Monday, February 04, 2008

Off-Duty Weekend

I'm in Vegas. I came to Erin's for our semi-annual scrapbook weekends. We're both so busy with our businesses, that we never get time to scrapbook. This time, I brought Kyle with me, since he's off-track to play with Mason. Troy stayed home with my other kids, and Erin's family is watching her other kids in St. George. So, besides Kyle and Mason, it's a kid free weeked. Usually one of us has a baby we have to tend to during these weekends. I left early Saturday morning, and am returning home on Wednesday. Kyle stayed with Travis and the kids in St. George last night, so Erin and I have had 24 hours of NO KIDS! We started to get organized to start scrapbooking...but a few times, we both agreed it would be just as nice to sit on the couch and basque in the quietness. We were up until midnight PST last night, and I slept in today until 10:30!!!!!!!!!! I really didn't know I could sleep that long! We have been scrapbooking most of the day. I have gotten about 5 layouts done. I know, I know, to you all, that is a tiny amount to get done in such a long period, but that is almost unbelievable for me! Every page of mine, I strive to make a work of art. I'm not a scrapbooker to just get things done and in the album, I enjoy the process as well as the completed project. I will post some pics of some of my pages after I get home.

Some people think I'm wierd for doing these weekends, but I have to tell you, you mom's should ALL do it! You don't have to scrapbook, just a night away in a hotel room with a few old friends, anything really...A few reasons why:
1. You remember that you have a name, instead of just mom. While it's nice to hear people call you mom, sometimes you just forget that you're a real person, who has hobbies.
2. We eat out 1 meal a day. It's so great to eat good food, and not have to cook, or clean up. Even if it's only for a few days.
3. I always return home wanting to do and be a better mom and wife. Wanting to be a bit more patient, want to do more activities with my kids, anxious to go on a date with my husband, everything. I am gone just long enough to miss my family and it really and truly makes me want to do so much better.
4. It's the only time I really get to scrapbook, which is the whole reason both of my businesses ever got started. It was my love of preserving photos and family events and outings for my posterity to pry from my cold dead hands when I die. (I am not letting my kids take 'their' albums when they're married.) They can visit their memories at my house, until I die...I know...once again...I'm mean...

I am so grateful for Troy that he encourages me to do these weekends. I hope he realizes how much better of a wife and mother I am upon my return. Kristin got strep throat the night before I left, and Kyle got it earlier in the week, I had 4 photo shoots that week as well, and I have been looking forward for this weekend for so long...It is my "day off" or my one time when I'm off duty. As a mom, it's very rare to be off-duty...don't you all agree?

I am only sorry I missed the snow storm...yeah right...well, I would have liked to take pictures of it...I also didn't bring my laptop. GASP! I had 3 photo shoots to edit, and I knew I wouldn't scrapbook if I brought it. While I'm having a few withdrawals, it will be okay. For those of you waiting for your photos...thanks for being patient!


Nurse Heidi said...

Oh BLISS! I'm so jealous! Maybe I'll forward your post to Alan so that he can understand that I'm not the only one who needs occasional getaways. I'm looking very much forward to Women's Conference...only 4 more months till I get my weekend off!

Memory said...

Ah...sounds heavenly! I'm trying to schedule my first couple of days away in May and I couldn't be a bit more excited. I'll have to work on coming back a really fantastic wife and mother so Michael will encourage me to go to Girl's Camp the next month!!

Pricilla said...

ahhhh sounds so nice! It is so true that it makes you remember that you are a real person. You make me want to start scrapbooking or something just so I will have a reason to go somewhere.