Friday, November 27, 2009

Haley is THREE!

Today my baby turned THREE! I can hardly believe this past 3 years has flown by so fast! 3 years ago, we were in Virginia...2 short weeks after Haley was born, we boarded a flight to move to Utah...I can't believe we have owned our home for 3 years! CRAZY!

Anyways, here are things about my silly sassy girl...
1. Lately she has added the word 'bum' to the end of every sentence. It drives me crazy.
2. She cries whenever I leave.
3. She likes to snuggle.
4. She LOVES Dora, and it's awesome to watch her watch Dora. She does EVERYTHING they ask her to do and is convinced it is real!
5. She sings. Her favorite song is "Love Story" by Taylor Swift.
6. For her birthday, she got this silver puffy vest and silver boots...she wants to wear them everyday! (we celebrated her birthday on Tuesday)
7. She is happy with the simplest things.
8. She loves her brothers and sister.
9. She constantly asks when Daddy will be home...
10. We sure do love this little diva.

Here are a few photos from our 5 minute photo shoot in front of our house.


Penny said...

I can't believe she is 3 either! I can't believe that you have been in UT that long. She sure is cute!

I bought Katelyn those boots in gold today. I can't wait to get them on her. I know that you thought they are as awesome as she did, right?!

The Olson Gang said...

CUTE! STINKIN cute! I love "3" ... That was my favorite age!!! They grow so stinkin' fast though! We are GLAD you are here in UTAH! And hope it is for another 300 years! OK - at least 30! I probably won't be around in 300 more! ;)

Drae said...

Wow!! I know I say this all the time, but she looks so old! I love the pictures you took of her. There's just something so sweet about a little girl with pig tails. sorry I missed your call back yesterday. I was out shopping. See you all soon!

Tycksen Family said...

How cute is she!!