Friday, August 04, 2006

Kyle's Finally Doing It...

Swimming, that is! He's such a chicken, it's taken him forever, even though Troy and I have known he could do it for a long time. Tonight, he was all over the deep end! We only go to the pool every day! It's about time! Now, of course, Jake wants to follow in his footsteps...we'll see how that goes!

Kyle-ism: Yesterday at the pool, Kyle came up to me giggling, and said, "Mom, I see a guy wearing a girls bathing suit!" I quickly looked over, noticed a man wearing a speedo, and hurried and shushed Kyle. I told him I would explain to him later about it! Well, of course, Kyle kept begging to know why on earth a guy would wear that (hmmm...don't we all wonder that?). When we got home, I told him that he was from out of our country, and that it was probably normal in his country (WHY? Do people in other country's not have mirrors? IT'S SO GROSS!!!). We told him when we see guys like that, we all giggle on the inside! He things it's great!

On Wednesday, we went to a different water park. (I know, we're addicted!) I met Kari and Garrett there, along with a few girls she knows. The kids loved it! They even had a carousel the kids could ride after swimming was said and done! The swimming ended a little early due to a child "pooping" in the pool. Thank heavens it wasn't one of mine!


Unknown said...

That's hysterical! Does anyone really think they look good in those things?? Every man in Israel wore one. Gross!!