Thursday, November 19, 2009

Leaving, on a jet plane...

I just got my boarding pass...headed to Portland tomorrow morning! I can't wait! Seeing New Moon tomorrow night with my Nielsen Girl Peeps, taking photos Saturday (a few spots left if anyone is interested) and a girl party Saturday night! If anyone wants details and an invite to the girl party email me! SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and for anyone who sees my girls in the next few days, offer to do their hair for Troy...actually...they have the primary program Sunday morning...will someone bring rubberbands and a comb to church? PLEASE?????????


ManicMandee said...

I guess Troy is as challenged as my hubby is with hair. I had shoulder surgery a few years back and couldn't do my hair for a couple weeks. I actually went out and asked the mail lady to put my hair in a pony for me. Pathetic.

Hey, have an awesome trip!

The Olson Gang said...

Gotcha covered......brush, comb, ribbons, pony holders...we've got it all!!!! RELAX!!!! You'll have to check my blog out for what happened when I left TODD in charge of Kami...and her hair :) YIKE!!! I'm certain Troy will be much better!!!!

ENJOY!!! RELAX!!!! Have fun!!!