Wednesday, May 03, 2006

May 3rd, 2006

Hey! Kristin turns 2 tomorrow! Can you believe it? I was busy with work today, only because I've been so tired, I've gotten myself behind a bit. Kyle went to school, so it was just Jake and Kristin. They fought most of the morning. They don't usually do that, but they sure were on one today! We are going to California on Sunday to visit my family. The boys keep asking me when Sunday is. They are excited to see the dogs and Grammy and Papa. We will actually get to see all of my brothers too! That is a rarity. Kristin hasn't stopped talking about Grammy ever since my mom took her shopping for clothes for her birthday. She begs to call her at least once a day...she's a true girl! Lately, on Nickelodeon, they have had segments of a dog trainer with kids showing them how to train dogs. It should be pretty funny to see if my boys try anything with my dad's dogs. Troy is also flying to SLC next week for more interviews with IM Flash. I guess we should know by next Friday what our plans will be. I'll keep you posted.