Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 13, 2006

Okay, there was this crazy lady at the pool today. I've got to tell you about her. She is OLD, I'm talking late 60's early 70's. Anyways, she wears a bikini, and is tan as leather. She has tramp stamps (tattoo's) all over her body and she speaks like she has a cigarette stuck in her lungs. Anyways, it was her, and 3 grandkids she was watching, the oldest no more than 8 years, the youngest probably 4, and me and my kids. She proceeds to tell one kid to sit on the steps while she kicks another one of the kids "a_ _" then she corrects herself with the word butt. Then, she is singing Old Macdonald to the four year old, and decides to add a verse saying Old Macdonald had a drunk, and for the noises she belched. Anyways, I think she must be a nice lady underneath all the leather, otherwise she wouldn't be playing with 3 kids at the pool, and I see her there quite often. The reason for me writing this, is that sometimes I think us "moms" feel like we are crappy, and we don't do anything right. Well, I felt like mom of the year today!


Bethany said...

Hilarious story Jen! I can't believe all the fun things you guys are doing and seeing. What a great opportunity. I'm jealous! I love reading all your stories and I don't usually comment, but I'm dying to know what you're having.

Unknown said...

Nice--kinda like a lifegaurd we have at our pool--leather, bikini and nasty smoker talk!!