Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Grandpa...

My grandpa came home from the hospital yesterday. He is an avid reader of my blog. He has congenitive heart failure. We were worried, and headed out to spend the afternoon with him. We were chopped liver compared to the cute nurses he spent his weekend with, but we tried. All my mom's brothers were there also as well as my cousin Brian. I requested a family picture. They obliged...it was a fun day spent with family. Love you, Grandpa and Grams!

Here they are, the LeGrande Harding Family. Everyone in this family is famous. Seriously. My Gram is a famous artist. My grandpa a famous airplane mechanic. My uncle Kim is known for his incredible park, a member of the school board, craziest YM President to ever have served. John is a teacher at the USU institute. He's a doctor, you know. My mom is a famous world traveler teacher extraordinaire. That leaves Howard - or as they call him in Myton 'hwrd' - apparently there are no vowels and 1 syllable when you pronounce his name in Myton (Myton is a thriving metropolis, in case you were wondering - go ahead, google it). I was once at a store, and someone found out that THE HWRD - from the basin - was my uncle. They were in awe and almost bowed to me. It's true. He's well known ALL OVER the basin...next time you're there, ask anyone you know about 'Hwrd'. Then, there's the matter of Chickety Split cups. 28 years ago(at least), my dad gave my Gram a bunch of Chickety Split cups. 28 years later, she still has them. Gram is also famous for being frugle. Go ahead...just ASK how many rakes she has...you never know when you will need more than 20, right Gram? Here is proof the infamous cups are still in use (although, we almost had to wear protective gloves to handle these)
I took a 5 minute(it was 8 degrees) stroll around the house, and snapped these few photos. I'm not a very good landscape photographer, but I gave it a go.


Doug said...

I have not met your Grandpa but I've met your Grandma and I love her, even though she is a Democrat. I don't know if she is a Cougar fan or not, either. It just doesn't matter because there is more that unites us than divides us. I love her art and enjoyed the wonderful stories she told those few moments that we spent in her studio. I'd like to go out again and sit in her studio when it is cold outside and pass a chilly winter afternoon. Maybe watch her paint and meet your Grandpa. She probably doesn't consider me a kindred spirit but that is what I consider her. You have a wonderful heritage. I love great grandpas and grandmas (not meaning great as in linage but in lives). They are my heros and I hope someday someone feels the same about me. I'm also famous. If you ever have time, just ask and I'll be happy to tell you how famous. Oh! You've probably been bored with that story already. Never mind!