Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spudman Olympic Triathlon

This was my second year doing the Burley, Idaho Spudman - which is an olympic triathlon. This year was so much different. I wasn't worried or stressed at all. I have been consistently working out for the past year - and thought my body would for sure be ready. I didn't really 'train' for this triathlon - which I regret. I did a few bike rides, and ran a bit - but I didn't swim at all. I just took for granted my body being prepared to run this race. I talked my dad and Troy into running it with me this year. It was both of their first triathlons. Troy thought he was going to drown in the water - and my dad is looking into a road bike - instead of his bike - that made him take a lot longer on the ride than it should have. My goal was to beat my time last year - and I did it - by 12 minutes! I actually beat my time in every category - by a few minutes. The bike route was backwards from what it was last year - and was so hard for me - I chalk that up to my non-training. I should have gone on more bike rides! Even with it being so hard - I beat last years time by a minute or so! The race was not as spread out as last year - and on the bike, I was really worried - with the hordes of bikers - that I was going to wreck. I didn't, which was a relief! The run was hard for me again - but it was my stupid shin splints! I could barely walk when I got off the bike - and if you've ever had shin splints - they hurt so bad! Sometimes I don't think people believe me - but they totally do! To make myself run - I would sprint between telephones - it worked, and I made it to the finish line 12 minutes sooner than I did last year! I am so proud of that! I am proud of Troy and my dad for doing this also! It is a big accomplishment. I don't think I want to do it next year. The cost to do it adds up - and I am happy to just work out around home...we will see who can urge me to do it again! We will see...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Haley's summer...

Well, she's a spitfire. She found some roller skates in the garage that we meant to give her for Christmas but my hiding spot was too good for even me - so when Haley found them - it was a super find. She would wear these things to bed if she could! She has been enjoying summer. Some of her favorite things this summer are green popcicles, playing at Grammy's, falling asleep wherever she is (literally), and roller skating. We sure love this girl! Oh yeah...notice her knee pads. They are Ninja Turtle knee pads that she found in the dress up box. She won't skate without them!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kristin Starts Second Grade!

Kristin started the second grade on July 26. She was so excited to go back to school - even though her summer was only 3 weeks long! She is continuing in the Chinese Immersion program - and she continues to love every second! This school year - all of my kids will be at different schools. Kyle - Jr. High, Jake - a charter elementary, Kristin - Foothills Elementary, and Haley - preschool. Let's hope I've gotten all of my carpools figured out! With the track Kristin is on - she will go to school for 3 weeks, and then be off track for the next 3 - so even though she starts school - she will still have a little bit longer summer.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Six People | Twelve Times

Here we are. In the Great Outdoors. Hiking and eating cherries are the perfect combination. A short hike so we didn't get too tired or too sweaty - but a perfect way to escape the July heat.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Doughnut Falls

Ever since our 7 mile hike in Goblin Valley - the kids have been dying to go hiking again. We decided to head up to the mountains after church on Sunday. We went to Doughnut Falls. It was a short, easy hike - perfect for a Sunday afternoon. We didn't let the kids get wet - the water was flowing a little too swiftly - but we all had fun. It's amazing what a little 20 minute drive can get you! The views were gorgeous as were the wildflowers! If Troy and I would have gotten a Sunday afternoon nap and THEN went hiking - it would have been perfect.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Kyle turns 11!

I still can't believe I have an 11 year old. Time has flown - that is for sure! For months - Kyle has been begging to take him to see Harry Potter 7.2. We have a rule in our house - that you have to read the books before you can see the movies. It has been a great rule, and I highly suggest it. I am currently reading Jake book 2, and hopefully he will be able to start reading it on his own this year. He is itching to see the movies. So, I asked Kyle if he wanted to go see Harry Potter on opening night - at midnight - in lieu of a birthday party. It was what he had been dreaming of. So - we took the other kids to sleep over at my parents, and did the mad, crazy, opening night of Harry Potter festivities. Apparently, the theatre we were at was the second largest party in the world for Harry Potter. It was sure interesting to see EVERYONE dressed up as characters from the book. Kyle went as Harry, and Troy and I went as muggles. I thought Kyle would fall asleep - but he was wide awake and making random comments throughout the movie along with the rest of the theatre! (Troy and I were a bit embarrassed - but it was his party - so we tried not to care!) Kenny, Cherice, and Daxton came along as well. We all enjoyed the movie! On Kyle's actual birthday, we were going to go on a hike as a family - but Troy heard about Lehi's Foam Days and decided to go there instead. Fireman came to a park and sprayed foam (for putting out fires) all over the grass. There were also booths for food, and big blow up waterslides and stuff. It was all free, and that was a big bonus! Once the kids were in the foam, we had no clue where they were. We had designated a meeting spot which was a good idea. After they were done in the foam, they had a firetruck spraying the kids from an extended ladder. The kids thought this day was the coolest day ever. We ended Kyle's birthday with fireworks and a BBQ at my parents house. Enjoy the photos!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kristin Performs...

Kristin had the opportunity to perform for 3 Chinese Governors at the Utah State Capitol Building. They did a performance in Chinese for these Governors. A member of the legislature met with the families after the performance to let us know how much he appreciated us being there. Apparently - in China - there are 8 Governors. This was the first time in Chinese History that 3 of them have left all at once and coming together to the US is another first. Also - Utah exports millions of dollars of things to China and they are trying to better trade relations. It was so fun to see Kristin perform and speak Chinese. She really loves it. It was almost more fun watching the Chinese guests (and there were a whole lot of them) sing along with the kids, and cheer and clap. Even if I don't understand her - they do - and that was cool. A few things about Kristin...she is UBER shy. She isn't demanding - and is a go with the flow kind of girl. She was so excited for this performance - she wanted everyone she knew to come watch her. Which - for her to verbally request - shows just how much it meant to her. Thanks to Papa and Grammy for coming - we know it wasn't fun and enjoyable and how anybody wants to spend their Saturday - but it meant the world to Kristin. I forgot my camera - so all of these photos came from my phone or from someone else - but I'm glad I have them. We are so proud of Kristin and so excited for all the things she has yet to learn! After her performance, we took her to lunch at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Swimming Hole

We have been going to outdoor pools too - with our friends. The kids have loved every second of it, and I have loved trying to keep my Hawaiian tan. It's fun going with friends in which all of the kids get along - completely. I am so grateful for good friends with good kids!

Monday, August 08, 2011

The Rec Center

In April, the JL Sorensen Rec Center was built in Herriman, fairly close to our house. They have an incredible pool, and I frequent the workout room. We go there weekly to swim. The greatest part about this pool, is that the kids always find friends when we go. Kids from their class, church, or the neighborhood are always there - which makes it fun for them! We even run into cousins quite frequently! I took my camera and thought I should at least document the time we spend there! (except me working out of course - that would not be a fun thing to document) First photo first...Kristin doing a headstand!