Saturday, November 11, 2006

Coming to an end...

This week Jake had his last swimming lesson. He has done so great! He can swim! It's awesome! Now we just need a pool for him to practice in! When we get to Utah, we are joining the rec center. Troy likes to play raquetball, and I want to work out, so we thought we'd get a family pass and take the kids swimming too. Hopefully they'll get a lot of practice! I was amazed at Jake's progress through the past few months!

Today was Kyle's last soccer game. It was such a nice day! The high was 77 today! Miracle! Kyle is so into soccer! When he's out (being a sub) he watches intently. He hollers and everything. The favorite thing (of mine) that I heard him holler, was "I want a replay! Come on - REPLAY" It was hilarious! Kyle did score 2 goals today! He was kicking butt! He really is good at soccer! I love that! One of the goals he scored was the last 5 seconds of the season! It was awesome! There was another kid on Kyle's team that - to put it bluntly - is a boob. He's an only child. His mom is probably in her 40's. She wears a wedding ring, but we have NEVER seen a father figure (or grandparent, or anybody) but the mom come to practices or games. He freaked out on his mom one practice, and I thought he was going to beat her up. The coach had to step in for this mom. Anyways, this kid shoves the other team down, is a ball hog, and cries if he misses a goal. He missed probably 4 goals today. He has no control over the ball. Kyle kept getting mad at him. I think the coach was happy to be rid of this kid. After the game, we told Kyle the reason that he made his goals, and that Eric (said kids name) didn't, was "karma". We told him that as long as he was a good sport, nice to others, worked hard, and played by the rules, he would always score. The reason Eric kept missing was because he didn't have good sportsmanship. Kyle was in awe. Hopefully that worked! If Kyle ever acted like that kid, I have no doubt Troy would pull him off the field and not let him go back. Anyways, I always like to see my kids being great kids - when others aren't. (Trust me, it doesn't happen that often!)

Since soccer and swimming are over now, it feels like our time here is coming to an end. Kristin still has ballet until December. She loves it now too! She goes by herself and loves every second! As excited as we are to be in our home in Utah, I will kind of miss being back here. Okay, not really, but I will miss the very few friends we've made. I think most of me just doesn't want to start over being the "new person" again. It's such a pain! 41 days until we fly home! 18 days until our baby is born (let's be honest, hopefully she comes before then!) 12 days until Thanksgiving (not that Thanksgiving means anything for us out here...just another day! I am not cooking a turkey for our family. Troy works the night before and that night - so no point! I will only be 1 week from giving birth too, so I am definately not cooking a turkey! Everyone eat lots for us!)


Bethany said...

I would love to watch Kyle play soccer. You've got some real athletes on your hands. Go, soccer mom Jen! I'm signing Evan up for swimming lessons in the spring hopefully he picks it up like Jake.

Unknown said...

Man, Arwen would die if I threw her in the pool. She learned nothing. I'm gonna have to get serious this year and sign her up for "real" lessons!