Friday, April 27, 2007

This ones for you, Delilas!

Well, Delilas wanted pics of all the Doug Korth Kids Families, so I emailed Allisun's photographer (also Donnarae's best friend) and asked if she would email me the family picture that was taken the day of the wedding for my blog. Being the awesome person she is, she emailed it to me this morning! This is the whole Doug Korth Family. Nobody is missing! We are all there, can you believe it?

Okay, going from left to right are the Owens(Cherice), The Cartier's (Allisun), Doug and Melissa, The Korth's(Kourtney), Doug and LeeAnn, The Robertson's (Raquel), Donnarae, The Korth's(Troy), and the Young's(Becca). So, there are 8 kids, 6 in-laws, 1 girlfriend in-law, and 20 grandkids (10 boys, 10 girls). 37 in all. (I pray I'm not forgetting anyone, if I did, it was a total mistake!)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A little ride

Hey! In March, we bought a bike for me and a stroller that can be pulled behind the bike for kids to ride in. We bought it awhile ago, but the other morning, I decided to take the kids for a ride. The bike stroller is also a jogging stroller. Troy was asleep, and I couldn't figure out how to hook it to my bike, so I just walked with the kids. It is pretty hilly where we live, and I was gone for about an hour and a half. We walked to my cousin Katie's house, and then to a park. It was so nice. Now, if I only had a friend to walk with me...sigh...So, here's a picture of the kids in the stroller.
They loved it! It's great, cause I can squeeze Haley in too! We got this stroller, so that we could go on bike rides this summer. Hopefully, Kyle will be brave enough to learn to ride his bike before the summers over! Troy still has to pick out a bike for himself. He's ridiculous, cause he won't buy a red bike, so it's been irritating looking with him. I haven't ridden a bike in I don't know how long, but the first thing I noticed in riding my bike, is that any slight incline is HARD! I will get better! I have gone and picked Kyle up from school on my bike, and he rode in the stroller with Haley on the way home. It was fun, but I was exhausted by the time I got home. Kyle kept yelling, faster, faster. Hmmm...if he only knew...Have a good day!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Allisun and Beau got married!

Hey! Allisun and Beau were married yesterday, April 21st. My dad watched our kids while we were in the temple. All 4 of them! My mom was out of town, so my dad was on his own. He said they were good. Talk about super Grandpa! All the kids were dressed in church clothes for afterwards, so they had strict rules. Some of which were: no eating, no running around, no wrestling, no drinking, no playing with the dogs...etc...etc... They did pretty good. Here are Allisun and Beau walking out of the temple. Kristin headed on out with them. Silly girl. Beau and Allisun told her to come out with them, and then they stepped out to the crowd and everyone started screaming at Kristin to move...poor girl. She was definately confused. Aren't they so cute? Allisun looked incredible! Beau looked okay himself too! ;) It was windy and started raining a little bit right after they came out. We took a fast family picture and then they stayed around to do pics by themselves.
My dad brought the kids to the temple so they could be there for photos. I really wanted them there to see Allisun and Beau and so that they'll have the memory of that. (I remember being at the temple when a few of my aunts and uncles got married.) So, I told my dad to bring his camera so he could take a family picture of us. I forgot Haley's socks that morning (We had to pack like 3 different outfits, cause we were going to be gone all day, so I felt pretty good that socks were the only things that I forgot, and I ended up finding some later in the diaper bag...) but here is a family picture of us at the Jordan River Temple.
I love this picture. My little (okay, some may think large) family is so cute! I love my boys in suits. They had to wear suits from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm and they told me it was the worst day of their lives cause they had to wear itchy church clothes ALL DAY! Funny story boys and Daxton were suppossed to be in charge of collecting the gifts, and putting them on a special table. Well, the adults would go out and check on the boys periodically. They decided that running to peoples car and loudly asking (okay, yelling) "Can we take your gift please?" before they even opened their doors, was the best way to handle this task. After all 4 of us adults (Troy, me, Kenny, and Cherice) told them that was not okay, numerous times, they were all fired from the gift collecting. Here's a picture of the Owen's family too (Kenny and Cherice). It's so cute! Such pretty tulips at the temple!
So, Allisun and Beau are off to a hotel in Seaside, OR. They are driving right through Portland on Hwy 26 to the beach. We told them when they got to 185th to wave. :) She said if they had time they would drive by our old house, so she could show Beau. I told her that I didn't that would be a very fun thing to do on your honeymoon. They are then going to Seattle for a reception there. Wish I could travel up for it. BUT, we've got my brother's wedding in a few weeks in Santa Cruz, CA. Can't wait for that! Kyle keeps asking me how many more Fridays until it's time. Then I have my friend Amy's wedding on June 14th. It's insane! I'm not used to so many weddings, but it sure is fun! Oh, Troy found out that he has to go to a training for work for 2 weeks in June. Guess where? To Portland! Well, technically his class is in Vancouver, but he's staying in Portland. I wish I could go up with him, but it's directly after Michael's wedding, and Kyle will still be in, I just don't think he can miss more days! We'll see what we can figure out! Anyways, Congrats Beau and Allisun!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Haley update...

Everyone is always asking how Haley is doing, so here's a little update. She was weighed last Friday and was 10 lbs. 5 oz. Definately not as much as we have hoped. In one month, she gained 4 oz. So, she is going back on some medication. I don't think it helped, but we are trying everything. Haley vomits constantly. I am not exaggerating. I think that is a big reason she's not gaining weight, she can't possibly keep food down, but her GI tests told us she doesn't have reflux, but they gave her medication for it just because they didn't know what else to do. It's not suppossed to stop the puking, just make it so it's not painful. I don't think it's ever been painful for her, and I don't think it helps, but I am at my wits end, and have to try everything before we can get referred to a specialist. The medication for this is prevacid. The other medication they're putting her on is called Reglan. It's suppossed to make her food digest faster. Hoping it will digest before she can throw it up. Like I said, I don't think these things made a difference in the past, but we'll see. I am really starting to worry about her. She will be 5 months next week, and is not even 10 1/2 lbs yet. She is still wearing 0-3 month clothes. They are just starting to fit. Some of them are alittle short, but 3-6 month clothes just drown her. Here she is in her Bumbo watching me make dinner.
I know, I know, you are going to say she looks like Jake. I just found a picture that will prove it...check out the eyes! Haley's are nothing compared to what Jake's eyes were. They look like this, cause I said, "Jake, Haley, look at me" and they both turned, this isn't a natural look...
So, that's the update on Haley. She is definately cute though! She's just so tiny, but is still doing things that babies her age are doing, like laughing, and rolling over. We love her!

BYU Blue and White Game

Okay, we had the funnest Saturday ever. It was the day of BYU's Blue and White Football Game. It's the final Spring practice and scrimmage. This year they made it free to the public. Before the scrimmage, they had a kids clinic (also free). The kids got to go on the field, and do a bunch of different drills for each position. The football players were running each drill and were so great to the kids! A few of them pretended that Jake hit them so hard he knocked them over and Jake was thrilled to think that he knocked a guy down. It was so awesome! And you know me, with football, I could take it or leave it. I think I loved it so much, because the boys soaked it in! (All 3 boys!) It was something they have done, that they truly enjoyed, and other than the heat and needing water, there were no complaints! For those of you with kids, you know how huge a "no complaint" day can be! It might have been such a good day because Kristin was with my parents at the farm - My grandparents Harding Farm and we didn't have to worry about prissiness for the day, oh, and nobody took pictures :( After the clinic, Allisun, Beau and Troy's dad met us for the scrimmage. Anyways, here are some pictures of the event. Here is Jake. He is so funny. The advertising for the kids clinic said ages 5-12. Well, there were 2 year olds doing the clinics, and nobody cared. If anything, the players running the drill made it special for the younger kids. So, before we got there, we told Jake he was going to watch Kyle, and he would get to do it next year. He was fine with that. Then once we saw that age didn't really matter, we made him do some drills. He was hooked! Here he is! Oh, it was hard to take pics of the kids doing the drills, I'd get set up, and then a football player would stand right in front of me. Troy thinks I was just trying to take pictures of football players butts. Yea right. Kyle is currently signed up for Flag Football. In fact, he missed his first practice to go down to BYU. He loved it! He was trying so hard. Here's Kyle! I love this first picture of him. It shows how hard he was trying. He's a good kid! Okay, I was packing around Haley in the pack, and a guy bumped into me. He was really nice and kept apologizing. He looked familiar, so I asked Troy who that was. He told me it was Reno Mahe (aka Jr. Mahe). He played at BYU and now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. I told Troy, let's go get a picture with him. So, I walked up and asked him for a picture, and he was so nice. He said, sure, he grabbed the boys and knelt down by them. He was so great about it! The boys thought that was SO awesome! So, here's the picture!

Troy had to take the day off of work for us to go, but it was so worth it! We decided we are for sure doing this every year! (without Kristin) The only bad part of the day was that it was so hot, we got sunburned. The boys didn't, cause I'm so great and had them wear hats, but Haley's arms got burnt (she had a hat on too) and my face and arm (yes, one arm, from sitting in the stands) and Troy's knees. It was still fun though! If anyone wants to go with us next year, let us know!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Weekend

Okay, when I was little, for Easter, we would always go to Copperton Park on Saturday morning for an Easter Egg Hunt. I remember it being the most marvelous thing ever. So, I couldn't wait to take my own kids to the infamous Copperton Park Easter Egg Hunt. Turns out, it was a great memory for me, but nothing like I remembered...does that make sense? It wasn't the most organized event, and it was nothing like I remembered. I have been thinking about it lately, and I've decided that I hold the memory so close, because it reminds me of my Grandpa, and he's been gone now for 7 1/2 years. So, I've decided that while my kids did enjoy it, it wasn't this huge nastalgic (I'm sure that's mispelled) moment for me. So, I've decided to cherish my own memories and let my kids make their own, whether it includes the Copperton Park Easter Egg Hunt, or not. Anyways, here are some pictures.
After the Copperton Easter Egg Hunt, we went to a Uptown Downs (the local chapter of the Downs Syndrome support group - don't know the technical name) Easter Egg Hunt with Kenny and Cherice. For those of you who don't know, their daughter, my niece, Kinlee, has Downs Syndrome. The kids had fun. How can you not have fun while searching for candy? Here is a family picture from there...
Haley just hung out sucking her thumb all day long! She was so good! It was funny, cause I got her a summer hat and she loved it. She didn't cry at all when it was on. All winter, everytime I tried to put a hat on her, she would freak out! She's gonna be a sunshine girl! Yea!
Jake was all about finding eggs. He is a candy-aholic like you wouldn't believe! This is definately his holiday. At the Copperton Egg Hunt, each kid could find 3 eggs. The eggs were empty (of candy) but some had slips of paper in them that you would exchange for a dollar. When you turned in your 3 empty eggs, they would give each kid 3 large size candy bars, and then any dollars for slips of paper. Jake had 2 slips of paper, so came out with $2 and 3 candy bars. When he got his dollars, he was jumping up and down, and Cherice and I laughed that the caption for the picture should be " I gotta dollar, I gotta dollar, I gotta dollar hey hey hey hey". This picture is of him standing in line to turn in his eggs. I think at this point he was nervous there would be no candy involved! Oh, Jake picked the biggest Easter Basket! He didn't care that there was pink on it! Smart kid!
Kyle is a sweet times. At the Uptown Downs Hunt, he was too worried about staying with Daxton (Daxton didn't feel the same) that he only found 3 eggs. Jake and Kristin probably had at least 10 each. I kept telling him not to worry about Daxton, but to just find eggs, but he was too worried that Daxton was running off. I think before the race, someone told him and Daxton to stay together (not during the race, but while they were waiting for it to start) and he took it literal, so he only got 3 eggs...poor, sweet kid!

Here is Kristin and Kinlee making little bunny sacks.

Carrie and Hannah also hung out with us for the morning! It sure was fun!

Here is a picture of cousins and friends the morning of the hunt.From Left to Right: Kristin, Madi, neighbor girl, McCall, Kyle, Daxton, Jake

Okay, one last picture. It's of Kristin. There's just something so cute about little girls holding dandelions. It won't be long until she's wanting roses!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Update on the neighbors...

Well, the people with 11 kids have moved out...technically, not "out" but to jail (not the kids, just the parents). Yep, I knew there was something just not quite right with them! They home schooled (not that there's anything wrong with that) but their kids were wandering the neighborhood ALL DAY! Little ones out there by themselves...anyways, I was so excited! (Troy thinks I'm a cruel, cruel woman...) Not excited that they're in jail...just excited that they took their 11 kids and animals, and are outta here! They were renting the home from the wife's cousin, and the owner of the house told us "they liked to buy things and not pay for them" aka: stealing. So, back to praying a really great family will move's still up for sale, (the owner's not going to rent anymore) anyone? :) We can combat the other neighbors dogs together! ;) If you don't want to move in, can you at least pray with me? THANKS!