Thursday, November 02, 2006

The house...

Front of house

Back of house

Kitchen: I hate the color of the cabinets, my brother in law is going to help me glaze them a dark brown. I have to go figure out the exact color. We are also getting all new stainless steel appliances.

Dining room and view to the deck, family room to the left.

Looking down into the family room from the dining room...still wondering how we're going to keep the kids from climbing on the railing...

Stairway down into the basement. My scrapbook room will be straight ahead, toy room is to the left.

Kids bathroom

Master bathroom...don't think I like the black checkered tiles, but oh well.

Master walk in closet


Unknown said...

Awesome! Your kids look pretty cute! Tell Jake Happy Birthday. I'll have Arwen make him a card or something today. She will love that!!

Bethany said...

Fantastico! Yep, I've been watching Dora. So excited for you Jen. You didn't mention where it's at though. I will love seeing pictures as you put your little personal touch on it. CONGRATULATIONS!!