Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I keep forgetting to post that my brother is getting married! He is engaged to Maria! YEA! We are all really excited for them! They plan on getting married in a VERY small ceremony next Spring/Summer. Kyle thought the whole thing was hilarious! I told him Michael asked Maria to marry him, and Kyle kept saying, "What did she say?" So, I made Kyle call and ask Michael what the outcome was. When Kyle was finished, he handed me the phone, covered the mouthpiece, and said, "SHE SAID YES!" When Troy got home that night, that was the big news. He told Troy, "Mike asked Maria to marry him, and guess what? She said yes! Can you believe it?" Like it was some miracle...which, knowing Michael, it kinda is...Maria's great! (Just kidding, Mike is too!) Maria and Kristin share a birthday! (May 4) Anyways, Congrats Michael and Maria! My kids are anxious to act up at your wedding! :)