Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Check this out!

Here are a few outtakes...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


This is between Kristin and her friend Autumn - both age 5...they were talking so sweet and SO sincere..

Autumn: Oh, is that your necklace you made at the birthday party? (a foam flower necklace...gorgeous, if you can imagine...)
Kristin: Yes, do you like it?
A: Oh, I do!
K: Yeah, I really think blue and white look VERY nice together.

That girl makes me laugh...She is SUCH a fashion diva...

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Not much happening...

around here. Just normal life...Although...yesterday, Jake had a rotten, no good, horrible day. My friend picks the kids up after school we are about 1 mile from the school. It was pouring rain after school, so right when the 4 kids that carpool met at the designated meeting spot, they all ran to the car. Well, Jake thought when they ran off, that they left him. He couldn't see my friends car. My friend called, and said, "You have Jake, right?" I told her no, and then I immediately hopped in the car and headed toward the school. She sent the kids into school and had Jake called over the intercom, and no luck. I couldn't find him on my way to school. At this point, I started panicking...I kept thinking, do I call 911? Friends to do a huge search? What do I do? I decided to drive down a few obscure roads that aren't technically 'on the way' home, and there I found the saddest kid in the world. Soaking wet. Crying. His backpack open, everything inside soaked. Now, if you know Jake, he was not about to tell me what happened, he just sulked. I MADE him get into the car and tried to assure him, that even if he thought Kyle left him, Karen, my friend, NEVER would, and that he should always stay at the school, blah...blah...blah...he just cried. I feel so sad for my little 'major middle child syndrome' boy. Right before bed, he finally sat next to me and let me hug on him. Today, he didn't want to go to school. But, he did. Hopefully it will be a better trip home for him.

Here are a few photos of my messiest child lately, Haley. She is VERY independent. This first photo, she is washing her hands 'herself'.

The second photo, she is dead asleep. She laid there, and fell asleep. I was so worried she was going to kick out the chair from under her and land on the floor. She didn't. She slept like this for 20 minutes before I found her and then moved her...once again, proof my kids can sleep anywhere!

Kyle is doing good. He has finally caught up in reading. Due to finally being interested in what he is reading. I love it!

Kristin is also doing good. She surpasses Jake in reading (we won't tell Jake that) and loves school. She LOVES playing with friends, and begs every single day to do so.

Troy has been busy busy busy at work. He got a new tool in and has been installing it. He's worked late, and I am ready to have my husband back. Both of us have been sick in the past 2 weeks. It's brutal to both be sick at the same time. Troy is also the new Executive Secretary. Other than being gone most of Sunday, it's not really affected our lives.

Me. I have been busy trying to get inventory in order for my scrapbook store. I am happy to say, after 2 months of working, it should all be counted by this Saturday! WAHOO! I have also been playing tennis with a couple boys from the ward who are trying to make the tennis team. I am no pro, for sure, but I kept feeding them balls, and gave them a few pointers. I practiced serving at them, which was awesome practice for me. I don't know why, but my serves (when I get them in) kick butt! On Saturday, Troy took everyone but Haley to the BYU Basketball game, so Haley and I went and played tennis with Jordan and Wyatt for 3 hours. Haley was such a trooper. I found some photos she took on my, this is 'watching tennis for 3 hours from the eyes of a 3 year old'.

I just found out last night that they made the team! I am so excited!

Well, that's a family update in a nutshell. Next week we are surprising the kids and going to Disneyland. The last day we can use our passes. We told the kids we are going to a wedding (we are, in Manti) but then we will drive down to California. I am so excited to surprise them! We are spending the day in Disneyland, the beach the next day, and hopefully can meet up with my brothers for a tennis match...(Jason, having David as your partner gives you NO bragging rights if you win). Then to visit the Fonnesbeck's for a night. I am so excited for next weekend, but just remember...shhhhh...don't tell the kids.