Sunday, December 10, 2006


So, we found a mouse here in our garage. Thank HEAVENS we only have 4 days left here! I am the one that spotted it first. Troy thought that my hollering was me splitting open my wasn' was a mouse. The only things on this planet, that literally make me squirmish thinking of...anyways...

We bought a mouse trap. Not the normal kind, it looks like a hockey puck, you put bait in it, the mouse goes in, eats poison, dies, and you can throw away the disc without having to look at the mouse. It has these indicators on the top of it that tell you if it's set, not set, or mouse caught. Well, it's been almost 2 days since we've put the trap out, and no mouse. The boys have been anxiously waiting and watching the indicators!

We got home from church today. Kyle went and looked at the trap. He looked up at Troy, and in an exasperated voice, said, "I know why it's not catching any mice! There's a picture of a mouse trap on the side of it!" OF COURSE! Why would a mouse go into a little house with a picture of a mouse trap on it? Love his logic!