Sunday, April 22, 2007

Allisun and Beau got married!

Hey! Allisun and Beau were married yesterday, April 21st. My dad watched our kids while we were in the temple. All 4 of them! My mom was out of town, so my dad was on his own. He said they were good. Talk about super Grandpa! All the kids were dressed in church clothes for afterwards, so they had strict rules. Some of which were: no eating, no running around, no wrestling, no drinking, no playing with the dogs...etc...etc... They did pretty good. Here are Allisun and Beau walking out of the temple. Kristin headed on out with them. Silly girl. Beau and Allisun told her to come out with them, and then they stepped out to the crowd and everyone started screaming at Kristin to move...poor girl. She was definately confused. Aren't they so cute? Allisun looked incredible! Beau looked okay himself too! ;) It was windy and started raining a little bit right after they came out. We took a fast family picture and then they stayed around to do pics by themselves.
My dad brought the kids to the temple so they could be there for photos. I really wanted them there to see Allisun and Beau and so that they'll have the memory of that. (I remember being at the temple when a few of my aunts and uncles got married.) So, I told my dad to bring his camera so he could take a family picture of us. I forgot Haley's socks that morning (We had to pack like 3 different outfits, cause we were going to be gone all day, so I felt pretty good that socks were the only things that I forgot, and I ended up finding some later in the diaper bag...) but here is a family picture of us at the Jordan River Temple.
I love this picture. My little (okay, some may think large) family is so cute! I love my boys in suits. They had to wear suits from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm and they told me it was the worst day of their lives cause they had to wear itchy church clothes ALL DAY! Funny story boys and Daxton were suppossed to be in charge of collecting the gifts, and putting them on a special table. Well, the adults would go out and check on the boys periodically. They decided that running to peoples car and loudly asking (okay, yelling) "Can we take your gift please?" before they even opened their doors, was the best way to handle this task. After all 4 of us adults (Troy, me, Kenny, and Cherice) told them that was not okay, numerous times, they were all fired from the gift collecting. Here's a picture of the Owen's family too (Kenny and Cherice). It's so cute! Such pretty tulips at the temple!
So, Allisun and Beau are off to a hotel in Seaside, OR. They are driving right through Portland on Hwy 26 to the beach. We told them when they got to 185th to wave. :) She said if they had time they would drive by our old house, so she could show Beau. I told her that I didn't that would be a very fun thing to do on your honeymoon. They are then going to Seattle for a reception there. Wish I could travel up for it. BUT, we've got my brother's wedding in a few weeks in Santa Cruz, CA. Can't wait for that! Kyle keeps asking me how many more Fridays until it's time. Then I have my friend Amy's wedding on June 14th. It's insane! I'm not used to so many weddings, but it sure is fun! Oh, Troy found out that he has to go to a training for work for 2 weeks in June. Guess where? To Portland! Well, technically his class is in Vancouver, but he's staying in Portland. I wish I could go up with him, but it's directly after Michael's wedding, and Kyle will still be in, I just don't think he can miss more days! We'll see what we can figure out! Anyways, Congrats Beau and Allisun!


Unknown said...

Jen, you look so tan...have you been tanning?? Your family is so cute! I love how Jake is being all GQ with his suit jacket!! Sounds like you guys are busy...but having fun!!

Bethany said...

I was thinking exactly what Sarah said. You look fabulous with your bronze skin, you beach babe! That is a beautiful family picture. How fun to be there for all the happenings now. Cute, cute kids!!!

Jen said...

Heavens no, I haven't been tanning. I did get some color sitting at the football game last fake baking for me (unless a trip to Hawaii is planned) and unfortunately, that is not the case!

delilas said...


Enjoyed the update. Very good foto of the family, just as good as the ones you had taken out here in VA. Owens family is cute too. Post more pictures of the other Korth people, or tell them to post there own. :D

Memory said...

Don't mean to sound like a broken record, but you're a total beauty queen! What a gorgeous picture of you. Yeah, I have one of those about every four years!! :-) Life is sure sounding fun for you guys! Glad to hear it.