Saturday, November 27, 2010


It's always this time of year that my blog gets put on the back-burner...I thought I would update and show you a few of my favorite photos from was a 'spooktacular' year for us in the costume department, and super cheap. My kids had a blast, and I have tons of candy to put in school lunches (as a snack only - of course).

As you can see - the boys were hilarious. We went to the school to watch the parade, and EVERYONE was in awe of my boys...asking if I would REALLY shave their heads? As if hair is some sacred thing...The boys actually tied in a costume contest at a yogurt shop in town. The only thing I regret is Kristin probably felt like a 'middle child'. Nobody paid attention to her costume - even though it is an ACTUAL cheerleader costume I purchased at the BYU Sports Kick-off. It is used and has been worn by cheerleaders (yeah, don't ask my how I feel that it fits my 6 year old). Anyways - like always, she was a good sport. We had a great Halloween...that's all that counts, right?