Tuesday, February 12, 2008


And, that leaves me with Kristin. Hmmm....she's all girl, that's for sure! She's the most stubborn of any of our kids, which makes it really difficult. It seems we give in more with her, but at times, we don't have another alternative. She will literally scream for hours! She's learning, and we are slowly learning the best ways to deal with her. She wants friends over all the time. It doesn't matter who...Kinlee, Madi, (cousins), anyone who will let her boss them around. For a middle child, she sure is bossy. Maybe that too, is a girl thing. I decided to send her to a new preschool in the fall. It is a Fine Arts preschool. I went to sign her up for ballet, and found out they were starting a new preschool program. It's more hours a week, and is actually cheaper than signing her up for a dance class and paying for a seperate preschool. The only downfall is it is a bit of a drive. Well, about 10 minutes each way. We have enjoyed the 3 minute drive this past year. She will have a ballet class once a week, as well as some music classes, and traditional preschool classes. I really think she's going to love it!


Erin Fonnesbeck said...

cute bow - did you make that?