Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spring Break

We got home from Europe just in time for our Kids Spring Break. We wanted to make sure we were home so that we could do family things while they were out of school. Troy continued to take the week off. The first thing we did our kids have been dying to do for awhile...that is going to Airborne. It's a trampoline place where they play dodgeball and jump. They loved it!

Then we - of course - had to do the Easter Festivities. We went to Copperton as usual for the Easter Egg Hunt.
. This year we also decided to do something a bit different. We did our own Egg hunt for our kids in the backyard. We got candy we actually like, and 100 eggs. Troy and I hid them and then each kid got to find 25. It was awesome. We hid some pretty hard - and the kids kept coming and asking for hints. We amazingly found all 100. I get so sick of the egg hunts that aren't 'hunts'. That's the whole point!
On Easter Sunday the kids put on their best duds and we went to church.
Afterwards we took a big extended family photo with the Korths,
(we are still missing a brother and his family - 7 people total) but with Jon and Donnarae in town - we went ahead with the photo. We ate dinner and did an egg hunt with the extended Peterson side. I missed my brothers and their families. Wish they weren't so far away.


Anonymous said...

Une famille bien sympathique !