Friday, April 27, 2007

This ones for you, Delilas!

Well, Delilas wanted pics of all the Doug Korth Kids Families, so I emailed Allisun's photographer (also Donnarae's best friend) and asked if she would email me the family picture that was taken the day of the wedding for my blog. Being the awesome person she is, she emailed it to me this morning! This is the whole Doug Korth Family. Nobody is missing! We are all there, can you believe it?

Okay, going from left to right are the Owens(Cherice), The Cartier's (Allisun), Doug and Melissa, The Korth's(Kourtney), Doug and LeeAnn, The Robertson's (Raquel), Donnarae, The Korth's(Troy), and the Young's(Becca). So, there are 8 kids, 6 in-laws, 1 girlfriend in-law, and 20 grandkids (10 boys, 10 girls). 37 in all. (I pray I'm not forgetting anyone, if I did, it was a total mistake!)


delilas said...

Thanks girl! It is fun to see everyone. I could identify almost everyone. A few of the middle size boys I didn't remember. They look big compared Kyle. Good looking family. :D

Jen said...

It's probably Bryant (Becca's) and Jarrett (Raquel's) and the rest are Kourtney's boys. Everyone's excited to see your fam this summer!

Bethany said...

Very impressive. I love being with the whole family. We'll be getting together this summer for my parents farewell. I'm so excited!