Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jake gets baptised!

Along with turning 8, Jake was able to be baptised a member of our church. It is a fun and exciting moment in our family when a child turns 8. First of all, I make them a video slideshow of ALL (let's get real, some) of the photos of them from birth to age 8. This year, because I was crazy busy, Allisun helped me organize the order of the slideshow. I put a few finishing touches and some music, and there you have it, Jakes life summed up into 18 minutes. He LOVES it. I LOVE it. I play it on the TV while we had family over for a big brunch (this allows everyone to watch Jake, but does NOT allow TV watching). Second, family shows up for some food. I made a yummy breakfast, and thanks to friends and family who baked cinnamon rolls, casseroles, and chocolate milk! Later that day, we took in a BYU basketball game at Energy Solutions Arena, and saw the lights at temple square. It was a fun filled LONG day! (I also had a photo shoot this day as well.) Jake is the best kid. Really. He has his moments, but I know that it is because he needs/wants attention. I wish I could convey to him, that I would give him MORE attention if he would stop the pestering...too bad it doesn't work that way. Jake is a sweet kid. He is a big hugger, and likes to spend time with his family. Here are his baptism photos! Enjoy!


Doug said...

Jake is the coolest. I second everything you said about him. He is a naturally funny person. I love being aroud him.