Wednesday, April 18, 2007

BYU Blue and White Game

Okay, we had the funnest Saturday ever. It was the day of BYU's Blue and White Football Game. It's the final Spring practice and scrimmage. This year they made it free to the public. Before the scrimmage, they had a kids clinic (also free). The kids got to go on the field, and do a bunch of different drills for each position. The football players were running each drill and were so great to the kids! A few of them pretended that Jake hit them so hard he knocked them over and Jake was thrilled to think that he knocked a guy down. It was so awesome! And you know me, with football, I could take it or leave it. I think I loved it so much, because the boys soaked it in! (All 3 boys!) It was something they have done, that they truly enjoyed, and other than the heat and needing water, there were no complaints! For those of you with kids, you know how huge a "no complaint" day can be! It might have been such a good day because Kristin was with my parents at the farm - My grandparents Harding Farm and we didn't have to worry about prissiness for the day, oh, and nobody took pictures :( After the clinic, Allisun, Beau and Troy's dad met us for the scrimmage. Anyways, here are some pictures of the event. Here is Jake. He is so funny. The advertising for the kids clinic said ages 5-12. Well, there were 2 year olds doing the clinics, and nobody cared. If anything, the players running the drill made it special for the younger kids. So, before we got there, we told Jake he was going to watch Kyle, and he would get to do it next year. He was fine with that. Then once we saw that age didn't really matter, we made him do some drills. He was hooked! Here he is! Oh, it was hard to take pics of the kids doing the drills, I'd get set up, and then a football player would stand right in front of me. Troy thinks I was just trying to take pictures of football players butts. Yea right. Kyle is currently signed up for Flag Football. In fact, he missed his first practice to go down to BYU. He loved it! He was trying so hard. Here's Kyle! I love this first picture of him. It shows how hard he was trying. He's a good kid! Okay, I was packing around Haley in the pack, and a guy bumped into me. He was really nice and kept apologizing. He looked familiar, so I asked Troy who that was. He told me it was Reno Mahe (aka Jr. Mahe). He played at BYU and now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. I told Troy, let's go get a picture with him. So, I walked up and asked him for a picture, and he was so nice. He said, sure, he grabbed the boys and knelt down by them. He was so great about it! The boys thought that was SO awesome! So, here's the picture!

Troy had to take the day off of work for us to go, but it was so worth it! We decided we are for sure doing this every year! (without Kristin) The only bad part of the day was that it was so hot, we got sunburned. The boys didn't, cause I'm so great and had them wear hats, but Haley's arms got burnt (she had a hat on too) and my face and arm (yes, one arm, from sitting in the stands) and Troy's knees. It was still fun though! If anyone wants to go with us next year, let us know!


The Hammonds said...

Man, I wish I could have got my picture taken with Reno Mahe! Next year I'm bringing Jonesy to the Spring Game.

Jen said...

we'll all go was awesome!