Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The day from HELL! ( I don't care if it's's the truth!) April 26, 2006

Okay, today was horrible. Jake slammed Kristin's finger in the sliding glass door. It pretty much sliced a chunk off, except for a piece of skin still intact holding it on. We were all still in PJ's and had to rush of to urgent care. As we were sitting in the room waiting for the doctor (what is the deal with doctors and having to wait forever? irritating...) I was in my pajamas, Kristin was too, Troy hadn't brushed his teeth yet...Jake had dressed himself...I looked at Troy and said, we really are white trash, huh? Most of you know how much I strive to not be white trash, but today was definately a white trash day! The doctor cleaned and bandaged it. She said it would be too painful to suture it, so, we left it at a bandaid (well, 3 to be exact). We took it off to change the dressing tonight (doctors instructions) but it was still bleeding pretty good, so we're thinking the dressing is going to have to stay on for a few more days. If that's not enough, later tonight we went to our new ward building, which is being dedicated on Sunday, and they asked people to come and clean it tonight. We decided it would be a good thing to show the kids, and to get a sneak peak at the new chapel. While we were there, in the chapel, they have a ramp that goes from the audience up the wall to the stage/pulpit area. It was just too much for Jake to resist, so he went running down the ramp, tripped, and face planted it into the bottom of a pew. As you can see, the lump that showed up within minutes was hideous! I refused to go to the urgent care again today, and have another white trash experience, and probably get accused of child abuse, so we called an advice nurse, she told us to not let him eat anything (which we didn't listen to). He's fine now. The bump is still there, and still disgusting. But, he is acting fine. He went to Zacky's (next door) to play already. Tomorrow better be a better day!