, October 05, 2007

More photos...

Okay, more pictures...Erin happened to snap a few shots of Kristin during our family shoot. She just emailed them to me today. I think they are so cute!

So, we got up Sunday morning, and immediately left for Las Vegas. We couldn't go to church, because it was the Primary Program during Sacrament Meeting, and since I thought we were originally going to be in San Diego, I had already told the Presidency my kids wouldn't be there. That same week, we gained about 40 new primary kids, so I didn't want them to have to scramble and find parts for my kids...okay, long story, anyways, before we left for Vegas (a 6 hour drive) I put curlers in Kristin's hair, because I knew we were taking pictures. I always put the green ones in the back, and pink in the front. Well, (I didn't know this at the time) but the whole way down there, she kept pulling out the green ones, and when we got to our hotel, I got her out of the car and noticed most of the ones in the back were in her seat, she looked at me and said, "I only like pink ones." Grrrrr....Oh well, you can't tell in the pictures that the back is flat! From now on, I'll only do pink...She did pretty good with those curlers in her hair for the most part! It couldn't have been that comfy.
Here is one I took of the boys, together, on the verge of wrestling...I am putting a black and white one on here, as well as the color...just so you can see the difference...
Here is my Haley. We had to wake her up to take the pictures, and she was perfect as long as we were holding her, but when I sat her on the rock by herself, she didn't like that so much. Here is her pouty, on the verge of crying, face...I LOVE IT! :)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

We're home...

Well, we're home from our short little vacation. It's always so nice coming home, but there is also that reality kicking you in the butt. I had so much work to catch up on, it's ridiculous. I often wonder if vacations are even worth it, because I get so behind...

It was so nice being away, even from callings. I have 2 callings. A primary teacher, and Troy and I are Scout leaders over the Wolves in our ward. We have 13 boys now. (We just had a boundary change) I do have to say, scouting is not my favorite thing. I am going to put my 2 cents in about scouting, and you can agree, or disagree. There isn't much I can do about it, but what I'm called to do, but I do have a few observations.

1. I don't think scouts should have anything to do with church. Why? Because then SOME parents don't want to be involved. They figure it's someone else's calling to make sure their kid gets badges, they just drop their kids off, and pick them up. Also, Kyle isn't even in scouts yet. I would rather be in scouts when he's in scouts so that we can do things together. Kids who are in scout troops (non lds troops) want to be there. Their parents want to be involved, and they are.
I really am trying my best to excel in my calling. But, I have to depend on leaders who don't necessarily want the calling, nor do they want to excel in their calling, so that makes it hard also. It also gives me unwanted drama.
2. I hate calling parents to remind them EVERY week about scouts. If you want your kid to go, shouldn't that be on your calendar? Should someone really have to call (I also send out an email that nobody replies to)?
3. Having 13, 8 year old boys, along with my own 4 kids, makes scouts a little (okay, who's kidding who) CRAZY every week!
4. I really do like the boys. They are funny, silly, and most of them really want to be there! Some of them are so excited about passing things off and getting beads - they're the kids that make it worth it!

I know that I have this calling for a reason. I may not know what that is at this point and may never know, but I'm plugging along. Troy loves it!

Well, back to work. It's midnight. A few more hours to go! I probably caused more scout drama with this post, but it's my blog. These are my feelings and I hope I didn't offend anyone (who am I kidding - unfortunately, that's what I do best).

Monday, October 01, 2007

I forgot...

I forgot to brag about Troy for a minute. He planned something for my birthday. I know, some of you may be thinking, why are you blogging about this? Here's the scoop...

On Thursday afternoon, Troy called and got tickets to dinner and a play(The Sound of Music) in Provo, lined up a babysitter (confident, he got the tickets first - Thanks Beau and Allisun, and Cherice too, oh, and my parents for letting Jake spend the night!) for Friday night, for my birthday. What's the big deal? This is the FIRST time in 10 years of marriage, that Troy has planned something, lined up a sitter, bought the tickets, had everything taken care of for any event! I KNOW! MIRACLES HAPPEN! I don't think he got the reaction from me that he would have liked, but I think I was just stunned! I really was so happy and excited about it - even though my reaction was probably deer in the headlights. Troy is famous for thinking of things, and then telling me about them, but never carrying it out. For example: he told me he was going to get a cake and have a surprise party for me after RS Conference Saturday night. He told me Friday night he was thinking of doing it, and then never did. Beau and Allisun happened to be there when Troy told me about the idea that he wasn't going to do, so they brought a cake over Saturday night! (THANKS by the way!)

So, we had a fun night out on Friday night for my Birthday. I have come to realize, that it doesn't matter what we do, for a night out, just a night out and alone is a celebration in itself! So, I think we're going to try to go to little plays more often. Anyone in?


I hate these things. (No offense, Allisun...) Let me clarify...I hate doing them, but I enjoy reading them about other, here goes...

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I had just turned 20, was going to Bakersfield College, working at Flying J, and getting ready to marry Troy

What were you doing 5 years ago?
I had just turned 25. I was a month from having Jake. It was pretty close to the time I had a complete breakdown trying to sew a dumb blanket for a humanitarian service was then that I realized it was better to be blatantly rude and say no and that just because you're a member of the Relief Society does not mean you can sew. (Thank heavens to the Nelson's who helped me finish the dumb blanket...I feel bad for the poor person who received mine...) Anyways, if you didn't catch that...If someone says they are bad at sewing...believe them and don't guilt them into contributing to a humanitarian service project... Troy trembles whenever I mention pulling out a sewing machine...

One Year Ago. . .We were in Virginia. Doug and LeeAnn were visiting, and we went to Ocean City, MD, and had a SUPER time!

Yesterday. . . I turned 30. Drove to Vegas, took family photos, went to a park with Fonnesbeck's...FUN!

5 snacks that I enjoy. . .
Oh, it depends on the mood.
1. Brownies are nice (on a Sunday evening usually)
2. Ritz crackers and cheese
3. ICE water (HAS TO BE SO COLD!)
4. Ben and Jerry's Berried Treasure Sorbet - YUMMY - and milk free!
5. Microwave popcorn (although I've heard it could kill me...)

Five things I would do with a million dollars...
1. Buy a bigger nicer house in a better circle (neighbors without dogs)
2. Take all of my family to Hawaii - and take family pictures on the beach (that means Erin and her fam would have to come too - I need a good photographer)
3. Buy Troy a nice car - blue, of course
4. Cruise Europe
5. Pay for all of my kids to go to college

Five places I would run away to. . .
1. Kauai
2. Erin's house
3. Greece (I LOVE Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie...)
4. New York City at Christmastime
5. ?????The beach, in a warm place...

Five TV shows I like...
These are my ALL TIME favorites
1. Alias
2. Friends
3. The Amazing Race
4. Seinfeld
5. Everybody Loves Raymond
6. Grey's Anatomy (my secret pleasure!)

Five things I hate...
1. Cleaning/Ironing
2. Running (I like to walk, and I even bought a book "How to be a Runner" but I just found out that I really HATE running)
3. Fish
4. Hiking
5. Animals (no, I'm definately not a member of PETA)

I didn't "TAG" anyone else...if you would like to do it, GREAT!

It's Official...

I'm old. I turned the big 3-0 yesterday. WIERD! Do I feel any different? No. Just another day. We headed off (with the fam) for a weekend trip to Vegas. My parents used their points and got us a fabulous condo. Complete with a full kitchen and jacuzzi tub! We have 3 nights here. I am excited to do nothing. Go to parks, go swimming, watch movies...just relax...kinda a make-up vacation from San Diego being cancelled. What did I do on my birthday(besides receiving tons of calls from family and friends)? One of my favorite things...get family pictures taken. We had a professional do it! (Thanks, Erin!) Well, the act of getting the photos taken is definately not my favorite, but I love having the photos! You'll have to wait and see the family one around Christmastime. I had her take a few of Troy and me. Since, in 1 month, we will have been married for 10 years! I keep thinking that there is no way the next 10 years can compare with the last.

In the past 10 years, I have:

been happily married

lived in 5 different states

gave birth to 4 beautiful kids - 2 being c-section

started 2 businesses (both flourishing)

bought a home

moved across the country - twice in 6 months

met and befriended so many great people

gained numerous brother and sister in laws

the list goes on and on...

Here is a photo of Troy and I.

Troy would like me to point out my smoking hot 'younger' husband. (His birthday is in December).

My kids have had a hard time with me turning 30. They can't figure out why I am 30, older than dad, but he is taller. They think that taller means matter how we try, they can't grasp the concept...all in time, right?