Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May 31, 2006

Kristin-ism: I was trying to teach Kristin her last name. So I would say all of our names followed by the last name. She would repeat after me, and at the end, she said "Jesus Korth too, huh Mommy"

May 31, 2006

Hello! Well, we finally have information on the move. They are packing us up on Tuesday (June 6th) and the moving truck is picking everything up on the 7th. Sooner than we expected, so we will be a little stressed out this weekend, with weeding out things that are going in storage, or going to Virginia! We will be staying in Oregon until Friday the 9th so that Troy can finish his last few days of work, Jake can go to his preschool graduation, and Kyle could go to as many days of school as possible. Kyle will only end up missing the last 2 days of school! On the night of the 9th (or maybe morning of the 10th depending on when Troy is finished with school) we will drive to Utah. We will be there until the 21st of June when we fly to Virginia. We found out today that a few of our friends are already back there doing the same thing we will be doing! Apparently in the ward people like us are known as "Micronites". He is also working for IM Flash. It's Jacob and Heather Leder. When Kyle was 8 months to 2 years, she babysat him for us while I worked! I called Heather tonight, and she gave me some good advice and things to expect! We are anxious to see them again. They moved from Oregon about 3 years ago! That's about all we know for now! We are keeping our cell phones the same for awhile, and of course I will be checking my email daily, so drop us a line!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

May 28, 2006

We were eating chicken nuggets for dinner tonight (I know, not a very good Sunday dinner, but we are trying to clean out the freezer instead of buying more food)...anyways...Jake asked Kyle, "why are they called chicken nuggets?" Kyle said, "The inside part is called chicken and the outside part is called nuggets."

The other day, he was looking at a book that had kids on the outside cover. They were kids of all ages and all races. As he pointed to each kid, he asked me, "Mom, what color of baby are we going to have?" I told him that it would probably be the same as him, Jake, and Kristin. He pointed to a white kid and said, "Oh, like that one!"

Thursday, May 25, 2006

May 25, 2006

Well, we know a few more details about the move! Troy has to be in Lehi, UT for an orientation on June 19th and in Virginia on June 23rd. We talk to the relocation lady Tuesday to figure out dates and details of the move. We are hoping to pack up here on June 9th, and head to Utah on the 10th. We are excited to go! Sad to leave good friends, but excited to start a new chapter! We are anxious to live back East where we can see the many sites there are to see. We are trying to plan a trip to Yankee Stadium for Kyle's birthday followed by seeing the Hill Cumorah pageant! Hopefully it all works out! We'll keep everyone posted about anything else that comes up!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The boys with Uncle "Gayson" as Jake has called him since he learned to speak! Posted by Picasa

Kristin with uncle Jason... Posted by Picasa

Kristin's very naught moment! She thought she'd use bisquick as a sandbox! She loved it! Not so fun or easy to clean up though! Posted by Picasa

Kyle dove down to the deep end on Papa's back to touch the bottom! I remember doing that when I was little! Posted by Picasa

They loved swimming with papa! Posted by Picasa

OOH! Boy, what a model! Posted by Picasa

Our crazy family! Posted by Picasa

She's in! And she found a toy that squirts everyone else! Posted by Picasa

Still not sure about getting in... Posted by Picasa

The boys... Posted by Picasa

Jake with his floaties...he did perform a daring stunt of falling in the deep end without them! Posted by Picasa

Kyle jumping in! Posted by Picasa

This was before she would actually get in the pool! Posted by Picasa

May 17th, 2006

Well, we have been so busy that I havent' had a chance to update this! Kristin had her 2 year birthday party (see photos) on the 4th of May and then on the 6th of May, we headed to my parents house in California. We had a great time! It was VERY hot (upper 90's) so the boys stayed in the pool for as long as we would watch them. The pool was still kinda cold (for me) but Troy and the boys thought it was great! It took Kristin about 3 days to warm up to the pool or the hot tub, but once she did, she had no fear, and was constantly trying to climb in! We went miniature golfing one day, to a Pizza place where we accumulated over 900 tickets...(it got us a mini lava lamp night light - woo hoo), and to my dad's work party where he (although Jason is positive he won it) an XBox and we won an adult bicycle. My brother David decided he wanted the bike, so we traded my mom her portable DVD player for it, considering ours broke on the 15 hour drive down to their house, and we still had to head home...Our old DVD player had 2 screens, and the one my mom gave me has one, so Kyle is still mad I didn't trade Grammy for 2 DVD players! While we were there, Troy flew to SLC to interview with IM Flash. He was also able to see some of his family for a few hours, which he enjoyed. He was offered the job at IM Flash, so we will soon be Utah Residents...after a 6 month training in Virginia. So, we leave in 2-3 weeks! It's crazy! We are really excited about it! My grandma Harding also flew to California while we were there. It was really fun to see her, and have her see my kids! She took my kids on a walk, and she told Kyle that they shouldn't go too far, because it would be dark soon. He told her, "Oh, don't worry, don't you know? I can see in the dark!" She got a kick out of that, as did the rest of us! We also got to see David for a day! That is a rarity! It was a lot of fun! Jason came home from school for the weekend too! The boys were so excited to play with someone! I think Jason was just as excited! Oh, I forgot we also got to see Michael and Maria! Michael built this awesome palapa in my parents backyard by the pool! (If anyone would like one, I'm sure we could work out a deal of some sort!) We only saw Michael for a day before he headed off to Guatamala to live with a family to learn to speak spanish! LUCKY! Maria's birthday is the same as Kristin's! We didn't realize that! Sorry Maria, Happy Late Birthday! Well, that's about all that's been happening here! I will try to post some pictures of us in California!

Happy Birthday Kristin! Posted by Picasa

Yep! She thought it tasted much better cooked! Posted by Picasa

It was windy at the park, so she blew out a lighter! Posted by Picasa

Little stinker eating the cake mix, don't worry, I had already made cupcakes for the party right before! Posted by Picasa

Kristin at her birhtday party at the park. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 3rd, 2006

Hey! Kristin turns 2 tomorrow! Can you believe it? I was busy with work today, only because I've been so tired, I've gotten myself behind a bit. Kyle went to school, so it was just Jake and Kristin. They fought most of the morning. They don't usually do that, but they sure were on one today! We are going to California on Sunday to visit my family. The boys keep asking me when Sunday is. They are excited to see the dogs and Grammy and Papa. We will actually get to see all of my brothers too! That is a rarity. Kristin hasn't stopped talking about Grammy ever since my mom took her shopping for clothes for her birthday. She begs to call her at least once a day...she's a true girl! Lately, on Nickelodeon, they have had segments of a dog trainer with kids showing them how to train dogs. It should be pretty funny to see if my boys try anything with my dad's dogs. Troy is also flying to SLC next week for more interviews with IM Flash. I guess we should know by next Friday what our plans will be. I'll keep you posted.