Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Almost May...

Where on EARTH did April go? Wow...haven't blogged in ages...just trying to keep my head above water! My SIL had her baby last Sunday...unfortunately I will have to wait until they are here Memorial Day Weekend to take some photos.

Jordan and Wyatt - the boys I have been playing tennis with - have just gotten 2nd place at Regions and go to State next weekend. So excited for them!

All my kids are off-track. Weather here is crappy...which makes it difficult to keep both the kids AND me happy...we are doing good so far, and only have a little more than a week to go.

I am having Lasik re-done on my left eye Friday morning. Kind of irritated about it. I would rather be doing other things...and I am worried I will have as hard of a recovery as I did before...please pray for my eyes!

Planning Kristin's 6th birthday party next week...even though Haley's birthday isn't until November, she keeps telling me who is invited...Makenna, Lucas, Annie, Nora, and have been warned.

Jake finally has his two front teeth. I will work on getting a photo.

Kristin got into a Chinese Immersion 1st grade class next year. For half the day she will be taught in only Chinese. I know she will do great.

Kyle is getting so kind of makes me sad...

Troy is leaving me...for 2 weeks...for go to Texas...NOT looking forward to it. He leaves on Mother's Day...there should be a law against that. Feel free to invite me to dinner that day.

That about sums up my life lately...I will really try to get on here more often...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Favorite Photos of Chicago...

This is actually the beginning of historic Route 66. I had NO CLUE it started in downtown Chicago.
In the summer, this is a fountain, in which water flows from this persons mouth - like they are spitting water out...
Outdoor amphitheatre. They do free concerts here in the summer...I LOVED the architecture of it all.
Chicago Skyline from a nightime boat trip.

I am totally in love with this photo. Don't know these people...just turned out to be a good photo.
More cool architecture.
"Na-Na Na-Na...Dude looks like a lady..." Yes, this is a man...and if you want to dress up like a woman, that's fine, but feel free to shave your legs...
This is the top of the Sears Tower, which is now called the Willis Tower. They have a plexiglass room that you can stand in and look down. It was scary.

Troy and I just BARELY missed the segway tour...too bad...
The Cloud Gate...LOVED is shaped as a jelly bean.
This is the underside of is so awesome.

This was REALLY good pizza. At LEAST a pound of cheese per slice, but SO good. 1 slice was just great for me...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A baby?

Troy and I flew into Chicago on Saturday to visit some sites, and visit Jon and Donnarae to photograph the birth of their baby..well, it's now Wednesday, and still no baby. I think tonight may be the night though...I think the contractions are starting...

Anyways, we decided while we were waiting, we would take some maternity photos...doesn't she look absolutely amazing? I think so...anyways, if you want to see more, visit my photography blog.