Saturday, January 05, 2008


Okay, here's a picture I just edited of the kids. It was taken the Sunday before Christmas.
Just so you see what I have to work with, I'm going to show you the ones I had to combine in order to get that...Here's giving all mom's hope out there, that they can get a good picture of all of their kids!





delilas said...

I think you should of used photo #1. I loved the boys faces. I'm glad that girls don't have to wear a tie. I guess pantyhoses are the trade off.

You are so good see you in a few days. :D

Unknown said...

I agree! Kyle and Jake are hysterical in photo #1! Seriously, your final picture looks awesome!

Erin Fonnesbeck said...

OH the things we go through to get good pictures of our kids. It's pretty hilarious when you stop to think about it but not so hilarious at the moment. :)

Jen said...
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