Friday, August 12, 2011

Kyle turns 11!

I still can't believe I have an 11 year old. Time has flown - that is for sure! For months - Kyle has been begging to take him to see Harry Potter 7.2. We have a rule in our house - that you have to read the books before you can see the movies. It has been a great rule, and I highly suggest it. I am currently reading Jake book 2, and hopefully he will be able to start reading it on his own this year. He is itching to see the movies. So, I asked Kyle if he wanted to go see Harry Potter on opening night - at midnight - in lieu of a birthday party. It was what he had been dreaming of. So - we took the other kids to sleep over at my parents, and did the mad, crazy, opening night of Harry Potter festivities. Apparently, the theatre we were at was the second largest party in the world for Harry Potter. It was sure interesting to see EVERYONE dressed up as characters from the book. Kyle went as Harry, and Troy and I went as muggles. I thought Kyle would fall asleep - but he was wide awake and making random comments throughout the movie along with the rest of the theatre! (Troy and I were a bit embarrassed - but it was his party - so we tried not to care!) Kenny, Cherice, and Daxton came along as well. We all enjoyed the movie! On Kyle's actual birthday, we were going to go on a hike as a family - but Troy heard about Lehi's Foam Days and decided to go there instead. Fireman came to a park and sprayed foam (for putting out fires) all over the grass. There were also booths for food, and big blow up waterslides and stuff. It was all free, and that was a big bonus! Once the kids were in the foam, we had no clue where they were. We had designated a meeting spot which was a good idea. After they were done in the foam, they had a firetruck spraying the kids from an extended ladder. The kids thought this day was the coolest day ever. We ended Kyle's birthday with fireworks and a BBQ at my parents house. Enjoy the photos!


The Peterson Bunch said...

super cool! love it