Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ears Pierced

Another thing we needed to take care of when we got home - was getting Haley's ear's re-pierced. She had them pierced a few years ago - but shortly after they were pierced, Troy and I went out of town. An earring came out, and the whole closed. Upon our arrival home, Kristin's ears were so infected that puss was coming out - it was bad - so we took them all out and let them close up. Free from infection. Lately, Haley has been begging for her ears to be pierced, but I wouldn't let her until we got back from our trip. I didn't want a re-peat of last time. Because she has been begging for so long to do this - she did not cry. Not even a tear. This face - is the closest she got to being sad.

But soon, she got the mirror and got to see her new studs.
All was well. A family watched the whole thing with Haley and decided to get their daughters ears pierced since she did so well. I have learned with Haley - that if she really wants it - she won't complain. I love that about her.