Wednesday, January 31, 2007


The kids new favorite thing to do is take a bath in our jetted tub. The bubbles go a long way with the jets on! I decided to let Haley hop in too! She loved it!

Haley is now 2 months old! She had her 2 month check-up today and weighs 9 lbs! YEA! Can you believe it!? She is still teeny, but she's so cute! She smiles all the time! For the first time she pooped out of her diaper and all over her clothes! It's a miracle! It's taken her 2 months to do it!

This weekend I (and Haley) was in Anaheim and Las Vegas with Erin(my business partner). I had a convention down there! The weather was incredible! Sure beats this 20 degree weather! We've got to plan a Disneyland trip down there! I also got to scrapbook a little bit. I started Haley's album. It was so fun! That's us lately! Not much happening. Haley is being blessed on Sunday...we are having a brunch afterwards at our house, and I want it to be perfect! I've never got to host something like that! Should be fun! Can't wait to see my friends from Oregon too! (Amy and kids and the Stevensons) I'll post pictures afterwards!

Friday, January 19, 2007


I forgot to tell everyone that Troy's sister Allisun, is engaged! She is marrying Beau C. (since we ARE online...) originally from Seattle, WA on April 21st! We are excited! We all really like Beau! The kids keep telling us that Beau's going to be their uncle soon! It's the first person entering the crazy Korth family (other than babies) in 8 years, Kenny was the last one! (I think he's made the family crazier!) Anyways, we are all excited for her! Oh, and one reason I LOVE Beau...he likes to look through my scrapbooks (Troy doesn't even do that without patronizing me!) Welcome to the family Beau!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Our little pip-squeek

Hey! Haley got weighed in today. She weighs 8 lbs. 2 oz. She will be 8 weeks old on Monday. She is slowly gaining weight, but that is marvelous for us! Here is a picture of her in her bouncy seat. I'll be honest, she's spoiled, and doesn't last long not being held! It's my fault. I have been so worried about her burning any calories, the second she starts crying, I pick her up. Now that she's gaining weight, I am trying to ween her from being held constantly!

Here is a picture of her smiling! You all remember that newborn toothless grin! It's definately payday when she smiles!She was doing really good in her seat, watching me clean the kitchen. As long as she can see me, she's happy! I love it!

Kristin got sick this week. Some wierd flu bug. Poor girl has layed around moaning for 2 days! She finally fell asleep in her chair from Santa. We are all about blankets here! The blanket she has on, is actually the one I used in's still one of the favorites!

Today, Jake helped me make Applesauce Cake. (Milk-free). He thought it was great fun! It sure is a lot messier when you let them help!

Earlier this week, Troy helped me put up my frames. I added some, and am still waiting on 3 8x10's to be printed at costco. I love this wall...I could look at it all day...I just love pictures! This view is from my kitchen, so I see it often!

Well, I hear Haley crying...gotta run!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Just wanted to update everyone on Haley. She got weighed again today. I have been dairy free since last Thursday, and have been strictly nursing since Friday. Since Friday, she has only gained 1 oz. BUT, she hasn't lost weight. The doc said it might take some time for the dairy to leave my system, so we're going to weigh her again on Friday, to see how things are going. Then we'll see if I need to start giving her formula as well as nursing...we'll see...I'll keep you posted.

Today was an INSANE day! I'm starting to think Utah is synonomous with Sick. Kyle's school called me cause he was sick - except, I was at the doctor with Haley, and they didn't call my cell phone, so from the messages on my home phone, Kyle sat in the office at school with a temp of 105 for TWO HOURS before I picked him up(Troy's mom finally got ahold of me). I don't think the school office ladies realized my cell phone was an out of state number. The dumb thing is, there are a ton of people listed in his file at school, who could have picked him up within 5 minutes, and all of them could have gotten ahold of me. I'm a little bit irritated that it took 2 hours for someone to get called to pick him up.

Although, it is my fault for letting him go to school in the first place. During the middle of the night, Kyle woke up and told Troy his ear hurt. Troy said he felt hot, gave him some motrin, and put him back to bed. He woke up and was fine. I told him he couldn't go to school, and that I was going to take him to the doctor. He said he was fine, and begged to go to school. I felt his head, he didn't have a fever, and he told me his ear didn't hurt anymore. I figured it was a passing thing (which has happened in the past) and let him go. The first call from his teacher came 30 minutes after I dropped him off at school. So, after taking Haley in to the doctor in the morning, I took Kyle back in the afternoon. Turns out he has strep throat! Poor kid. He sure is a boob when he's sick though. Motrin is heaven though! I swear when he's on motrin, you would never know he's sick...the second it wears off...beware! Funny story...when the doctor was checking him out, he was asking Kyle what was wrong. Kyle told him that his ear, his head, and his throat hurt. The doctor was listening to his lungs and heart and asked if Kyle's stomach hurt. Kyle said yes. Then, the doctor asked if his legs hurt...Kyle pointed to his left leg, and said, "Yes, this one does" The doctor looked at me and said, "I think I better quit asking questions!" It was hilarious!

So, that was my day! Cherice let Jake come play with Daxton this afternoon, so we could try to keep him away from Kyle. That was awesome. I am fighting a cold myself, so I got a chance to lay down for a bit, which was so nice!

Kristin started going to a little play group today that she was invited to go to. It consits of 4-6 girls (some are moving) that will all be in the same grade when they start attending school. She loved it. My only problem is that the girls played with Barbie's. I know, I know, I played with them, but they're not my first toy or doll of choice(they rank right up there with Bratz dolls - who would buy their kids those? The name should be a big enough warning...), and Kristin is only 2. Kristin told me she had to put clothes on the Barbie's cause she could see their bum crack. Can't wait til she knows what cleavage is! So, I don't know how to deal with that. I want her to make friends, and go to a fun playgroup...but I don't know how to keep her away from Barbie's. I guess I can't keep her away from most things in life, I just have to teach her that a Barbie isn't anything to aspire to be like...wish me luck with that one!

Going off dairy isn't as hard as I thought it would be. It was hard the first few days, but after a trip to the grocery store, and major meal planning, and knowing that it's a matter of life and death for my child, it's pretty easy...I'm just not looking forward to 4 months down the road when I would love an ice cream has dairy too! :( OH, I told Troy that I thought he should go off dairy too. He said not a chance! Rude...

Saturday, January 06, 2007


On Thursday, there was a snowstorm. After school, the boys went to jump on the tramp (from Santa) to remove all the snow. They said that they "ice skate" on the tramp.

Cousin Eddie...

On Christmas morning, we were trying to pack up the car and get from my parents house to Troy's parents house. Jason told us that Cousin Eddie (aka Kyle) was in the front yard. (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation). This is what we found...

Haley's Hospital Pics

Haley loved this mobile! I need to see if I can find it for her! The movers broke her mobile.

This is her little IV. I left the room when they stuck it in!

Here's our scrawny girl hooked up to all the machines! She's almost 5 weeks old in this picture.

Christmas Pictures

Friday, January 05, 2007

Haley update...

Okay, Haley weighed in today. She was a whopping 7 lbs. 10 oz.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!! The doctor asked if he could give me a hug, he was so excited! Apparently, he was really worried...So, the prognosis: She has a milk protein allergy. The difference between that and lactose intolerant is that Haley can't digest milk protein while people who are lactose intolerant can't process milk sugar. So, I am going completely off of dairy so that I can nurse her. The alternative is EXPENSIVE formula, so I have to at least give it a try. It's actually my second day off of dairy. It sucks. I'm pretty much hungry all day(great New Year's diet, huh?). Yesterday I lived off of ritz crackers and water. (My fault...not too many groceries still...with moving, Christmas, and time) Today I am just realizing there's really nothing to eat. No butter, milk, sour cream, cheese, etc. I can't even substitute it with soy, because soy has the same type of proteins. So, bring on the dairy free recipes! Well, just wanted to give everyone an to bed!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Primary Children's Hospital

Okay, Christmas was great! It was fun meeting Jabani and seeing all of my brothers and Maria! Even though the visit was too short! Hopefully we can all meet up again soon in Santa Cruz for the wedding in the summer! Anyways, I still can't find the camera cord, so another boring post.
Here is what has happened since Christmas...
Last Thursday, I took Haley into her new doctor to meet them, and to have her 1 month appointment. Well, they weighed her, and she weighed 7 lbs. 0 oz. She weighed 7 lbs 1 oz. when she was born, so it was a little concerning...the doctor sent us up to Primary Children's Hospital for some tests. I dropped the kids off at my mom's (Thank heaven's for that!) and headed up. I tried calling Troy's cell phone, but he didn't answer. I left a message and called Erin and had her email Troy at work. I still couldn't get ahold of him. (Later, he sent an email to the people at work "suggesting" that there be a way for spouses to get ahold of people in case of an emergency!) I got to the hospital and they took us right in. I called Troy's mom, and had her keep trying to call Troy (my cell didn't have any service in her hospital room). It took over 2 hours to finally get ahold of Troy. (I was worried about getting ahold of him, because I was told there was a good chance Haley would have to have surgery that day!)

Haley had a million tests done. Almost anything in radiology, was done. An upper GI test- drinking berillium (I think that's the name) and then watching what the food did, a CT scan, an ultrasound, and more x-rays. The findings: nothing anatomically wrong that would cause this. So, they admitted us. The doctors told us we would be there at least for 2 days, until she could gain about 1/2 an ounce a day - although they would have preferred 1 oz. a day. So, I stayed in the hospital with her and nursed. They didn't think I was producing enough milk, so in came the lactation specialists. (Wish I had Lynn around!) They got me started on a breast pump. Let me tell you, pumps suck. (Figuratively, and literally!) I hate it! I was so stressed out feeling like it was my fault, cause I didn't produce enough milk, trying to pump, and being in the hospital, that Haley's doctor thought it would be best to send us home. He said he could monitor her from home almost as good as at the hospital.

So, I had to start keeping a log. I had to pump at least 8 times a day, give Haley at least 4 oz. of milk every 4 hours, (yes, I did formula too) and watch her diapers. We came home late Saturday afternoon. I did awesome! We logged everything, and I pumped...till the cows came home (hmmm...not meant to be a pun...but when you're hooked up to a breast pump, that's kinda how it feels) and we gave her all this reflux medicine. She seemed to be doing okay, until yesterday. She started vomitting constantly, and afterwards, she would be starving! We kept making little bottles, and she would gulp them up, and gradually puke it all up again. (Remember, nothing anatomically wrong - and now we know she's getting enough food)

So, we took her back to her doctors office this morning, to check her weight! I was feeling hopeful...well, she now weighs 7 lbs. and 1/2 an ounce. So, since last Thursday, she's only gained 1/2 an ounce and she's actually lost weight since we left the hospital. SO FRUSTRATED! So, the doctor gave us some hypoallergenic formula to try. Said she may not be able to process milk proteins (he said it was something other than being lactose intolerant). So, we have to try that for 3 days (while I continue to pump) and then if that fixes it, I can continue to nurse, I just have to go off of dairy. If it doesn't fix it, I have no idea what the next step is. At some point, I would think they would have to give her a feeding tube...I mean, come on, she's 5 weeks old, and under her birth weight(normal babies should gain at least 1/2 oz a day, so by my calculations she should weigh at least...8 lbs. 3 oz. I am so frustrated!

Anyways, trying to be hopeful that this formula works! We'll deal with whatever happens next on Friday. So, this formula is CRAPPY! It stinks, and tastes bad. Haley doesn't even like to drink it, and sobs while she's drinking it. Since she is so pukey, it is really crappy, cause then the stink gets on us and everything! That's my life lately. I wonder if I'll ever get unpacked? In order to do so, I have to stay up late, and now I have to make bottles and pump in the middle of the night, so when do I sleep?

Anyways, we may have to have a special fast for her...I'll keep you posted if anyone would like to fast with us! Hope everyone is having a happy New Year! I have pics of Haley in the hospital (my camera was in my purse from Christmas!) and of Christmas. I'll post them whenever I can find the cord...hmmm...where is that thing?