Sunday, February 10, 2008

The 'B' Family

I took pictures of a family on Friday. Beth had asked if she could give her sister a photo shoot for Christmas. Beth lives in VA, and her sis lives in Draper. I have been waiting for her sister to call, and she did a few weeks ago. I was amazed at how much she sounded like Beth did over the phone. Anyways, her family was so sweet, her kids SO well behaved, I really was impressed. Her poor hubby, had recently broken his leg in 2 spots, and was on crutches, with his foot swollen and discolored. Before the accident Sandy had been telling me how she was dying for some really cute 'foot' shots. So, we did what we could, and had the kids be VERY careful around dad's foot. Here are some of MY favorites...Thanks 'B' family! Good luck with your upcoming move!


Erin Fonnesbeck said...

I love that close up of the baby - the color is great!

Beth said...


Thanks so much for doing these pictures. My sister was so excited last night when she called and I am jealous! Hopefully we'll make it out your way for pictures sometime :)