Monday, January 24, 2011

Six People | Twelve Times

This is my new project for the year. Other people have done this - it's definitely not my idea - but I am in love with it. To document my family with a photo for every month. It is not going to be posey posey, I am sure my hair will not be done, and our clothes won't perfectly coordinate. It will be us being us.

This photo speaks volumes about my family. We are avid BYU fans. It's true. You can see our whole family at football games. We are all there about 2 hours early and do not leave until the boys have given 'high fives' to the entire football team. There are also basketball games, soccer games, and my favorite - volleyball! It took awhile to grow on me - the insaneness of it all. Although, it didn't take me long to realize that doing this is something that our whole family does together. The 45 minute car ride to Provo, game time, half time, and the ride home. We do this six Saturday's in the fall for football. What family can say they spend that much time together? My hope and wish is that my kids will continue to enjoy this time spent with their parents and siblings - time spent traveling will be time spent talking about life, answering questions, and getting to know my children - more than they will want me to know at certain times in their lives. Letting them invite friends, so we can get to know who they hang out with, and what kind of kids they are. What I didn't expect was to actually care about the games, the teams, and the wins and losses.

Onto the details of the photo...Kyle is pestering Kristin...she has a look on her face that screams, "LEAVE ME ALONE!" Jake is being a goofball and trying to get attention. I am giving Jake an exasperated look. Haley is clinging to my leg - never wanting me away from her side. Troy is looking down at Jake, about to tell him to be careful how he treats his mother. This is us. Our family. We are not perfect, nor do we claim to be. But I couldn't be more proud, or love the people in this photo more than I do right now...and as a final note...GO COUGARS!