Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jake gets baptised!

Along with turning 8, Jake was able to be baptised a member of our church. It is a fun and exciting moment in our family when a child turns 8. First of all, I make them a video slideshow of ALL (let's get real, some) of the photos of them from birth to age 8. This year, because I was crazy busy, Allisun helped me organize the order of the slideshow. I put a few finishing touches and some music, and there you have it, Jakes life summed up into 18 minutes. He LOVES it. I LOVE it. I play it on the TV while we had family over for a big brunch (this allows everyone to watch Jake, but does NOT allow TV watching). Second, family shows up for some food. I made a yummy breakfast, and thanks to friends and family who baked cinnamon rolls, casseroles, and chocolate milk! Later that day, we took in a BYU basketball game at Energy Solutions Arena, and saw the lights at temple square. It was a fun filled LONG day! (I also had a photo shoot this day as well.) Jake is the best kid. Really. He has his moments, but I know that it is because he needs/wants attention. I wish I could convey to him, that I would give him MORE attention if he would stop the pestering...too bad it doesn't work that way. Jake is a sweet kid. He is a big hugger, and likes to spend time with his family. Here are his baptism photos! Enjoy!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Jake turns 8!

Now that my busy season is over, it's time to get back to blogging! Jake turned 8! On November 13 - but I still want to document it. He wanted to have a 'movie' party which was kind of a joke, cause the kids did NOT want to watch movies. Jake was so excited for this party! I had a friend make an awesome cake - we decorated the house a bit, had a table for movie treats, and the kids all came! He got 3 footballs, which he loved, and his favorite gift was a pack of gum - go figure. Here are a few of my favorite photos from his big day.

Jake is a pretty good kid. He loves to pester, but I know it's just to get attention. He is a great student, and has no behavior problems at school. THANK HEAVENS! I took him on a trip to Oregon with me (more on that later) and he was so great! It was really fun to have one on one time with him. I just can't believe he's already 8!