Wednesday, December 21, 2011

IM Flash summer party

Troy works at IM Flash Technologies. Every summer, they have a huge catered BBQ and carnival as well as an open house to learn about what he does at his job. The party is for friends and family of the employees. I think this year we requested 30-40 tickets. We have lots of family and friends! It was really fun. We all ate and then Troy took us through his work. They were making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. They also froze a red rose with it and allowed Jake to smash it and we watched it shatter into a million pieces. It was awesome! The kids - especially Kinlee, were super excited to try a clean suit on. Whenever Troy has to go into the fab - he has to wear the following gear. I am so grateful for Troy's job and his company. It has been a huge blessing for us to decide to make the switch from Intel. Troy says that the company as a whole is not as good as Intel, but that there is much more room for growth, promotions, and raises in this company. It's now been 5 years, and we are very grateful. Until next year, friends and family...and if you didn't get an invite, and want one - let us know!