Saturday, April 22, 2006

April 22, 2006

Whew! What a long week! I think every week is long, unless you're on some tropical island. We have kind of had an exciting week. Troy was offered a job with IM Flash Technologies (a company founded by Intel and Micron) he would train in Virginia for 6 months and then be permanently in Lehi, Utah. He counter-offered the salary, and we'll find out next week what the verdict is. We don't care one way or the other. It would be nice to get it and get a raise, and live by family, but we also enjoy our lives here in Oregon, and Troy likes his job here. Either way, we feel blessed. We will keep you posted. We also have other exciting news. We are expecting baby#4 December 10th (it will end up being the end of November with a c-section). We are so excited! Paranoid and scared after the miscarriage last August, but happy. I had an ultrasound Thursday where we heard and saw the babies heartbeat. Everything looked great! We're optimistic about this pregnancy! Kyle is so excited he can't stand it. He is already asking what we are going to name the baby, etc...Jake is excited too, he wants a little brother...Kristin has no clue what's about to rock her world...On Friday night, Troy took the boys to a Mariner game in Seattle. They had a good time I think. Apparently it was really cold, so they came home after the 7th inning stretch. We're hoping to all go up in August to watch the Yankees play again(we did it last year). Or, if we're in Virginia, maybe we can try to go to Yankee Stadium. Troy doesn't have to go back to work until Thursday! Yeah! It's a good thing, because I am completely sick now (I AM NOT COMPLAINING!), I'm relieved to be feeling the symptoms of pregnancy! Hope to hear from you all soon!