Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Day...

I picked up my new jeans last night. I bought them at the Buckle. I love that store because they hem FOR FREE...and it looks good. The jeans are a bit pricey - for this pair they cost $75 - but it's worth every penny. My last pair lasted me 2 years.

The other happy moment is that Troy and I booked a condo for our Hawaii trip we are planning this spring. I am SO excited. Now that it's booked - there is NO going back. That makes me super happy!

Kyle played great in his flag football game tonight. Caught a sweet pass and pulled some flags.

Fed my kids 60 cent hamburgers/corn dogs at Artic Circle. Not my best 'mom' moment - but when you're sick - that's heaven.

I went to bed feeling pretty sick last night - and felt even worse this morning. So I was really sad I couldn't wake up and put my new jeans on. I cancelled my morning plans, and stayed in bed. Troy came home for lunch and instructed Haley to 'please put mom down for a nap'. She did and we both slept for 3 hours. HEAVEN. I hope I am perfectly better by Friday. I am headed to Portland and have 11 photo shoots scheduled! I am willing my body to get better! Luckily - I just have YW tomorrow, so I'm hoping I can sleep again all day tomorrow.

Even though I'm sick...it's been a happy day.


Brian and Kristy said...

I'm sorry! That is no fun being sick. Going to Hawaii you say?? Take me with you! I will have a newborn attached but you wouldn't mind right ;) I'm so excited for you. Hawaii is the best! And super cute jeans!