Thursday, August 18, 2011

Doughnut Falls

Ever since our 7 mile hike in Goblin Valley - the kids have been dying to go hiking again. We decided to head up to the mountains after church on Sunday. We went to Doughnut Falls. It was a short, easy hike - perfect for a Sunday afternoon. We didn't let the kids get wet - the water was flowing a little too swiftly - but we all had fun. It's amazing what a little 20 minute drive can get you! The views were gorgeous as were the wildflowers! If Troy and I would have gotten a Sunday afternoon nap and THEN went hiking - it would have been perfect.


delilas said...

I love Utah for all the fun outdoor activities. John and I did doughnut falls the first summer we were married and I am surprised the kids didn't get wet. Perfect for a Sunday Hike.