Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Bum Left Foot...

Well, my foot was healing enough that I was able to run a few mile stretches at a time. I was feeling pretty good about it, until the fateful night of December 23rd. We were downstairs at my parents house, playing the WII, my bro downloaded Mario Brothers 3 on it, and we were each taking turns - that's got to be the best game ever - when we all headed upstairs - maybe for dinner? My dad was right behind me, and as I was heading up the stairs, I tripped, my foot plowed into the back of the stairs, and my dad and I both heard a huge CRACK! It hurt my big toe and foot, and it hurt to walk. I figured it would go away soon enough, and went on with life. On Christmas Eve, it was no better. I had Cherice check it out, and she told me to go get an xray. Because of where it was on my foot, and the fact that I could bend my big toe - with not much pain - she thought it was more in my foot. On Christmas afternoon, I headed to the instacare, paid my $25 copay, and got an xray. Here it is:
It broke a piece off right at the joint of my toe and my foot. Technically, I broke my toe, but it really just hurts my foot. I have a shoe and a boot I'm supposed to wear. No, I didn't take my camera to instacare. I was given copies of the xray to take to a specialist I'm supposed to follow up with (No, I still haven't made the appointment - nobody seems to be working this week, it will have to wait until Monday). Apparently they need to make sure it heals correctly. Happy Healing to me...will I EVER get to run again? I know, can you believe I just said that? Whoever thought I would actually MISS running?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My favorite things about Christmas...

The tree...'s even better that Haley moved the stool to stand just in front of it, to check out the star. Yes, she had gone potty and those blasted panties are too difficult for her to get on by herself...I love this picture!

Christmas Cards...
...probably my FAVORITE part of Christmas. I love seeing the pictures of my friends families. My favorite cards are ones with family pictures in them. While I love to see my friends kids, I MOST want to see my friends! Beggars can't be choosers, so I will take them in any form! This is my pantry door. I tape them on - since this seems to be where we look the most!

Presents under the tree...
...Troy likes to see them mound up and up during the month. This year, we REALLY scaled back, and so we didn't have much under the tree - the standard underwear and socks.

...all the things Santa brought bathed in the light of the Christmas Tree...Oh, so magical. At times, I'm pretty sure I STILL believe in Santa. I love the magic of it all. Such a great part of my childhood! Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Christmas Movies...between ABCFamily, and the Hallmark Channel, I have been set. I love it all. The bad acting, cheesy plots, EVERYTHING. I would record and watch 1 a day, when the kids went to sleep at night. I don't like watching them after December, so I've got to hurry and fit in the last few I've got to watch in the next 2 days...aughhhh....not much time left...

Gifts...I love making gifts, giving gifts, but most of all, I like finding the PERFECT gift for someone. This year, I made bound albums for my brothers and parents of our Korea trip. I think they all liked them...I was worried that they wouldn't! I also got Troy a pair of BYU PJ Pants (we always do a PJ party on Christmas Eve at Troy's parents house). I also made an advent calendar for a few of my closest friends. Heidi posted a picture of it here. I made 8, and it literally took me 2 weeks to complete.

Peppermint Ice Cream. My friend, Camille introduced me to this YEARS ago. I am hooked. I can't even buy the stuff, or I'll eat all of it. I allowed myself to purchase 1 carton of it, but no more. It was a sad day when it was gone. The best is Dreyer's. Not the light stuff, either...YUM...YUM...

Monday, December 29, 2008


Last Monday, Troy turned 31! Troy hates celebrating birthdays, holidays, etc...I've definitely learned to live with it, and he has changed a lot since we've been married. He hates the whole retail part about holidays, and how you're expected to give people gifts, just because it's a certain day...I can see his point, but at the same time...I just don't think he grew up with holidays being a big deal?

Anyways, my brothers were all in town, and we went and saw Four Christmases, (funny, pretty raunchy(sp?) - NOT a fan of Vince Vaughn. Is it me, or does he play the SAME character in every movie he's in? I don't know much about acting, but wouldn't that be considered bad?) Anyways, afterwards we went to dinner at a Brazilian restaraunt. Thanks Mom and Dad. It was yummy. I'm pretty sure Troy has an empty leg - he couldn't get enough meat down his throat. It was definitely yummy. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU!

Catching up...

It seems I'm always trying to catch up! We have had a great Christmas Season! (Well, except for me wrecking the car, in which it cost $700 to fix...aghhhh!) The snow here has been OUTRAGEOUS! I'm pretty sure we have at least 2 feet of snow on our front lawn. ALL of my brothers (and Maria) have been in town, and it has been a blast! I don't really have many pictures of what we did, but it was mostly hanging out at my parents house. I guess I'll start where I left off...

I have an Advent Calendar that I made last year. And, I made a new one this year...anyways, it has fun activities that we do each day of December. A lot of them were simple, like watch a movie, deliver neighbor gifts, drive around and look at Christmas Lights...etc...One of them was decorating gingerbread men. Now, you know I'm too crappy of a mom to actually BAKE them, but they had this GREAT kit at Target for $5 I couldn't pass up. 12 gingerbread men, 4 packets of frosting...and the candy kind of activity. Here are the kids decorating...

Stay tuned...

Monday, December 15, 2008


Today really was a crappy day. It started at 12:01 am when Haley woke up every 30 minutes. Literally. She has been coughing and congested - with fevers off and on for the past few days. Never very high...but there just the same. So, I didn't go work out this morning - 5:45 am just didn't sound too good after being up most the night. I got Kyle out the door, got Kristin ready for ballet, and then got my work done, and called the doctor. They could get us in - at the exact moment Kristin was supposed to be at Ballet. I called my parents, and they met me at Ballet. My mom stayed with Kristin, and my dad took Jake to drop off some gifts at the Bishops Store for Christmas. The doctors office was as joyful as could be. Haley has had disgusting stuff in her ears for awhile - dried blood left over from her tubes a year ago - HARD wax - etc...the doc tried to get it all out - with MUCH wailing from Haley. The doc really thought it was asthma that was ailing Haley, so she wanted to give her a breathing treatment in the office, so she could hear her lungs before and after. Well...Haley wanted NOTHING to do with that. I spent all 10 minutes of the treatment trying to figure out how a 2 year old could be so squirmy and screaming and I didn't even have any other kids to worry about! The breathing treatment did the trick...looks like I'll be doing that at midnight tonight...On my way home, a volunteer that was to help in Jake's class that day, called and said she couldn't. I needed to fill in. UGH. I HATE being the room mother. I picked up the kids from my parents, ran home, got Jake chicken nuggets, and dropped him off at school. By this time, there was a HUGE snowstorm. Huge flakes, windy, yucky. I dropped the girls off at Heidi's, and went to the school to help in Jake's class. It's always frustrating to me, how I get there RIGHT on time, but it takes 15 minutes to get the kids doing what they're supposed to be doing. After that was done, I left. I picked up my girls, ran home, and then realized I needed to stop at the bank. Drop off a perscription, and get gas. So, I called Kenny and told him since I would be out, I would just pick the boys up from school. (It is still snowing at this point...) I ran my errands, picked up the boys, and dropped Daxton off. After dropping him off, I turned I normally do, and started SLIDING! The road hadn't been plowed, and I crashed into the curb. Hard. I'm surprised the air bags didn't inflate. So, I tried driving, and the car was going all crazy. I thought that maybe I popped my tire. No. I bent the rim all sorts of crazy. I called Kenny (since I was just down from his house). He came and checked it out, and we got my car and all the kids back to his house. I was there for 3 hours waiting for the tow truck, then once Troy got there, we had to take 2 trips home, cause we can't all fit in the car. I refused to drive Kenny and Cherice's car. I had just proven I was definitely a California driver. So...we'll find out tomorrow what the damages are...this sucks...I'm going to bed...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Jake's Birthday

Jake turned 6 on November 13th. He invited some friends to go downtown to Discovery Gateway. Discovery Gateway, is a children's museum in downtown SLC. Two of his little friends got sick, so it was a small group - just what I wanted! Beware! There are a TON of pictures. The kids played for 2 hours, and I had nothing to do, but to take pictures of them! I happened to get some free passes when I went to UEA in October. The kids had SO much fun. Here is a picture of them on our way in...

Here they are on the little rock wall they have there
They played with this construction set for FOREVER! They all worked together. Not one fight or argument! The foam blocks were HUGE!

After the blocks, they put on a play...Then they played with the balls and magnetic tunnels... Then they headed outside to see and play on the helicopter... Then we got there early enough to sign them up for a little science class. They looked at animal footprints, and then made some with stamps on paper...Here are the little scientists... Here is a GREAT picture of Jake...After we played for a few hours, we headed to grab a $5 pizza, and went home for lunch, presents, and cake. Here is his cake. My friend, Natalie, makes cakes - if anybody needs a cake for any birthday, or holiday. She does an AMAZING job...wait until I post Haley's birthday...Jake was IN-LOVE at first sight with his cake. He wanted a "bike" party - and Natalie did always.... I left the best for last. They had this huge water area, and all these metal things. You turned them, and watched where they sent the water...well, Jake was moving it, and a spoon whacked him right in the face. I was standing watching and shooting, and it was HILARIOUS...that's my boy...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Haley's 2 year update

Haley had her well check last week. Her stats are:
23 lbs. - 10th percentile
32 in. - 15th Percentile
and then her head was 80th percentile.
We are just very happy that she is on the charts. She still has issues with milk. I can't really pinpoint exactly what does it to her, I think it is milk, cheese, ice cream, but anything baked, or cooked, she does okay. I know when she's had something because she gets a bad case of diahrea that lasts about 1 day, in which she sheds TONS of the mucus protecting her intestines. Sorry, graphic, I know, but MANY people ask me how she's doing, and well, that's it...She is definitely potty trained, and is doing very well. She is talking more and more, in fact, earlier today, she tried to send Kristin to her room. Troy had to tell her that she was definitely not allowed to send Kristin to her room. She is SO spoiled (by her siblings, not me), and LOVES baby dolls. She loves all of her siblings, and all of them are really good to her. She's gotten independent. The past few times I've gone to my parents, she has demanded to stay and play. My parents let her anytime she wants to, and she loves it. Boy, I love that little girl. All summer she was deathly scared of flies. Seriously, they would terrify her. She is NOW deathly afraid of cats, dogs that come within 3 feet of her, and pretty much anything else. She loves going to nursery now, and never cries. That has been a blessing for Troy and I, since we have classes to teach on Sundays. My favorite thing that she says:: "hold you mommy, now?" I know, I know, it's hard to do my work with her on my lap, it slows down my typing ten fold, so I always tell her just a minute, and so when she says the above phrase, I always stop and hold her. Okay, onto her irriating habit...thumb sucking. I HATE it. My main reason is, I hate thumb suckers teeth. I know, braces can fix them, but seriously...there's got to be a way to stop this! So, at her 2 year check, I talked to the doc about it. He told me that whatever he did, she would resort to sucking her other thumb. I kind of disagree, she has NEVER sucked her right thumb. She has a HUGE sore and bump on her left thumb to prove it. So, to humor me, he created a brace for her thumb, that she can't suck. As soon as we got home, I put it on her just in time for nap. She laid in my bed and waited for me to come tuck her in...this is what I found...Poor little thing, tried to get it undone. She couldn't, I tied it too good. After she woke up, I was feeling REALLY bad. She couldn't even bend her thumb, and while she didn't suck her thumb during her nap, she doesn't normally suck it when she's asleep, she does it when she's awake, so I took it off, and I don't think I will put it back on, although I am willing to TRY anything...Let me know if you have any good ideas...That's our "Haze" or "Hazy". That's her nickname, and she even calls herself that. What a sweet, sweet, girl...

Monday, December 08, 2008

Oregon 2008

I was lucky enough to take a trip with my girls up to Portland, OR a few weeks ago. It was absolutely AMAZING! I hadn't been back since we moved 2 1/2 years ago. I have seen a FEW friends since the move (great part about living in Utah) but hadn't seen enough of them! I did a few photo shoots up there, and I couldn't get over how gorgeous Oregon is. It is. Hands down...gorgeous! Everywhere I turned, I saw an incredible place for a photo shoot. We flew in and then I rented a car, since I had my girls, and nobody would have to chauffer me around. The airport proved to be quite difficult. It is much easier traveling with 2 adults and 4 kids, than it is with 1 adult and 2 kids. We arrived in Portland at 9 pm (10 pm Utah time) and both girls were asleep. I put Kristin in the little stroller, and Haley on my shoulders, and I had my camera backpack (at least 40 lbs) and my purse. I forgot how unfriendly and unhelpful people are, and my favorite saying, "You've got your hands full" was heard at least 3 times before I got to the shuttle to get the car. Grrrrr...

I stayed with Sarah. Friday morning, I took Arwen to kindergarten. I wanted to drive around a bit. As I dropped her off, and headed back towards Sarah's house, via our old house, emotions just flooded me! I realized how grateful I am to have lived in Oregon. I realized that Oregon seemed like a different life. With great memories as well as many many trials. Oregon is not where our family is supposed to be at this time. I know we ARE where we are supposed to be. I am happy. I truly miss my friends in Oregon. After my trip, I realized how strong friendships there are, even after all this time.

We went to Papa's Pizza on Friday. Cassandra and Sarah and our kids all went. Before Cassandra got there, I saved a choking child. Well, it was a weird situation. This mom was there with her 2 kids. She wasn't with any friends, and her son (about 2 1/2) started choking. Seriously, choking. I'm pretty sure I have NEVER seen a child choking that bad. The crazy part was that the mom was LIGHTLY TAPPING his back. I was thinking, "LADY! Do something! I didn't come here to watch your kid die!" It was really that bad...huh, Sarah! So, since I can't mind my own business, and I truly was scared to death for this kid...went over to the mom, and tried to take him from her. I was trying to show her what to do, but not wanting to rip him out of her hands, and trying to be calm...Sarah, maybe you can explain it better...I kept saying, "Like this...see?...see?" I was waiting for the validation of this lady that it was okay to help her. I never got it. The lady NEVER said a word to me.. I tipped the kid upside down and whacked his back a good one. He coughed it up. Then, I turned around, with tears in my eyes. I was shaking, and I was so scared. The mother then took the kid in to play...never said a word to me. I kept asking Sarah if I was wrong to step in, but seriously, the kid was going to die...not exaggerating...

That night we went to dinner, and then to a late night viewing of Twilight. I have read the Twilight series, and I think they're good books, but I am definitely not a cult member. Dinner was a blast, with 7 of us, and then 10 of us at the movie was INCREDIBLE. My friend, Penny, put it best in regards to the movie (hope you don't mind Penny) "...the experience ranks in my top ten funnest things I've ever done. We went to the 10:00 showing and it was just crazy to be there with all those cute girls screaming for Edward. As a Mom, I don't really have all that many things to get that excited about it life, so it was fun to just feel the excitement - that teenage excitement that I had forgotten. It was just so much fun! While I know that everyone has an opinion on Twilight, I loved the movie. But more than that, I loved the experience as a whole. When we got to the theater, the line was the entire length of the movie theater and you could just feel the excitement in the air. We had so many fun things though in this experience - running for our seats, the cute girls (decked out in Twilight apparel) that were in front of us counting down the minutes and shouting it out to the crowd, the screams once the movie actually started, the girl who screamed out "That should be me!" when Edward finally kisses Bella, and finally, the girls in front of us who when the movie ended turned to each other and said, "I'm crying, are you crying?". Oh, to be a teenager again!" Pretty much explains it all. From coast to coast(VA - OR), the experience was the same. It was a giddy fun night. I LOVED that I got to sit right next to Kaitlyn - my old babysitter and valiant girl - who is now 14 and TALLER THAN ME - and who has turned into a GORGEOUS girl...miss that girl...and be giddy right along with her! Afterwards I just didn't want to see the night end, so I made everyone go get dessert. At that point it was 1:00am my time, and boy was I a giddy giggly girl. It was so fun though. BOY! I miss those girls!

The next day was FILLED with photo shoots. I forgot how cold it gets in Oregon. Not that it is literally cold, but wet, and cold to the bone feeling. It was so fun seeing how some of my favorite families have grown! You can see their photos on my photog blog Cassandra watched the girls, and they all had a great time. Kristin came home and told the boys all about games she played with the Nielsen kids, and all about Ariella, so fun...

That night, Sarah invited some ladies over for a girls night. IT WAS SO FUN! I miss everyone! The greatest part, was that it felt like I never left. Never was it akward! I totally forgot to take a picture with everyone there, but remembered with 4 of us left...Here is (from left to right) Sarah, Bethany, Me, and Cassandra Not the greatest picture, taken WAY late at night, but I LOVE it. These are my peeps...Love you guys...wanna do it again next year?

Happy 11th Anniversary!

We celebrated our 11th Anniversary on November 8th. Naturally, there was a BYU game on this day. Lucky me, 2 years in a row. Last year the game was on a Thursday night, and because of leap year, it was on Saturday this year. Well, I decided to roll with it this time. I have been playing volleyball at church, and started talking to this girl in my ward/neighborhood. They are also huge BYU fans and have season tickets. She told me how she knows one of the coaches sons(also used to be a player) and that he could sometimes get them on the field before the game. So, I asked her if there was anyway, for Troy's anniversary present, we could go down on the field before the game. She asked, and it was all set up. Well, that morning, some family emergency came up, and the guy couldn't meet us. We went down to where we were going to meet, the kids talked with Cosmo, and Karen went up to the badge people, and just told them that he was late, and they gave us badges! WAHOO! We missed the whole warm-up, but we were down on the field while the band was playing, and then as the Cougar Football Team came running out! Kyle and Jake were giving high-fives. My favorite was watching Troy. He was in HEAVEN! Since it was the last game, they had painted the end-zones blue. I think they're usually white. So, we all still have a little blue on our shoes, and I'm pretty sure Troy would rather frame the shoes, than wear them. >It was the last home game of the season, and they announce the seniors. Coach Mendenhall was standing RIGHT in front of us, and as the announcer would call the senior's names, Mendenhall would give them a high five, and then Jake stood right behind him giving the players high-fives. I got a photo of Jake slapping Fui's hand. It's Troy's favorite picture. Then, we were 2 feet away while the team was doing the "Haka"(sp?). The boys - yes, all 3 - were on cloud nine! Then, it was game time. Everyone started ushering us out, yelling, "quick jog, people, quick jog" they had done the kick off, before we were off the field. It was so fun.

You know, how when you can select the PERFECT gift, how great it feels? Well, that's how awesome it was to see Troy, and hear him talk about it. I knew, I had definitely given him the greatest gift...and was free! GO COUGARS!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Disney on Ice

A few weeks ago, I took my girls to Disney on Ice. My cousin, Katie, took her girls with me. Troy's work has a box at the Energy Solutions Arena, so we had box seats. I am telling you, there was NO other way to do it. We basically had it to ourselves - there was a little family of 5 in there as well. We had our own bathroom, (which is nice, cause I took Haley in panties) and a couch, which Katie could nurse baby Maya on. The show was great, and the girls LOVED it. It was nice being in the box, cause we could sing right along with it, and nobody could hear. It was great. It really made me want to go to Disneyland...I have to wait until February...sigh...I didn't want to lug my huge camera (I guess I need a small Point and Shoot for Christmas, for these occasions - hint...hint...)but I did have Troy snap a shot of us before we left...

I'm SLOWLY getting caught up blogging the month of November...still LOTS LOTS LOTS more to come...

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Yesterday, my boys were SO naughty. Seriously. They are in the middle of their 4th week off track, and I can tell you that on Monday morning, after I drop them off at school there will definitely be cause to celebrate! Anyways, back to my story...

Sunday I decided that I was going to be the best mom this week. It's the kids last week off track, and it's Christmas season. I wanted to fill the week with Christmas Activites. I was all excited...until my boys turned into Thing 1 and Thing 2. I was seriously losing it by 11:00. I had finally had enough (throwing pillows at my head while my Visiting Teachers were here). So, I sent them to Prison.

I told them they were in their rooms from 11-3. No ifs, ands, or buts. I told them that when they make bad choices, there are consequences, some of which, you end up in prison. Since it was 11 o'clock, they were whining of wanting lunch. Like that was going to stop their punishment. So, I told them they could have bread and water, like normal prisoners get. That's all they had. Kristin would go upstairs, and I would hear them tell her, "When mom feeds you lunch, try to sneak some for us." Kristin, being the nice sister (why, I will never know, they are so mean to her sometimes) tells them, "I don't know if I can, but I will try." (now, before you all rush to your phones, to turn me in, let me finish the story)

After an hour and a half in their room, I went up, and naturally, it was TRASHED! I made them clean it, and told them they could get out early on parole if they cleaned the playroom. Funny how they hopped to it, and it was cleaned in 30 minutes. They were angels the rest of the day.

I hope it taught them the lesson, that:
1. You must ALWAYS listen to your mom.
2. Prison isn't a fun place to be.
3. Making bad choices results in consequences - like bread and water for lunch

I had told Troy what was going on, and he got home and told the boys how disappointed he was in them. They told him the 'mean mom' was here all day. I told them that I woke up a nice mom, and they quickly invited the mean mom to take over for the day. Oh well, I'll be a mean mom anyday, if it teaches them that making choices results in consequences.

129 hours until they go back to school. Tick...tock...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Haley!

Today Haley turns 2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is the cutest thing ever! And, SHE is completely POTTY TRAINED! She even wakes up in the night to go potty. Of course, she has accidents every now and then, but for the past few days, she's worn the same clothes from when I get her dressed to when I get her undressed for bed! It's GREAT!

She has the cutest voice ever. She is soft spoken, and LOVES her siblings. I took her pictures today, in honor of turning 2. Since her birthday is on Thanksgiving, we'll be a bit busy tomorrow, so here she all her "Turning 2" glory...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sneak Peaks

Oregon Sneak Peaks can be found: HERE! I'm working hard everyone...hopefully by the beginning of next week!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I am so behind in blogging. It's my goal to get updated this week with:
Halloween, Jake's Birthday, Girl trip to Oregon (which was FABULOUS), and Haley's Birthday (which is on Thanksgiving)...SO, to excite you with all that is to come, I have a little "ditty" to share. Sarah introduced me to the MOST FABULOUS DRINK EVER while in Oregon. It is from Starbucks. I really hate Starbuck's. Not everything is on their menu, it is PRICEY, and you have to know a special language in order to order. Sarah found this drink because they gave it to her on accident. SO, the next time you're cold, and need some warming up (like out looking at Christmas lights) ORDER THE FOLLOWING: You WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

Peppermint White Chocolate Hot Chocolate - yummmm...I'm still dreaming of it...I wish it would snow so I could justify a nice hot cup!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Troy fixed it. When I told him that Jared was going to call and tell me what to do, he sat down and got to work figuring it out. I think he knew he could do it, and he felt bad that Jared would call (all the way from Oregon) to tell me how to fix my computer. Thanks for calling Jared and Patti! It was really nice of you! All my stuff is restored, all my presets and actions back in photoshop! ALL OF MY FAVORITES BACK! YEE HAW! I thought I was going to die yesterday...back to editing today...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My computer is stupid. I HATE it. For some reason, the other night, when I started it up, ALL my stuff was gone. Yep, gone. The computer started just fine, I can get to email, but all of my favorites are gone, photos, EVERYTHING! Don't get worried, I back up ALL of my photos on an external hard drive, and I have all of that, but it's just gone from my computer. So, Troy ran a virus scan. I was watching it scan, and it scanned the photos I could no longer find. SO IRRITATING. So, I found out, that when I go to start the computer, and I select "Jen" as the user, it can't find my settings, so it just gives me a basic setting, like I have just bought the computer. The biggest irritation, is that it does this EVERY TIME I have to restart the computer. If I do something, and don't put it on the hard drive, it's gone. Does ANYONE know how to fix this? I have a ton of photos to edit, but am scared to, for fear I'll lose the images. Also, in photoshop I use a ton of actions and presets (sorry, photoshop lingo) and ALL of these are now gone. I have them saved on my hard drive, but reloading them on photoshop, literally would take me more than 24 hours, and since my computer is doing this everytime I restart it, I'm not going to take the time to re-load my settings. I need help...anyone?????

Friday, November 07, 2008

More "Mother of the Year" Moments

Well, I know most of you think I am the absolute top notch mom, who definitely deserves the Mother of the Year award. Here are a few more reasons I am a shoe-in for the nomination:

Today is Friday. The last day my kids are on-track (in school) until December 8. As I got Jake's homework folder ready to take back to school today (as the kids were already buckled in the car waiting for me) I noticed that THIS WEEK Jake was VIP kid. Yep. On Friday. No note home from the teacher the week before, nothing. Should have had poster there Monday. Friday is early day. Only 2 hours of school. No time to make a poster and rush it to school. As I slowly drove to school, feeling horrible, and wondering how I would explain this all to Jake, who really only interprets "CRAPPY MOM, DOESN'T CARE" (middle-child syndrome, completely), I just laid it on the line. The truth. He looked shocked, but I ASSURED him, I would speak with the teacher, and he would get another week. All his. To be a VIP. He said okay. I dropped him off. Wondering if I had wounded him. Then I got a BRILLIANT idea. His birthday is next week. This is the last day of school for awhile. In Utah, people bring treats for Birthdays. (Honestly, Kyle's birthday is in July, so I've never done it for him in any other state, so all state's may be the same on this) I RUSHED to Smith's, looking for a treat. I'm looking, looking. Halloween cookies. NOPE. Generic cupcakes, nope. Then, I came across a MARVELOUS site. IN the cake section, a bunch of cupcakes grouped and frosted to look like a big green dragon. Cost: $14.99. I bought it, took it to school, and got the BEST reward. He was so excited. Showing his classmates his "cool dragon cupcakes". It was a hit. Pretty sure he doesn't remember this should have been his VIP week.

Since I'd already screwed it up with 1 kid today, I decided - while I was there - to eat lunch with Kyle. He begs Troy or I at least once a week to come eat lunch with him. You would think a third grader would not want that. He doesn't care and I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts. He told me the night before, that it was Orange Chicken day. Now, normally, orange chicken would be the LAST thing I would want to eat from a school cafeteria, but hey, I am trying not to screw up so much, and to care about stupid stuff a little less. We walked down the hall with his class. We got our orange chicken. I MADE him get a no-bake cookie. He tried it and LOVED it. He sat me down, all alone, and we just talked and ate. I told him I was proud of him. I know it's hard to be the oldest. He'll be happier when he's older, that he's learned to be more responsible, and a harder worker. Then, he was off to recess. Basketball is the sport right now. He ran off with his friends. AFTER yelling, I love you mom! Definitely worth it. Oh yeah, and the little girl who walked up to me and said, "Are you Kyle K's mom?" Yes. "Oh, you're pretty" was pretty nice too!

Tonight we went to Trent DuVal's viewing. He passed away on Tuesday. The second we walked into the funeral home, I couldn't hold it in. Troy and I took Kyle, and got a sitter for the other kids. As we were waiting in line, I was just sobbing. Honestly, I was just looking around at all the momentos they had set around. It could have been Kyle. He was Kyle's age. It just made me realize that I need to slow down and enjoy what is happening in my life. Whether it's a messy kitchen floor, or seeing the look on Jake's face seeing a $14.00 dragon cupcake, or whatever. We have no idea what life is going to hand us. Kyle so kindly looked around and announced I was the only one crying. Troy commented that I was pretty "leaky"(know what you're all thinking - typical Doug Korth comment, and I would bet money that he's said it to his own wife a time or two). The comment was NOT appreciated, and I'm pretty sure he'll never say it again. I wasn't crying because Trent died. I know his family was prepared to have him leave, I know he's not in pain anymore, and I know he is being loved and taken care of. I WAS crying because of all that I have. So grateful, that (so far) this hasn't been one of my trials in life. And resigned to do better, be a better mom, a better wife, a better person. And to have quite a bit less "Mother of the Year" moments.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

New Calling...

We have 2 baby blessings today. Last night, I got the "dreaded" phone call. A new calling was coming. We had to leave right after my cousin and her family blessed their baby. I was right, I got a new calling today. I REALLY thought I would stay in the Primary. Boy, was I wrong! I was called as an advisor for the Beehives (12-13 year old girls). Oh, that's not all...this next part, I'm SURE they got wrong...Ward YW Camp Director. YEP! CAMP DIRECTOR! HELLO, has the bishop not read my blog? I'm not a camper! He assured me, camp was really nice for the girls. I told him if it wasn't, it would be now! (wink wink) Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Portland or bust!

I did it. I just booked my ticket to Portland! Me and my girls are having a girls weekend! I can't wait! I will be there November 20-23. I have a few people who want me to take their family pictures, so if anyone else is interested, let me know. Sarah is planning some fun girls nights, so if you want in, email me, or Sarah, so you get the invite! CAN'T WAIT! It's been almost 2 1/2 years! YIKES!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dasterdly Duo

Okay, Makenna and Haley are the best of friends. Seriously, they LOVE each other. They are about 3 weeks apart in age. Kenna older. They play pretty well together, unless there is only one stroller between the two of them. They also manage to get into things together too. A few weeks ago, I caught them in the bathroom. They had gone to all the bathrooms for stools, and then managed to play in the water. Oh yeah, did I mention with ALL the measuring cups and spoons from the kitchen drawer?This morning takes the cake though. It was almost as bad as thePurple Paint Catastrophe of 2006. I was downstairs working on the computer. The girls were a mere few feet away, playing in the playroom. Totally normal. Well, since Haley is potty training, she was butt naked. She just can't seem to understand that the panties need to come off. Most times, she sits on the potty, pees, and then realizes her panties are on...anyways, she was playing in the buff (all of you potty training mom's will understand...those who don't...don't judge til you're in my shoes). Well, they both came running to me to show me what they had done...Well, pictures are worth a thousand words, right?
So, at first I thought Haley just had a good time by herself. THEN, she turned around, and I KNEW it was a team effort.It looks like they tried to draw on Makenna, but realized it was MUCH easier to draw on Haley. Those silly girls.
My clean up effort. She still has red markings all over. Uh oh. Why couldn't they have gotten into a blue marker? Someone may think she's a Utah fan.

How come I have a feeling we have many more years of trouble with those two?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The week in review...

Oh man...where to start? Last weekend, my parents took all my kids out to Myton - to visit my grandparents. They all had a blast! I'm really sad I didn't get out there. The weather and my schedule just don't cooperate. I may have to take a road trip by myself out there when the kids are off track in a few weeks. I made Kristin promise me that she would give a hug to my grandpa from me, and she swore she did. I miss my grandparents. Seeing them more. Life is too busy, and I know I don't take time for the things that are most important. I'm grateful for my parents for at least doing some of it for me. I'm glad my kids have relationships with my grandparents - I just wish I was there to see it and document it. They took Haley this time. Usually they would take the older kids, but we were in charge of the amazing race for Donnarae, that we asked them to take her too. She's almost 2, and I thought she would love it. She did pretty good, but she's not a fan of animals. Of any kind. Not even tiny newborn kittens. Wonder where she gets that from? I think she likes them from afar, and when they are on a leash - where they can't get her.

The Amazing Race went well. I am glad it is over and I can't wait for the one next year.

I was sick for pretty much the whole week - which really thwarted my exercise/swimming routine. I worked out all of 1 day last week. I'm anxious to get back on the horse this week.

My dad quit his job this week. It's a great story, actually. His work was downsizing, and had to lay off 1 person. The company tried to be fair about who they laid off, so they just chose the last person hired. Which, happened to be a guy supporting his young family. He is friends with my dad, and called my dad the night it happened to tell him. My dad got to thinking, and decided to write his bosses a letter, explaining why it would be beneficial to keep this young guy, and lay off my dad. It's now a done deal. This is my dad's last week of work. Then, he will travel with my mom. I am so happy! My parents are both really happy, this young guy is really happy, and my kids are so happy to think that they get to go walk the dogs with papa all the time now! He was out of town so much before! My kids go off track for pretty much the whole month of, watch out dad...your phone is going to be ringing off the hook!

Haley's potty training has gone pretty good. As of yet, she has not had any pooping accidents (LOUDLY KNOCKING ON WOOD). I was kind of discouraged yesterday. She hasn't gotten the pee exactly down - especially when she has clothes on. I was wondering last night if I should give up. Then...this morning, she went pee by herself - without having to be asked to sit on the potty, or if she had to go - TWICE. I was really sad I had to put a diaper on her for church. So, it has given me hope to go another day. She's just so tiny. The smallest panties they sell are big on her. They're cute...hoping to get a picture in the morning...

We had our Primary Program today.'s exhausting, and I don't even have to do a lot of the work. The kids were SO WOUND UP for classes, it was almost unbearable. Tonight we went to Raquel's house to carve pumpkins. Which, we didn't carve - our kids wanted to carve their pumpkins at home...but how convenient of our garden to produce 4 pumpkins for us? One for each kid! SWEET! That is tomorrow nights activity...can't wait for the mess!

Gotta get to bed...the gym beckens...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Poop Update...

The day just went. Haley successfully used her potty 3 times. She had 3 accidents. She's learning. I was thinking tonight, that I want to give up. I won't, but I'm pretty sure that - with all of my kids - after the first day, I wanted to give up. I know if I do, that will make it harder the next time...but I HATE POTTY TRAINING! I have gotten so much more patient than I was when Kyle was potty training - sorry bud...

Wish me luck tomorrow...


Haley just pooped in the potty! (I will spare you a photo - no, I didn't take one). WAHOO! She came to me, told me she had to go poop. I put her on her potty (which has all been done before) but this time - SHE POOED! WAHOO! She got the biggest sucker, and now it looks like I'm holed up for the next few days...sigh...I hate potty training...I wait until they're ready...but still...if you need me, you'll know where I'll be...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Overheard from the kitchen table..

Jake: You're a girl
Kristin: I am not a girl, I'm a woman. Haley's a woman too. And mom's just a lady.

Hmmmm???? Anyone know the requirements of being a woman or a lady?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Photo Shoot, up for Auction

I decided to auction off a family photo shoot for Trent. It includes:
Family Photo Shoot
High Res disc of images
Free Christmas Card
Free 11x14

The value of this is about $500.

You can bid on this at the silent auction at Chick-Fil-A at the District until 7 pm tonight. If you want to bid, but can't make it there, send me an email with the amount you would like to bid by 6:00pm tonight, and I will mark your name down. Last I checked, the bidding was at $150. THANKS!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Day for Trent

Some of you know Trent, some of you don't....Trent is a little boy that lives down the street from us... He is 8 years old. He is losing his battle with Leukemia after fighting hard for the past 15 months. The following is an excerpt from his blog:

"Thank everyone for everything!! My family and I feel your prayers every minute of the day. We have been having so much fun doing things as a family. I have eaten the fast food I have wanted for so so long. It is good but I only handle a little. I am not in pain and still am making my family laugh. Dad and Grandpa gave me a blessing last night, it was beautiful. I know all will be well. I will not be in anymore pain or hurt, my family will also be ok. I will miss them terribly but they tell me time is different so I will have faith in that. To all my little friends please know I will miss you and await the time I can see you again. I have sure missed playing and having fun with each of you. I know everyone has to work through many feelings but please promise me not to be angry with Heavenly Father. He loves each and everyone of you and knows what is best for each of us. It is in his plan that I return to him, my time is over and I am ready to go. Please know I did not give up I would continue to fight if it was what the Lord wanted please be at peace all will be well. Love you all


A Day for Trent

Fund Raiser on Monday, October 13th
For the last 15 months, 8-year-old Trent has been bravely battling AML Leukemia.

To help Trent's family with the tremendous financial burden from medical expenses,
Chick-fil-A of South Jordan will be donating 20% of the day's revenue on
Monday, October 13th to Trent's family.
Cash donations will also be accepted, and anyone making a donation of $10 or more will receive a coupon for a free Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich to be used on their next visit.
In addition, Chick-fil-A of South Jordan will hold a silent auction from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Auctioned items have been donated by local businesses and community members.
All proceeds will go to Trent's family.
Please help us in supporting Trent and his family!
Call Chick-fil-A of South Jordan with any questions at (801) 727-2697.

**Southtowne, Ogden & Layton will be giving a % of sales as well,
but only the District Location will have an auction and coupons for donations.

Visit his blog

Monday, October 06, 2008

Nora Grace Cartier

Hanging out with us on Halloween - $0
A wedding dress - $600
9 months of vomitting and having vertigo on top of morning sickness - $1000 in copays
Letting your crazy sister-in-law with a camera, record your child's birth - Priceless

My newest niece. She's so cute! I was there for her birth. I documented it all on camera, and I have to say, I LOVED how the photos turned out. I WISH I had that of one of my kids! If I thought a doc would allow an extra person in the operating room, I just might consider having another baby! Miss Nora Grace Cartier was born on October 2, 2008 at 2:21 pm. She weighed 7 lbs 6 oz and was 20 inches. She has the greatest parents - who are probably scared to death! I hope they realize that is normal! Love you guys! Thanks for letting me crash your day! I get to take more pictures of her later today...stay tuned!