Saturday, July 15, 2006

July 15, 2006

Yesterday was a crazy day. Troy's radio alarm clock went off FULL BLAST at 5:30am, so the kids woke up. He thought since everybody was awake, I should take him to work so I would have the car for the day. It was a good thought. Anyways, that's what we did. I got hom from taking him to work at about 6:45. Me and the kids were so tired, we layed on the couch (me, in and out of slelep) for 2 hours. Then we decided to head out (since I had the car and all). We went to a mall here, Dulles Town Centre, and it had this awesome play area. It was these huge airplanes, baggage cars, and pretend runways. The kids loved it! We went to Champs and I got me and the kids a Yankee hat for the big game tomorrow! We are going to Yankee Stadium to watch the Yankees play the Red Sox. We will be out in left field if you happen to catch the game. Anyways, Kristin saw a pink hat in the store, immediately preceded to rip her ponytail and ribbon out of her hair, and insist I put her hat one. They of course didn't have pink kids hats, so she got a woman's size. Oh well, it works. I had to buy her one after that cute demonstration! Then I met my friend from High School Kari Bennion(Eggenberger to some of you) at the outlet malls here. The outlet mall is huge and has everything! I was smitten with the Pottery Barn outlet. It was so hot and humid I bought the kids an ice cream cone from McDonald's (mainly to keep them awake) and then we headed to this Antique Shop I had seen. I have been looking for a window frame for awhile, so I thought I'd see how much they were. Here is a picture of one I found on ebay. Mine is 6 frames, not 9. It was only $10, and I met this lady there from N. Carolina who said she had a garage full of them and she'd give them to me for free! I just had to pay shipping. I gave her my email address, and she's going to email me pics. I'm excited...let me know if anybody wants one! I am going to decorate it really cute (hopefully) I'll take a pic when I'm done!

Then we headed home. Naturally, I got lost on the way home. It is so confusing here. Usually, I am really good with directions, and have no problems getting home if I drove getting someplace, but I have no idea where North/South is here, and where my house is from anywhere. So, I ended up on this toll road, since it was the only road I recognized. It ended up costing $4. Oh well. The kids slept all the way home, so naturally, I didn't get a nap! They wanted to swim when we got home, so we went swimming...void of the crazy lady, thank heavens! We then went to the Library, got 25 books, and headed to pick Troy up from work. It was rush hour, and Jake puked in the car(luckily, being pregnant, I have a nice stash of grocery stacks I use for just this purpose). It was 7 when we got Troy, and we hadn't eaten dinner, so we went to Golden Corral. It was really good, not sure if it was just because we were starving, or what. We headed home and went straight to bed. It's the first time I've been here I've been in bed before 10, and I think I fell asleep before 10:30. That's a miracle for me! Today I'm just going to do laundry and get ready for our fun trip. Kyle is so excited. We're going to the game for his Birthday, and we bought him a mit. Hopefully Jeter will hit him a homerun! :)


Doug said...

Ha! I did it. It wasn't so hard. I just quit previously because I didn't really want a blog. I wish I was going to the Yankee game. I've been a Yankee fan my whole life.

Lee Ann, Mom, Grandma said...

Jen, Troy, and Kids,
I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing pictures of your family and hearing the funny stories you tell about daily life. You really make it interesting. It makes me feel connected to your family. I already know the gender of your baby, but I didn't know that I could comment right on your blog. I am quite "bloggedy challenged". I am impressed that you take the kids and venture out into the city on your own. You are a lot more adventurous than I would be. I admire that. It sounds like you are really taking advantage of the opportunity to see the sights in the area. You will have some memories that will be priceless. I'm sure that they will be well documented with pictures and stories. What a blessing to your family as they grow older. You and Troy are such good parents. It is no wonder that Heavenly Father trusted you with His precious children.
Doug and I worked in the temple yesterday and today. Friday was our first shift back after the temple had been closed for a couple of weeks. We got substitutes for our shift on Friday last week because it was the Korth reunion at Bear Lake. So we were off from the temple for 3 weeks. We really enjoy our time working in the temple. The spirit there is wonderful and everyone is so nice. I'd like to stay there all day, but alas I still have to come home and work. Doug had traded his Friday shift (during the reunion) for Brother Anderson's shift today. That's why we ended up working both Friday and Saturday morning. I was expecting to be a patron and to do family names, but they needed me to be part of a threesome for the shift, so I did the normal ordinance worker routine. We love serving in the temple.
I just talked to you on the phone, so I better sign off for now and get some work done.
Lee Ann, Mom, and Grandma

Unknown said...

Hey! Sounds like you had fun! How was the Yankee game. (not having cable, you know, we never find out how things like that go!!) Who won? I love that Kristin needed a pink hat. What a girl!! Arwen's been bugging me lately to have another baby and to make sure it's a girl! Ha Ha!! Well, I am totally jealous you got to go to a Yankee game. I hope to make it to one before I die--but you know what a fan Aaron is of baseball, so....

laura said...

Jen- what are you going to do with that frame?? How do you decorate with a window frame. I'm always looking for new decorating ideas... Laura