Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ward Christmas Party

We had our ward Christmas Party on Saturday. It was amazing! Such great food and a program. The thing I was most impressed by was the orchestra that was made up solely of people in our ward. There were probably about 12 people, and they played the song, "For Unto Us a Child is Born", which the ward sang along to. It was amazing! I think easterners are much more artistically refined than those in the west. To prove my point, I was telling a friend (from Oregon) that was what I thought (about being more refined) and she said that someone brought a guitar to theirs for a sing-a-long. Not that that is bad, any music is better than none, but that is the difference...Anyways, it made me want to sign Kyle up for violin lessons. I want a piano more than anything now! I can at least get him started in piano! Anyways, back to the party...They did a program, based on the nativity. Kyle and Jake were asked to participate. Kyle was to be Samuel the Lamanite, and Jake was a cow. At first, I couldn't figure out what Samuel the Lamanite had to do with the nativity, but Troy reminded me he propheside (I know I spelled that wrong...) of the birth of Christ, so that was Kyle's part. Jake was a cow, who got to hang out in the same stable as Baby Jesus. Jake thought that at the end of the program, he should HOLLER into the microphone..."THANKS FOR COMING!" Troy and I were trapped in the middle of the audience and could do nothing...
Kristin and Haley stayed with us in the audience! Man, they are so much better behaved than the boys would have been. My only complaint about Kristin was that she couldn't quit singing. Everytime they played a song, she would have to sing too. It was never the same song as in the program, and it was always loud. She's such a diva!


Unknown said...

Those are such great pictures! The Nativity sounds so neat! I'll bet your kids loved that!